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  • PAN's Hospitality & Help Dept.

    9 members Latest Activity: Nov 12, 2013

    Welcome to Patriot Action Network's Hospitality and Help Dept. Have questions on using the site, how to post, loading a picture, commenting, etc?…

  • Patriot Action Network Promotion Team

    111 members Latest Activity: Sep 9 If you are interested in promoting PANetwork and helping us expand the message and impact for 2012 and beyond this is your group!

  • 2012 Presidential Action Network

    7 members Latest Activity: Feb 2, 2012 A place to discuss potential cadidates.
    As we get closer you can tell us what the candidate is doing, what you are doing to help the candidate,…

  • Watchmen on BP OIL Gulf of Mexico

    44 members Latest Activity: Jan 30 This group will compile all news, information, devastation, action, and ideas here. We hope to be effective in assisting to change the situation!

  • PANetwork Book and Movie Club

    84 members Latest Activity: Jan 30 This club will provide a schedule of reading, discussion, and movie viewing with discussion. The club will be a place for conservative movie and book…

  • American Justice Watchmen and Action Group

    117 members Latest Activity: Jan 30 Watchmen group to affect change in the American Justice system. Researchers and strategist needed!


    3 members Latest Activity: Sep 5, 2012 We are regular everyday working people who are very concerned with the direction our country is heading. This site give lots of information as…


    215 members Latest Activity: Nov 19, 2012 Our goal is nothing short of turning the current statist political establishment on its head. We want to help build a network of grassroots,…

  • Watchmen on Acorn

    182 members Latest Activity: Mar 6 With the latest in the Fed's removing some of the funding on Acorn we need to watch and make sure they don't become another group to receive funding

  • The 9/12 Project Group

    296 members Latest Activity: Mar 6 The place for the official 912ers to gather on Resistnet and organize, share, and plan within and under the Resistnet Umbrella. We all need to work…

  • Watchmen for Congress House of Representatives

    144 members Latest Activity: Jun 17 Watchmen on each Representative and their voting records. House bills and legislation. This is a research and watchmen reporting credible info only.

  • Watchmen on Lobbyist Groups

    80 members Latest Activity: Nov 19, 2012 Watchmen Research and Reporting on Big Lobby Org.s and Groups....Special interest groups lobbying and buying government compliance.

  • Watchmen for Nancy Pelosi House Speaker

    102 members Latest Activity: Sep 4, 2012 This Watchmen group will research, compile, and build a database of credible information on Nancy Pelosi.

  • Watchmen 2nd Amendment Gun Control

    470 members Latest Activity: Jan 30 Watchmen and research group dedicated to the 2nd Amendment. Any actions to oppose the 2nd Amendment rights will be provided here. This group is for…

  • Watchmen Left Tactics

    150 members Latest Activity: Sep 4, 2012 Watchmen to keep an eye on the left and their tactics. Vetting information, researching, watching their sites and groups to adequately counter…

  • Watchmen Fairness Doctrine

    129 members Latest Activity: Jan 30 Save conservative radio! Become a watchmen or drop off tidbits of information. Credible information and research for the Fairness Doctrine and the…

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