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You control the emails and information you receive from the Patriot Action Network.
(information to adjust email settings is below scroll down)

Our philosophy is to educate, inform, and equip our members.

++++++ The pipeline is so critical!

Being connected to one of the largest and most active Patriot Networks is essential

in the fight for our great country. Time is running out and we must understand the

commitment it will take from all of us to turn the tide.

It is NOT our goal to upset you with needless emails rather to assist you with

accumulating the latest breaking news. If this upsets you we apologize, however,

we will NOT apologize for our renewed commitment to save our Republic or the

measures and tactics we have employed to accomplish this worthy goal. Patriot

Action Network prides itself in being on top of the latest information and news,

we believe an informed citizen makes an informed voter.

The purpose for the emails is twofold

1. To educate, inform, and quip you, in addition, to keep you engaged so you

can and will act!

2. To provide you with an email to forward to family and friends of noteworthy

news that will educate and inform others.

Some people say we spam them and do not provide an out for the mail.

This statement is inaccurate. At the bottom of every email you will be provided

an opportunity to change and adjust your email settings. If you would like to take

that action now here is the instructions for accomplishing this:


On the upper right side where the white back ground starts you will see your


Under your name is Inbox, Alerts, Friends, and then SETTINGS Click Settings

On the left of that next page is Email. Click Email.

There you have a list that provides the opportunity to change and receive only

what you want no emails at all. If you prefer to check in yourself you have that option!


We now have the daily digest! You can set your preferences to

receive only the daily digest of the emails you want to receive

once a day!

Make your selections and scroll down to save.
(Be sure to click clear all following

then make your selections prior to saving)

On the bottom of shared discussions it has a line that states:

 To control which emails you receive on Patriot Action Network, click


That link on your email will take you directly to the settings page.

(it is only an example here and not active)


Thank you!


Last updated by Darla Dawald, National Director Oct 8, 2012.

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