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  • Flip the Senate 2014

    25 members Latest Activity: Aug 21

    We will Flip the Senate in 2014!

  • Watchmen on the Anti-Life Agenda!

    647 members Latest Activity: Aug 23

    Coming together to oppose Obama's war on the unborn and the heinous FOCA act. The dream of equality for all cannot be realized until life is…

  • Watchmen Against Amnesty!

    907 members Latest Activity: Sep 11 Patriots teaming together to stop Obama's plans to open our borders and give amnesty to illegal aliens.

  • I resist gun control!

    2495 members Latest Activity: on Sunday Resisters teaming together to resist the undermining of the people's 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

  • WE Stand With Israel!

    1325 members Latest Activity: Sep 11

    I created this group because many people think Israel is something not related to their lives, just something in the news. If you ever thought…

  • Operation GOP Rejuvenation

    222 members Latest Activity: Mar 6 The Gop needs to represent the people....they need rejuvenation! WE have got to put on the heat. This group is for strategy, planning and…

  • Liberty News Network

    109 members Latest Activity: Aug 29

    Official Liberty News Network fan hub on Patriot Action Network. Join us on PAN to discuss/debate the news of the day!

  • Watchmen on Election and Voting Fraud

    290 members Latest Activity: May 17

    Get involved and be part of the solution as we head into the 2012 Election November 6th. A lot of valuable info and links here to make a…

  • Job Resource Center

    65 members Latest Activity: Aug 16, 2013 The Job Resource Center will provide specific areas to list available positions and for prospective employees to list their resumes and experience.


    326 members Latest Activity: Sep 7 To remind ourselves that we are in a perpetual war with fanatics and terrorists who commit atrocities on a daily basis, from slaughtering innocent…

  • Watchmen for Senate

    267 members Latest Activity: Oct 11, 2013 Researching and providing credible information regarding each senator's voting record, committees, affiliations, and associations so that voters may…

  • Watchmen for Congress House of Representatives

    144 members Latest Activity: Jun 17 Watchmen on each Representative and their voting records. House bills and legislation. This is a research and watchmen reporting credible info only.

  • Watchmen Missile Defense & Nuclear Proliferation

    85 members Latest Activity: Jan 30 Watchmen group to provide credible information on the defense, systems, threats and info on the US and abroad.

  • Watchmen on Acorn

    182 members Latest Activity: Mar 6 With the latest in the Fed's removing some of the funding on Acorn we need to watch and make sure they don't become another group to receive funding

  • Watchmen on Lobbyist Groups

    80 members Latest Activity: Nov 19, 2012 Watchmen Research and Reporting on Big Lobby Org.s and Groups....Special interest groups lobbying and buying government compliance.

  • Watchmen Fairness Doctrine

    129 members Latest Activity: Jan 30 Save conservative radio! Become a watchmen or drop off tidbits of information. Credible information and research for the Fairness Doctrine and the…

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