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Illegal Alien Amnesty & Open Borders, Globalism, Socialism, Tax Increases, Climate Alarmism, Judicial Activism, Universal Healthcare, Gun Control, Social Liberalism, Constitutional Infringements, Immorality/Godlessness
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I cannot call him president until he proves he is Constitutional.There may not be another election because of the current administration.The LORD"S plans are already in place.
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thought you'd all enjoy this march!

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 I don't blog well or add discussions well so I haven't added many in awhile but here goes an attempt.

 First I am not advocating revolution,or violence of any sort,even though it really appears that our opponents are attempting to push us into one to further their [ destroy our nation] agenda.Look at all the attacks of the Second Amendment.;



Posted on April 13, 2013 at 4:00pm — 5 Comments

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At 12:25am on April 20, 2014, Mark Ervin Dabney said…

Bill - when will you get around to dealing with the illegitimate changes to the US Constitution - not just the fraud of the 16th & 17th so-called amendments that Bill Benson has documented were never lawfully ratified - but also the reconstruction so-called "Amendments" most repugnant the 14th.  These were unlawfully coerced upon the south in a state of martial law - the 14th "amendment" grants us "privileges and immunities" in lieu of our God given rights and asserts that the "Public debt cannot be questioned..."  How did THAT get in there?  Rothschild Plutocrats created Communism - just as they corrupted us into a Oligarchy with the empty trappings of a representative form of government - non-choice "D" vs. non-choice "R" - both sides blame the other - no one is being held accountable!

Reinstate the Lawful Milita and the Organic Constitution- nothing less can redeem our Laodacian (Rev. 3:14ff) nation - including NeoCons that condescend to NeoLibs that are no more wrong than they are.

I am Pro-truth - as such I do not the so-called "Right" when deceitful rhetoric evades the sober facts - WAR IS A RACQUET Maj. Gen Smedley Butler "If tyranny and oppression ever come to this land it will come in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy" James Madison

Neither a Welfare State, nor a Warfare State, but a LAWFUL STATE!

It is an act of TREASON to lie to the people as to a pretext for war or misuse the term "National Security" to evade accountability.

I am compiling a list of rebuttals to the so-called "Rights" claims of major points - I would like to hear your response - but mainly I want to challenge you to THINK!

According to a recorded conversation between Rev. Billy Graham and Pres. Nixon Communism, socialism and Zionism were all created by the Synagogue of Satan - see Revelation 2:9 & 3:9

I have no quarrel with Jews- I just cited the King of the Jews, these passages are in red ink (or would be in such a version) - to me a Jew is someone that adheres to the Moral Standards  - to be clear I wish to emphasize:


Please watch the following clip by Sepharic Jew Aaron Russo shortly before he died:

Better still - watch his documentary about the fraud of the Federal Reserve System which is connected to the fraud of the "Income Tax" - you will then understand why he's dead.

Many on the so-called "Right" are being fed a steady diet of disinformation - I'm not saying they do not mean well - I'm saying that until we get past the political theatrics we cannot see the REAL issues - the hidden history - that dark powers have LIED to us:

it is because we are basically moral that they must lie to us

it is because we're not really ALL that moral that we are foolish enough to beLIEve them!

At 1:45pm on April 2, 2014, James (Jim) Walls said…

Hi Bill---I wish to commend you on the Covenant article and the control on the postings. I love to debate an article especially one so important as God---Few people understand the issues at hand.

Thanks Bill

At 6:48am on March 19, 2014, Dan H said…

Bill can you please remove my comment on the father that has to chose between Obama and Jesus. 

At 4:07pm on March 1, 2014, John Pastirchak said…

Thanks, Bill.  I think I've acclaimated well to the functions on this site, save for some confusion on sending a profile photo from my cell.  Working through that now. 

As a former freelance journalist, I'm looking forward to a rewarding experience here. I am a recovering partisan, first as a JFK Democrat, then as a Republican.  Sickened by RINO's rolling in the sack with Democrats and yielding nothing "behind" for their constituencies but piles of politically soiled linens, I finally changed my affiliation to Independent (Conservative). My vote is no longer a lock.  Candidates now have to earn it.   Look out America...

At 10:44pm on February 24, 2014, Skip Peters said…
Bill, Americans still don't want to hear the truth to a full recovery from this evil President. There is still many that are working hard to help Obama to destroy our beloved Country. There is only one country in all history that has fallen in the very same way as America has fallen. For over 4000 years Israel has lost their freedoms many times, and each time when they returned to God and called on His name, and would repent from their ways, and would turn their lives back over to Him He would heal their land and return them to their freedoms. Time and time again God would wait till they called on He's name before He acted. God did not fall asleep or turn His back on America, America has turned their backs on God. We have churches that have people calling themselves Christians and vote for leaders just as the Israel has done so many times turning their back toward God the very same way America has done. Sure they will say "I don't believe in murder, abortion, gay marriage I just don't, I should not judge others that do". Sure they believe and say it, but their not believers their not followers of Christ.

Changing America is only going to happen when Christians become followers of Christ. Their only fooling themselves if they believe that God really don't exists, and I'm doing my good thing to show other I'm really a good person and see, I go to church and I have faith? Don't count on that for much, God see through you like glass, a fake, a fraud, a phony, a fool, that's what God calls these people.

Israel is going through the very same thing as this country is and for the very same reasons we are. They have turned their backs on God again and this could be the very last Time. They are rejecting God again, I guess Fools do what Fools do best, just be Foolish.

If we reject God I believe America has No better chance of being saved from evil leaders any more then Israel is. And If this is the end to mans continue back turning then those that have not been walking better call on His Name, find a church that has a pastor that speaks the truth in season and out of season. Set your self right even if your closest friends think it foolish to believe in God. Don't let them take you on the trip their going to take.
At 10:06pm on February 17, 2014, Col. Dana H. Gillespie said…

Thank you for the timely invite and welcome, I have been very impressed with the site. I have invited all my friends who are active and care where this country is going. As I have stated many times I believe in the Constitution of the United States and the Holy Bible and will stand in anyone's face and tell them so. Our biggest enemy is in Washington DC. I was born into a strong Democrat family but that party no longer exists, neither does the Republican Party. We are governed by thieves an criminals and I will stand on the senate floor annd tell them that. Well, I want get started  because I can't shut up. I appreciate the advice on controlling my emails. I have been flooded with them, I will take your advice and just apply for the news letter and blogs. If I hear anything new and hot I will pass it on to you.

Thank you kindly;

Col. Dana Gillespie

At 8:56am on February 6, 2014, frederick said…
IF YOU CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY as much as you say, then PLEASE tell me why the following, what I believe to be THE ONE AND ONLY COMMON SENSE SOLUTION left to us, that can possibly save our great country from the tyrannical/socialist type of government that it at the end of the very dangerous road that it/we are presently speeding headlong and recklessly down, WON'T WORK??
My name is Frederick Scanlin and I am a 72 year old veteran. During those many years on this planet, I have been witness to a lot of changes-both good and bad-that have taken place in not just this country but to all of society as well. I have been alive for several wars; World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and two Middle East conflicts. I have also been around for the 'birth' of many new things that are taken for
granted these days, such as the transistor radio, television, the microwave oven, space flight, the cell phone, Teflon, the computer/Internet etc. I have seen many changes in this great country of ours, some of which, unfortunately, are leading this country headlong and recklessly down a very dangerous road toward tyranny.
After over a half century of study, contemplation, listening
and watching--coupled with observing certain changes/indicators in every area of society(not the least of which is the result of the last presidential election)--I HAVE COME TO THE DEFINITIVE CONCLUSION that, in light of the lateness of the hour, the following 'solution' is the only COMMON SENSE one that can/might save our country from the kind of government that awaits it/us at the end of the socialist/tyrannical road that we are speeding headlong and recklessly down.
This 'solution' will work, of course, only if
we haven't already reached that telling, NO WAY BACK crossroads/tipping point, where there are more voting age people in this country who want the government to take care of them FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE, as opposed to those of us who still believe in the constitution, a free market economy and the unlimited potential of the individual person. The full copy of my 'dissertation' on my
'cure' for this problem is on the homepage of my website(, but a summary of it follows.
There are many intelligent people out there that believe that the balancing of the federal budget and successfully addressing both the national debt and the employment situation in our country would be 'the cure for what ails America'. Although these two things must indeed be addressed if our country is going to survive, they won't come close to solving all the problems that will be necessary if we
don't want to become a socialist country of some kind in the near future. If our federal budget was balanced and the national debt was completely forgiven and unemployment was only at 3 percent, that would solve only about 10 percent of the problems that need to be solved to keep our country where it needs to be in order to remain the greatest country on earth.
in existence of a continuously deteriorating nature will eventually become worthless if nothing is done to stop the deterioration. The exact same thing can be said for a country, so no thinking person can ever possibly believe that a country that is continuously being run/governed worse every year on every level is just going to simply one day, out of the blue, miraculously going to be a better run/governed country. Look at Detroit, which at one time was the ninth biggest city in the country but today can barely break the top twenty. It is now in
bankruptcy thanks to those who have been in charge of it for the last few decades, and there are many other cities and even states that are on the verge of it right now--why would you have a hard time believing, in light of this FACT, that the federal government can't go broke?
One of the biggest jokes (if it wasn't so serious it would actually b
At 7:43pm on January 22, 2014, Mark Ervin Dabney said…

Actually - what we need is the Iceland Solution - arrest & prosecute the Rothschild Banktsers & their political partners in crime - replace the ENTIRE BODY POLITIC across the board - have a public referendum as to the fraudulent Plutocratic counterfeiting under the color of law so called "debt"

The "Left"/"Right" paradigm is CONTOLLED OPPOSITION- otherwise known as the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC

The so-called "Right" excels at TALK about "accountability" that comes to an abrupt halt when someone tries to show them what they need to be accountable for - America is spending almost as much as all the rest of the world COMBINED on militarism- while no one - got that? NO ONE "Left" or "Right" are being held accountable for leaving our own borders wide open!

At 6:36pm on January 22, 2014, David M Foss said…


At 3:56pm on January 21, 2014, Hank Jordan said…

Thank you for the welcome



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