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This past past Tuesday, Foxnews, one of the only media sources to even talk about this immorality, had a pre-interview of the final case to get Pastor saeed released from one of the most brutal prisons in the world:
In emotional testimony, Pastor Saeed's wife Naghmeh shared with Congress her family's struggle. A U.S. citizen is held hostage in Iran, and his case was brought before the House of Representatives Friday afternoon.
Naghmeh shared with Congress her family's struggle because of her husband's wrongful imprisonment in Iran.
On Monday, March 11, at a crucial moment, the State Department turned its back on Pastor Saeed, and that was felt in their decision not to show up at the House of Representatives, Friday...and the state Department actually attacked Naghmeh, saying she never asked for their help (no I am not joking):
Days before, the EU even came to the aid of the Iranian actions against many, including Pastor Saeed. The United States State Department did absolutely nothing:
Even the United Nations has addressed this action (watch the reaction to the words from the woman standing rows behind the speaker)...and yet, our State Department still gives nothing but lip service:
Their story is amazing, and can be seen a miracle, from their first meeting:
Pastor Saeed's story/testamony:
It is becoming obvious he cannot rely on our government for help, and the words from the State Department, are the same lies under the previous holder of that position.
It is going to boil down to if we decide to make the time for someone we will probably never meet, never be able to feel the wrath that evil is attacking...and our own government, with the height of what separation of church and state really is this days. Torture to get Christianity quiet and under foot of government.
I thought you might want an update. It does not look good. We need more voices, more prayers and more Christ like actions on our part. From what I understand, over 500,000 signed the petition...and the State Department ignored all of this.
God Bless.

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Call every senator that voted to hire an incompetent to lead the State Department and report this gross incompetence.

Ask when they will be disciplining and removing the faux leader leaving an American citizen behind...oh, sorry, forgot. 

That's OK now -- the goose steppers didn't have a problem with Benghazi 4  - their white house manyboy hero told them it was a bump in the road..

That's what leaving Americans behind is now, apparently.

And that is why the USS of A has no respect domestic or foreign.


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