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If I were going to choose one of the most important unreported political news stories of past 80 years

Started by Jack Coleman Oct 27, 2013. 0 Replies

  If I were going to choose one of the most important unreported political news stories of past 80 years it would have to be about the progressive movement in government, and the effect that Congress has had in implementing Progressivism with…Continue

Welcome & Thank You PAN

Started by Katie Baker. Last reply by jojo wilhite Feb 13, 2013. 1 Reply

I first want to thank Darla and Steve for the honor of being able to be a servant to our members here on PAN and for the confidence they have placed in me.  I have been an active member now for the past four years and I have been blessed to have…Continue

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Comment by Gene Hill on May 14, 2013 at 3:36pm


I am one of the co-directors for the MS page. I would like to add the rules and regulations on how one becomes a member of the local county GOP. How do I add them to our page in a permanent way? Thanks.

Comment by Adelyn Asher on March 17, 2013 at 1:51am

Thank You Darla, Katie, and everyone working to help Americans' regain their confidence through common-sense alternatives to an unlimited government. PAN/Hospitality and help department is much appreciated.

Comment by Adelyn Asher on March 9, 2013 at 5:39pm “More Stimulus (Debt) Equals More Unemployment Real Clear Markets provides a look at the three-month moving average (TMMA) of changes in total employment in relation to stimulus spending and the debt incurred: As the financial crisis gathered momentum in late 2008, the TMMA fell continuously, reaching a bottom of 853,000 jobs lost per month in January 2009. Then this indicator began improving. By June 2009, when stories about "green shoots" were common in the financial press, the TMMA was "only" 230,000. However, it then began falling again. The October BLS numbers pushed the TMMA down to 589,000 jobs lost per month. Economic growth is supposed to create jobs. However, the U.S. economy shed twice as many jobs (1,332,000) in the third quarter of 2009, when GDP grew at a robust 3.5% annual rate, than it did in the second quarter (691,000), when the economy contracted at a 0.7% rate. How can this be? To paraphrase the 1992 Clinton campaign, "It's the bonds, stupid!" The massive sales of U.S. Treasury bonds to finance "stimulus", bailouts, and other government spending is sucking capital out of the private sector and destroying jobs. Once again, the October 6th BLS report tells the tale. The BLS "household survey" showed job losses of 589,000, while their "establishment survey" showed a reduction of payrolls of only 190,000. This shows that most of the damage is being done in small business, "under the radar screen" of the BLS. Small businesses-especially new small businesses-account for essentially all net job growth. However, business creation and expansion requires capital, and more and more of the nation's capital is being commandeered by the U.S. Treasury in the name of "stimulus". The FY2009 Federal deficit was $1.4 trillion. This was almost a trillion dollars higher than FY2008. The capital to buy this additional debt had to come from somewhere, and much of it was squeezed out of business. Here are some indicators, both statistical and anecdotal:

• During FY2009, "Gross Domestic Private Investment" fell by 25% (almost $500 billion/year). It would have needed to grow by 5% to keep the unemployment rate from rising from an already-too-high 6.2%.

• Many venture capital firms are informing entrepreneurs that there is no money available for new startups. The firms say that they must husband their capital to meet the needs of their existing portfolio companies.

• The 500 largest U.S. non-financial companies now hold more than $1 trillion in Treasury bills, amounting to more than 10% of their total assets. Corporate cash flows are rising, but the money is being invested in government bonds, rather than growth. • Banks have cut credit card credit lines by 25%, or $1.25 trillion. Because small businesses are often financed with personal credit cards, this has a direct impact on small business survival and growth. Posted by STEWARD of Prosperity” Savings of $100 million over ten years Section 10502(a) of the over 2,000 page recently enacted Obamacare government healthcare bill provides $100 million for construction at an unnamed "health care facility." However, the language in health bill is tailored in such a way as to ensure the funding is earmarked for the University of Connecticut. By eliminating this special interest funding, we can protect taxpayers while we work to repeal the entire health care law.

Comment by Adelyn Asher on March 9, 2013 at 5:37pm


                                                              --- Possible Educational items

Listed are many references listed by subject that help to define the many injustices of this and other administrations.

                                         GLOBAL WARMING - AL GORE

-generationim-com/about/team.html – generation investment management Generation is an independent, private, owner-managed partnership with offices in London and New York. The firm was co-founded in 2004 by Al Gore and David Blood. – Sustainable Investing for the Long Term...Gore's company, GIM was specifically established to take financial advantage of new technologies and solutions related to combating Global Warming...Here's a list indicating what it takes to make money along with Al. Funds associated with these companies have placed millions of dollars under Al Gore's control. And, as you'll see below, Gore's selection for the US President of GIM might raise a few eyebrows as well.

AFLAC INC - AQUANTIVE INC - AUTODESK INC - BECTON DICKINSON & CO BLACKBAUD INC - GENERAL ELECTRIC CO - GREENHILL & CO INC - JOHNSON CTLS INC - LABORATORY CORP AMER HLDGS - METABOLIX INC - NORTHERN TR CORP - NUVEEN INVTS INC -STAPLES INC - SYSCO CORP - TECHNE CORP - UBS AG - VCA ANTECH INC - WATERS CORP - WHOLE FOODS MKT INCAccording to their own documents, GIM intends to invest in, or buy companies poised to cash in on Global Warming concerns. If we borrow John Edward's so-called two Americas concept for a second, this all means higher prices and taxes with more regulation and an altered standard of living for people like you and me, while Al Gore sits ensconced in his other America reaping profits from each new government mandate for us, business and even government itself. It's win win, alright, but mostly for Al. To add insult to injury, Gore chose Peter S. Knight, an old friend and colleague some are sure to recall, as the US President of GIM...”

- .riehlworldview-com/carnivorous conservative/2007/03/Al Gore's Inconvenient Loot “... Gore's company, GIM was specifically established to take financial advantage of new technologies and solutions related to combating Global Warming... this all means higher prices and taxes with more regulation and an altered standard of living for people like you and me, while Al Gore sits ensconced in his other America reaping profits from each new government mandate for us, business and even government itself. It's win win, alright, but mostly for Al.... To add insult to injury, Gore chose Peter S. Knight, an old friend and colleague some are sure to recall, as the US President of GIM...”

                                                     --- Debt

--- “Think what you do when you ruin in debt; you give to another power over your liberty.” - Benjamin Franklin

Cnn-com Quiz: What the rich really pay in taxes – easy quiz 8 questions

Comment by Adelyn Asher on March 9, 2013 at 5:18pm


--- Resources for possible display

                           The following could be used at a table displaying conservative literature; most items are at little cost.  Prints on plain white paper will not get too much attention; it may not make much sense, but from experience in vending, the prettier the package, the more attention it gets. Printing on crème colored paper is probably worth the increase in price.

- David Barton, Separation of Church and State : What the Founders Meant (Aledo, TX: Wallbuilders, 2007), 3. © 2010, All rights reserved. Permission must be obtained from to use or copy any part of this post. [This is a copy of a pamphlet by] – Book Description - Publication Date: May 8, 2007 | ISBN-10: 1932225412 | ISBN-13: 978-1932225419 | Edition: 1st ISBN-10: 1-932225-41-2 Excellent resource to explain that this phrase is not found in America's founding documents, and it is not implied in the first amendment. Rather than separate the Bible from the classroom, the first amendment's original intent was to keep the government from removing biblical principles from the classroom. Unfortunately the courts have used the first amendment to enforce the opposite of the original intent. The small paperback book/pamphlet may also be available from  Also Barton talks on What separation of church and state means - Uploaded on May 15, 2010 Dave Barton from explains what separation of church and state originally meant. This is a clip from the American Heritage series. Every citizen needs to see these videos in order to get a true hope for positive change in America. Every Christian needs to see these videos because they demonstrate the true and proper manner in which Biblical Christianity can be a blessing to every society on earth.

- Imprimis- a publication from Hillsdale College.  Free upon request – individuals can write or e-mail Hillsdale College.  1-10 copies .75 each   25 copies $10.   50 copies $15.  Some good publications – December 2012 Volume 41, Number 12 – Time to Give Up or Time to Fight On? An Interview with Larry P. Arnn;   November 2012 Volume 41, Number 11 Is the Constitution Colorblind? By Edward J. Erler; Is America Exceptional? By Norman Podhoretz October 2012 Volume 41,Number 10; Man, Sex, God, and Yale by Nathan Harder January 2013 Volume 42, Number 1. These publications can be found by copying and pasting the titles and descriptions in the search box, the internet browser should list the link to the publication.  The opinions expressed in Imprimis are not necessarily the views of Hillsdale College. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is hereby granted, provided the following credit line is used: “Reprinted by permission from Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College.” SUBSCRIPTION FREE UPON REQUEST. ISSN 0277-8432. Imprimis trademark registered in U.S. Patent and Trade Office #1563325.

- The World’s Smallest Political Quiz Take the Quiz now and find out where you fit on the political map! $6. For 200, - Our newly revised World's Smallest Political Quiz in a convenient business card size.; Deluxe post card size - $5. For 100.

Comment by Adelyn Asher on March 9, 2013 at 5:15pm

Material for review --- to refute leftist remarks

The left went as far as going to college activities, theaters, places where the people they target meet, including areas that vote Republican or are critical to getting them to vote Democrat. Conservatives can do the same, targeting critical areas to sway them to vote for the Conservative rep., at least to know what their rep. is endorsing.

The left has their talking points - i.e. Romney does not care about the 47% who are disadvantaged; Republican's only care about the rich Wall Street fat cats/capitalism/big private corporations (as though corruption does not exist with public crony capitalism). The Republican's don't care about the poor, and are racist. It may seem absurd, but many are supporting this non-sense. These lies need to be countered – the media should be scrutinized, political programs inundated with comments when conservatives are ignored and slandered; the executive producers in the network media should be written to when obvious bias is shown, such as liberals and Rhinos getting presented as conservative. The right needs to get their points heard.

There are plenty of leftists that are not far left. The left leaning show need to know is many times more interesting than the political programs airing at the same time. Republican's need to make utilization of the people on the left that truly are helping people, and are not more concerned about promoting a political agenda.

Recommendations for comment – -- action tools

Because of the falsities the far left states about TEA people, and conservatives that are getting accepted as truth, a comprehensive and organized plan needs to be put in place. Special interests know the battle is never ending, but they never change their message, their values stay the same. One way the far left succeeds is by slandering anyone that disagrees, it’s time the conservatives fight back; conservatives support the fundamental principles that keeps America strong, it’s time the link between the left, and oppression is expressed. The far left would love to see chaos, and radical behavior, then the government would be necessary to stop the insanity; getting mad only means the other side has won, because when mad, productive thinking is destroyed. This Resource Library Action Center could be a way for conservatives to organize a plan to distribute the numerous materials that explain what can be done to remake America into something more like what the founders versioned.

There is so much information to cover – to focus on one mission statement helps to explain goals; Such as - To inform people of the uncontrolled governance that is getting accepted as politics as usual; the only way to fix this dysfunctional governance is to elect politicians that support their constituents, rather than big government. Of course every entity will have a different mission statement, but referring people to; TEA, and other conservative sites should help in avoiding false accusations. False accusations are another reason to focus on one message.

All groups could focus on a national effort, and the tools in the library have excellent resources for plans of action; it doesn’t have to be expensive, or extremely time consuming – there is power in numbers, let’s plan to make use of action tools, resources links, and educational items; let’s inundate people with conservative common sense; Lord knows people have seen enough of non-sense.


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