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I have been a member of this organization, and several others, since the beginning of the "Tea Party" movement. Did anyone know there is a Tea Party being held at the Grant Sawyer building tomorrow afternoon? From what I can gather, it's being organized by "Americans for Prosperity". I'm seriously wondering why or did not notify me of this. I have been signed up to receive updated blogs, emails, and newsletters from both these organizations, although just yesterday I opted out of the email services of, because the newsletter seemed to be getting it's information off the national news outlets and regurgitating it. I found no real service provided here. I have not received any information from in about 8 months.  I have searched both websites for information on tomorrow's rally, and can find nothing. I posted notification of the rally myself. If there is information available that I am just not finding on this website, someone please point it out to me.  My first reaction is to be shocked and appalled that I had to learn of the rally from an interdepartmental email about parking issues that will come from it, rather than the organization so many of us rely on for information about Tea Party issues. I accept that I could be mistaken. 

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I didn't know there was a tea party rally scheduled either. I just moved a month ago from Texas. All of the rallies held there are very well organized and information about the rallies given well in advance of the event. It's no wonder the left is so dominant here. What can be done to organize folks here in Nevada? There must be something we can do to get our act together. Although most people I come in contact with are in a union, they all know what is happening to our country and are anxious to do something about it. If we cannot interact through email or sites like, or how are we to communicate? Individually we are helpless. Together we are a force that can take our country back. I am willing to do my part, and then some, but this movement needs some structure. It seems Nevada has none. Is there anyone out there that can help us to help ourselves?


Hi Penny;

Today at the really, I became aware of 2 new organizations that I think might be a good step in the right direction to helping us organize better. One is Americans for Prosperity ( , the only website I saw today's rally announced on, and I wrote to the man who announced it, expressing my disappointment in how information has been handled), and T.R.U.N.C. ( , I wrote to them also, expressing the same, and requesting more info). At the rally today, it was announced there will be another rally held on April 18, 6pm, at the Sunset branch of the US Post Office. I have yet to find this announced on any website, not even the ones I just mentioned. The woman who made the announcement today also runs T.R.U.N.C., so obviously we have a long way to go before we are organized and efficient. I have started a twitter account under the name LVegasTeaParty to help spread information, and I of course still have the groups on the various Tea Party websites. I will get them all linked together shortly, and I am doing my best to glean all the information I can from all the related organizations. I have also opened the email address to hopefully help in keeing up on all the information I can.  I hope all this info helps, and I will continue to work as much as I can to help better organize our efforts. 2012 is going to come fast. We can't let Nevada go to Social. Let me know if I can help you any further.

Here is another helpful website. Problem is, there will be too many websites to keep track of. We need to organize into one strong body.

Thank you Karen for the information. Because I am so new to Vegas I didn't know where the Grant Sawyer Building was and should have googled it and attended. I kept watching this site and didn't see anyone reply to your message or to the message from the organizer of the Nevada Patriot Action Network. I will check out the sites you listed here and plan to attend the rally on April 18th. I agree we need to get organized. Our enemies are very well organized. That is how they took over this state, as well as the rest of the country. I will send you my email address to your address and maybe together we can get something started that will make a difference. The leader of my tea party group in Texas is willing to help give assistance in organizing a group here. She is a paralegal for an attorney's office and is very well organized. I am excited and hopeful that we can start something big here. I think it is just a matter of getting the word out, and having some folks involved that are connected to and have information about political leaders, their plans, actions, and upcoming events. Thank you again for this info and I look forward to getting this ball rolling. It's time to take a stand before we lose it all.



I joined and am getting updates to today's rally at the Sunset PO. They seem to have a group that is getting organized. Have you joined this? Are you going today?




My email address is

email me and I will give you my phone number. I am definetely going tonight. Are you going anyway?


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