OUR Government is not disarming it self. Why should I?

Look at how the Government is arming the states, grenade launchers no less? We should turn in OUR weapons? Why all of a sudden now while every federal dept is arming it self to the teeth? As are the local "pd's". It makes no sense...unless...you tell me. Unless what? Who are they getting ready to fight?

So a free and Sovereign people should turn over to the government the very means that made and keeps US a free and Sovereign people? WE should surrender our rights and property to a government is gearing up for a fight? Not on my watch brother. I will not comply. The government lackey will have to just follow orders and shoot me. Once that happens to any of us? ITS ON! I suggest GOVERNMENTS don't tread on the 2A. 



Metro Atlanta police departments and sheriff’s offices have recently acquired some new toys which include armored trucks, grenade launchers, and personnel carriers. According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, $200 million in military equipment and weapons are owned by 600 Georgia law enforcement agencies. This military grade equipment has some people  concerned as to why local law enforcement agencies are so heavily armed.

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  • DR Rowe

    Equipment paid for by WE THE PEOPLE to be used against WE THE PEOPLE! Wow!

  • Chess Neff

    I think you will find the answer to that if you read the next amendment.  Of course this, the Third Amendment, is also under fire but now realizes it as yet!

  • Allen Godin

    "Pike’s department, which includes thirteen officers have acquired a grenade launcher for shooting tear gas, two M14 single-shot semi-automatic rifles and two M16 military-style rifles converted to semi-automatic from automatic, from the so-called 1033 program operated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)."

    WOW, single shot semiauto rifles? I thought these were assault rifles capable of thousands of rounds per minute.

    These Officers (Appointed stooges) will say anything to make themselves out to be the Law. Where's their background checks? What happens to them when caught doing drugs and even selling them? Promotion? shifted to another precinct or department? Early retirement on the taxpayer?

    Let's get real, if they tell us that guns are only used to kill people then military armament is only good to wage wars. Where in the United States are the enemy except the government that should be doing the people's bidding? Yet these weapons are aimed at US.