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I continue to call my ELECTED representatives as I hear them comment on the news. Dina Titus said last week the “Cap & Trade (tax)” bill would create jobs for Nevada. I called her office in Washington DC today to ask if she read the bill. Giving equal opportunity to all our representatives, I called four. Hears what happened.

Both Titus and Shelley Berkley’s office had the exact same response. “They were not “available” and they “didn’t know. I asked for a written response. This is a yes or no question. I hold my breath for a response.

I called both Senators to ask if they read the stimulus bill. Harry Reid’s office was abrupt. I politely said that the President stated that unemployment would not go over 8% if this bill passed, and wanted to know why unemployment is now 11.4%. He hung up on me!

Persistent, I called back and asked for the office manager. This time the person was polite, (no answers of course) and said it would be handled, and I would receive an answer. I can’t wait to read it!

John Ensign’s office answered my question! I was told the Senator divided up the massive bill. It was completely read by staff and the Senator. He did not read the complete bill. At least they were honest up front. I was told the bill was so big (it was) and there wasn’t enough time for the Senator to read the complete bill. I thanked the staffer, and said they were the only representative to be honest. I also suggested that the Senator do everything to stop a vote until enough time is given to read the bill.

I did my part by calling, email, and written letters. I continue to post photos on the web, and get involved. I have put a great of pressure to the point that they “know” me. If I “disappear” please send help, as I do believe “the brown shirts” are coming after me.

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I too am getting pretty much the same responses though I haven't yet been hung up on. So, keep it up Steve! Clearly you are irritating the heck out of 'em. You are a thorn in the side of those we hope to evict . Excellent and well done. I hope to attain major irritant status myself soon.( I guess thet'll have to send a double dose of goose-steppers, eh?)
I get so frustrated by the way our elected officials just ignore us and act like we are an irritant to their job instead of the purpose. The only way things are going to change is for all of us to put aside differences and work together to defeat them. I think Reid thinks he can't be defeated, but he can. And as for his cadaverous son, Rory, he needs to be voted out, too. (Do you think I will get kicked off the site for using that word to describe him?) I appreciate your hard work, Steven.
Unfortunately our "leaders" have the same "let them eat cake" attitude the leaders of France had at one time. We all know how that one was resolved.


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