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The Tea Party Tribune - Coalition Partner

Tea Party Tribune



The Tenth Amendment Center - Partner Organization

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to

the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."


American Grassroots Coalition- Partner Organization Partner Organization - Partner Organization

 - Partner Organization

is a social website where you can “speak up” against the direction our country is heading.  It was created to make your microphone a little louder, your soap box a bit taller and your posse a tad larger.  Users can post videos, pictures, links to articles, and write as much as their heart desires. also has a complete Activism Center that allows users to start email and fax campaigns, petitions, and share events and resources with other users.  Get started.  Speak Up.

Independence Caucus - Partner Organization
(independence Caucus is NOT related to the Independent Party)

A Citizen's movement* to take our government back from the

"Big Money" Special Interests groups...  *(...And the first to defeat a compromised incumbent!)

Patriots Heart Network - Partner Organization
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Partner Organization

The PEOPLES CONSTITUTION COALITION of OHIO is a group of concerned Citizens using law and the established mechanisms of government to hold government in compliance with and accountable to our state and federal Constitutions.  Our objective is to utilize the peoples’ initiative process to circumvent the legislature and introduce language into our state Constitution that will restore individual and state sovereignty and our original federalist system of government.  Our plan is to promote this process with similar groups throughout all 50 states.  This is the only solution available to the people to peaceably force government to comply with the Constitution.  The process is simple, but it takes many volunteers to succeed.  Your help is greatly needed.  Go to for more information.

TakeAmericaBack.Org  - Partner Organization

The Tea Party Express
- Partner Organization

We the People Foundation
- Partner Organization
Bob Schulz
Continental Congress

 912 Citizens, Inc. - Partner Organization

Partner Organization

 Pamela Geller   Atlas Shrugs 

Partner Organization

Freedom Defense Initiative


Partner Organization

SIOA (Stop Islamization of America)


Partner Organization

Welcome To Thanks-A-Bunch

Everyday America's Heroes make uncommon sacrifices in defense of our country and freedoms. Their unselfish dedication to our safety and security deserves an expression of  gratitude and appreciation from every one of us for the sacrifices they've made, and continue to make.

The Thanks-A-Bunch™ program gives you the opportunity to get involved on a personal level with a simple message to an American Hero of "thanks for your service and sacrifice, may I buy you lunch?" We've all experienced a time when we thought about buying a meal for an America's Hero or just walking up to a soldier and saying thanks. Thanks-A-Bunch™ has created a program that makes this simple gesture of saying "thanks" to our America's Heroes easy to do.

How You Can Help

A tax deductible contribution of only $10.00 will provide one of our  America's Heroes with a Thanks-A-Bunch™ (TAB) card that can be redeemed for $50.00 at any one of more than 14,000 participating restaurants nationwide. That's five times the value of your contribution!


Partner Organization
This is for a different purpose

Thanks-A-Bunch would like to thank all our active duty, reservists and veterans (America's Heroes) and your families for your service and sacrifice to our country by offering you a very special program. We hope you take advantage of the great savings this program can provide you and your family.

America's Heroes who register with Thanks-A-Bunch  receive $50.00 dining gift cards for only $8.00* each and includes the following:

    Registration is free.

    No minimum or maximum number of gift cards.

    14,000 participating restaurants nationwide*.

    Restaurant certificates are emailed to you.

    Certificates never expire.

Partner Organization

The Black Sphere - Partner Organization


(Not Partner Organizations)

Other Links of Importance

Who We Are

Concerned Women for America (CWA) is the nation's largest public policy women's organization with a rich 30-year history of helping our members across the country bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy. There's a cultural battle raging across this country and CWA is on the frontline protecting those values through prayer and action.


We focus on six core issues: the family, the sanctity of human life, religious liberty, education, pornography and national sovereignty.


Click here to read a wonderful article about our organization published by The Christian Examiner, titled "Beverly LaHaye marks three decades of promoting traditional values through CWA."

Let Freedom Ring"> Great Resources and Strategy on this site!
We, hereby, demand and will pursue the relocation of all
US Representatives and Senators to spend no less than
75% of their time in elected office in our State Capitals
to telecommute via secured phone, fax, email, and web
conference with their federal counterparts.
On the Local level, State Representatives and Senators will
be relocated to spend no less than 75% of their time in elected
office in the City Halls or Court Houses of our Districts to
likewise telecommute with their state counterparts.
Learn more and sign the petition at:


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