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Hello Patriot!

Most likely you are here because, you oppose the liberal ideology, the policies of the current administration, the liberal Congressional majority, and you are fed up with the super-sized government, excessive taxes, and bailouts.

Now is the time to stand up for the God-given ideals of liberty and freedom that made this nation great. "We the People" are taking our country back to limited government and constitutional principles! Thank you for joining us!

By continuing below, you will be successful in navigating and utilizing the resources and tools we have provided to get you off to a great start.

First order of business...Email Settings...

How do I stop or control all the PAN (Patriot Action Network) emails?

Please take care of this first. The Ning platform (which we have our website through) automatically sends out emails on everything happening on the site. You need to adjust your email preferences first! You control the amount of emails you receive. First click here to understand our philosophy on emails.

Click on "Settings" in the top of the right column, then "email" in the left column of your settings. Simply check (or check off) the email notifications you want and do not want to receive and be sure to click on save for the changes to take affect..

We recommend highly that you do not shut down all system emails. Be sure you receive our updates. One way to do this is to select DAILY DIGEST.

We encourage every member to keep "Messages sent to the whole network" checked so that you will receive important updates from PAN on breaking news and taking immediate action when needed.

About Us

About PAN

Facts and Questions

The No Tolerance Policy

Report abusers to ADMIN or post in the Hospitality & Help Group.

NOTE: We have a limited number of staff and volunteers on the site. Our moderators are all volunteer. Please assist us by governing yourself. If you see something out of line please contact us by clicking on Key Contacts.


America the Republic

To gain a better understanding of America the Republic please watch the video below. This video is short and concise and is a great tool to share with others. We have found that MANY people believe that we are a democracy (based upon the lies of the liberal left). One of our goals is to dispel that myth!

The video is just under 10 mins. and well worth the time!


If you want to share this video with others click on the little up arrow, then a small icon appears that looks like a small black and white flag. Click on that and you will see the url with code and embed code.

If you want to share the video click on the code in the url; it automatically copies the code. In your email body, paste the code in the email. To add the video to your page or another website you would copy the embed code instead.

Need Help?
Can't Navigate the site? Not sure how to post? Have a question about the site? Need assistance in general?

Could you use some assistance with navigating, adding a picture, a video, posting a blog, creating a group or anything else? Please go to the Hospitality & Help Group. This group is essential to our members as questions come up. Scan the questions and read the answers to assist you before posting a question.



These State Groups are the structural frame around which we can communicate and take action. Each State Group page is organized like its own mini social network with the ability to provide custom resources and social networking tools.  The State groups are a great place to network and begin building a true grassroots effort on the local/community level!


There are 4 Core Groups we recommend that everyone should belong to to optimize your resistance efforts. You can click on the group name to go there and/or to select your state. Once there join and then hit your back button to return here and complete all steps.

1. State Group

2. Hospitality and Help Group

3. Resource Library

4Precinct Strategy (Take Back the GOP and Win Elections)

Start a Group or Locate a Group

Click Here to start a group or locate a group

Community Coordinating Ideas/Reading

Here are some resources for grassroots coordinators who want to study the rich history of nonviolent political activism around the world. It is important that the tea party protest movement remains a peaceful demonstration against big government, and some of these resources below teach methods of nonviolent strategies and tactics that have worked in the past.

Our movement can learn a lot from previous movements where the people came together to oppose oppressive big government. Take some time to become a better community coordinator. Check out these great resources!


Books for organizers:

Saul Alinksky - Rules for Radicals
Malcolm Gladwell - The Tipping Point
Douglas Hyde - Dedication and Leadership

Register Your Tea Party or 9/12 Group

If you are the leader of your Tea Party or Liberty group,

please register your group by clicking here now

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Anything you purchase at Amazon deposits a small donation with PAN. As long as you enter through one of our products or store links! Your purchases help PAN!

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