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I've posted before about this convicted criminal, fugative from justice, member of the Communist Party, Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson. Attached is some more evidence of his past. One is a poster from the Communist Workers Party showing a party member with a gun, stomping on the FBI and screaming for revenge. The next is parts from "Red Tide Rising in the Carolinas" which shows Frank Cuthberson was arrested while a member and with members of the Communist Workers Party branch from Durham, NC. The third is an arrest/conviction/warrant record for Frank Cuthbertson.


When Cuthbertson was an attorney he defended violent radical Edward Allen Mead who was a member of the violent George Jackson Brigade that blew up car dealerships, robbed banks and got into shoot-outs with police. Two upstanding citizens are Cuthbertson/Mead.


Are you aware that according to the Washington State Constitution that you can recall everyone but judges. You must report a judge to his buddys other judges. Can you say the fox guarding the henhouse? Are you also aware that according to the Revised Code of Washington that if there is a state law that is in opposition to a court rule, that the court rule superceeds the state law. so much for "we the people."


Judge Cuthbertson is up for re-election in 2012, lets throw this commie/criminal out, but we need to find an honest attorney to run against him.

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I will be glad to help you campaign against this a-wipe. We need to make the legislature alter the State Constitution to permanently solve this "tenure" problem for the judiciary as well as for teachers and professors.
Thanks , We are going to need all the help that we can get to get rid of this communist judge. His whole life is one big lie to cover up his association with violent, militant, subversive organizations. The biggest thing is finding an honest attorney that will run against him as the Washington State Bar Association is protecting him. They either don't want it to get out they made a big mistake or they have been taken over by the Socialists/Communits/feminists/homosexuals. (probibly both.) The WSBA runs this state. Its the guy behind the drapes like in the Wizard of Oz. They pull the strings. Your on their side, they appoint a judge to your case that will let you win. Your on their side, you can be a militant communist and be a judge.

The way to help get rid of this judge is to get the word out as the liberal media will not touch this. I have an interview on this subject on Dec 1 with the internet newspaper "POST & EMAIL." They have stated that they will do a story or series on this communist judge.

They will never let the laws protecting judges be changed. Go to any courthouse and what do you see? An armed camp. If the judges were so fair and the judicial system not corrupt, why do they need all the screaning for weapons? Its because the system is corrupt, everyone knows it and the government/judges know it. If there was a complete examination of your courts, you would see judges/attorneys on TV, cuffed and doing the purp waIlk on the way to jail. Instead you see communists, convicted criminals, perverts, homosexuals, feminist, and subversives deciding our fates in corrupt courts. I've traveled overseas and we have one of the most corrupted court systems in the world.

An example of our corrupt courts is the people of California voted that they didn't want to give money and benefits to illegal aliens, and didn't want two homosexuals to be able to marry, but corrupt judges said, Oh No! We can't have the will of the people make laws against our friends the illegal aliens(future voters) and fellow homosexuals, its unconstitutional. So much for "We The People!"
Thomas Jefferson was right, its past watering time.


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