Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the Carson City Tea Party, the one resounding impression I got from anyone to whom I spoke was that we all want to increase our strength and truly create an organized movement. We just do not know how to move forward!

We are the hard-working Americans who make the money to support all the coming socialist programs. We are all frightened of what we see in the future and will do something about it if given the opportunity. Most of us are busy people who simply cannot lend the time necessary to accomplish our goals. We have to make a living! I don't have time to write and read blogs, especially as I have determined that they have run their course of effectiveness. I can not continue to spend hours reading and writing internet chatter. (Even as I take time to write this, my inbox is filling with e-mails that I likely will have no time to read, not to mention respond to.) And, Folks, I think I am the typical thinking American!

We know that a Democratic Rebublic can only persist with a well informed Citizenry. Those of us who have like values and who are now trying desparately to play parts in this movement to save our country are the Informed Citizenry. We do not yet know our potential strength in numbers. The rest of the public have been so dumbed down that they have become the drone-like followers of the neo-socialist movement. We do not know their numbers either. We do however know that they are organized and supported with our tax dollars.

I joined the Patriotic Resistance because they are doing a great job of organizing people on the internet. We are however one of what seems to be hundreds of splinter organizations with like values that need to consolidate. While I believe the internet has been effective to this point, I strongly believe that we need to evolve to a next level if we are to make the required impact. And I think anyone who reads this will agree that time is not on our side.

I have witnessed tremendous dedication among Patriotic Resistance members. There will however be thousands of responses like this one written and posted on various sites like What I have seen is that most of us who write these "blogs" will not even know if they are read and taken seriously by anyone. These communications will all dilute into one another if we continue down this path. It will in fact be interesting to find out if anyone responds to this rambling message. We need to get beyond this.

As Mr. Bentley who spoke at the Tea Party recognized, something must be done to make it simple and easy for most people to play their parts. We are becoming frustrated with our inability to make a difference. I am willing to be an exception and to go well beyond "simple and easy", as I think many will.

I will dedicate my time to contribute to this new movement. I am willing to participate in real meetings. I am willing to take the next step if someone can tell me what it is. I, like many others, have much to contribute and will do so given the opportunity.

It is unlike me to put forward a problem without providing some solutions. But I am stifled! I am obviously not an organizer, not to mention an activist. I am looking to all of you to provide some fresh ideas. I will try my best to read forthcoming e-mails.

Carson City

P.S. One mission accomplished: we have all seen by now the disgusting mainstream media response to the Tea Parties. It is wonderful news that they are reacting as expected. We have gotten their attention and they are responding only as liberals know how to by playing down, making fun of and distorting this movement. What they do not yet understand is that their response will only drive their ratings further down, as I think even many of their brain-dead viewers are now questioning the sincerity of the Obama administration and the Federal Govt in general

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Very well stated, I am with you!
I just posted a similar response on the congressional district 2 site, and concur with your observation 100%. I think I feel more frustrated today than I did before the Tea Parties, since I feel we don't have a direction to continue, and I don't have a clue where to start. I believe my biggest frustration is how do we get all of the fringe groups to work together. We see the other side organized and responding to each event. Maybe we should read the book "Rules for Radicals" and start organizing the way they do (especially since we are now labled rightwing radical terrorists) Ha Ha!!!! My husband and i own our own business so time is very limited for us, but we want to participate at the level we can fit into our schedule. I to am willing to participate in formal meetings etc., but how do we get all these folks moving in the same direction without overlap wasting unnecessary time.

Anyone out ther with great ideas, there are a lot of us willing to work!!!!!

Scott, Kathryn, JKC. I am not alone! Thank you so much. I think I have made some recent contacts that may put in motion what we are seeking. I will come back to you and include the rest of the Resistance. I only wish I could somehow create more time to dedicate to this. What's more important: saving our country or saving my gainful employment? Can't figure that one out yet.
Everything you say is true. I was thrilled to see how many people showed up at Sunset Park. It was wonderful to see them lined up the street with signs and people going by honking their horns. The speakers were great and I loved all the costumes. I know there are many people out there who want to help save America. When I was on my way home I thought what now. Is this the end of them. I am sure the liberals are hoping it is. Is this the end of everyone getting together and showing a United Front. Who do we go to. All I get from Reps is something that tells me what I already know and asking for money. Reid has already collected over 2 million in campaign money. He has the casinos behind him and special interests. He wants amnesty and unless we do something big he will get it. We need to let everyone in the U.S know what we are up against. And what amnesty will do to us. Obama acts as if he doesn't know what the North American Union is but exPres of Mexico, Fox goes around the U.S making speeches about how we need it. Fox says they only take jobs that "even" AfroAmericans won't take. HIs words, not mine. Smacks of racism doesn't it?
I was at a table in the park yesterday. I got there at 10:30 and talked to some people in the parking lot. I had gone to Fed Ex and had some of the 9x11 signs printed out. I put one on my table and one guy asked for one and I gave it to him. I was sorry I didn't get too meet the other people who were there from RESIST. While in the parking lot I was praying for the wind to stop and the sun to come out. I was afraid the weather might keep people away. And then people started pouring in. I was so thrilled to see it. And the parking lot filled and people were parking up the street in the other parking lot and I could see them streaming down thru the park to get to the party. I talked to a lot of people and gave out the smaller signs I had printed. Some of the people I talked to didn't have computers but had heard word of mouth. I talked to a lot of older people like myself who were there for their children and Grandchildren. There are so many people out there that we aren't getting too. Frustrated people like us and like us not sure what to do about it. The tea parties were a big success. But if people don't watch Fox then they didn't see what a success they were. Except for the two liberal women on CNN who made asses of themselves by going thru a crowd before the camera was turned on and finding two people to interview when the camera was turned on, who unfortunately did not have telepromters to guide them in what they said.
We need to let every person in America know that DHS refer to our returning soldiers as terrorists. That if you don't agree with the liberals, you are considered a terrorist. I don't believe that every Democrat is for amnesty. I have friends who are Democrats who do not want the bailouts. Who do not want bigger government. But noone else is offering them anything. Why weren't our representatives at the tea parties. Are they afraid of the liberals or do they want the same thing the liberals want? Why aren't our representatives coming out against amnesty. We all know it will turn America into a third world country. We have to find a way to let everyone know this. They are afraid of losing the Latino vote. If illegals weren't voting then that wouldn't be a problem.
We need to start asking people what will your role be when we have a one world government?
Whatever we do it better be soon. Because Reid said yrs ago that he will have amnesty in 2009.
Thank you to Reject Reid Facebook member Doug Busselman, Exec VP of NV Farm Bureau. You can see his blog here:

What Are Your Plans For April 16th – And Beyond

By: Doug Busselman, Executive Vice President

The anti-tax “tea-party” rallies scheduled for Carson City, Washington, D.C. and across the country are intended to send a message to our elected leaders that “We’re mad as heck and we’re not going to take it anymore!” Getting the desired attention will matter more through the activities which are carried out between April 16th and the first Tuesday of November 2010.

Those activities need to go beyond being MAD and becoming organized to the point where grassroots based citizens are activated to get behind candidates which are supported and then elected to represent the principles of government that we believe in.

This is not and should not be construed to be partisan election appeal. Neither party has necessarily demonstrated an overwhelming case for recognizing the appropriate role for government (nationally, statewide or locally). It also is more than just promoting conservative values as an end all and be all to make things right. (From a personal perspective, it seems to be more important to practice what you believe and have that be a higher priority than worrying about how your actions are labeled.)

While I am a strong believer in the importance of un-electing our U.S. Senator Harry Reid and bringing an end to his continuing efforts to destroy Nevada’s agriculture (as most recently demonstrated through the use of the federal treasury and his henchmen at the University of Nevada to buy up enough water to undermine the ability of the Walker River irrigation system to survive) – I fully believe the key in accomplishing this result will be more about electing his replacement than un-electing the Senator.

The same principle will translate to the campaigns for Nevada Assembly or Senate members and taking retaliatory actions against those who raise taxes in order to fund increases in Nevada government spending. Staying mad long enough to have the desired effect of bringing about accountability isn’t possible. Instead, using the energy to build needed networks is a far more productive way to spend our time.

From information we’ve been gathering about the lessons learned from President Obama’s success in getting elected, we know that making better use of social networking and communications technology is critical. We need to expand our abilities and learn the skills of how to be effective in the process of getting those we support into office, building proactively as opposed to simply stewing about how bad things have gotten.

Those who believe that expanding the reach of government are currently in control because those who are empowered to have this approach to government got their people elected to make the decisions. You can’t expect to obtain “limited” government through passive hoping…you’ve got to actively do the work of getting champions for limited government into office, with a majority status, to carry out this agenda.

We can take encouragement from the success of rallying the troops to participate in the symbolism of April 15th tea-parties, but in the final analysis the best message to send will be a new majority of legislators in Carson City and Washington, D.C. who are committed to keeping government within the limits that it belongs.

Posted by Doug Busselman at 4/15/2009 8:04 AM
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Fellow resistance Members
The tea party event was a huge success and if anything left us wanting for more. We are all angry and fustrated by the recent government actions. This is in no way is a partisan movement as the republicans have much to answer for. For the first time in my life I was standing out in public protesting against of all things my government. For the first time in my life I am spending 2 to 3 hours on the computer before I leave for work and after I come home. I feel like one morning I looked around and the world changed and guess what I did not belong. How did this happen? How could America have changed so much while I was busy working , running my business, and bringing up a family. The reason things changed so much is we did not pay attention to what was going on around us. We did not pay attention to politics. We did not pay attention to issues. We trusted the people in government not to screw things up to the point of putting the greatest nation on earth in danger of going broke. So I guess we are partially to blame for the mess we are in right now. The choices from here are clear. We can accept what is happening and put our head in the sand or we can stand up and fight. It is obvious that all of the good people on this site and others like it have decided to take a stand and god bless them all.
To be effective in this fight many things must be accomplished. We have many challenges ahead of us and it will not be easy. This web site is a start. The tea Party protest is a start. The point is we must start someplace. I have chosen to put my energies into growing this site. I think we have a good core of people here and that we can make a difference. The points made above are all have great merit. This discussion has been had many times before. We have come together on the internet to start a movement. We need to grow membership. We need to educate ourselves to the political process. We need to meet in person and create an organization. We need to get out from behind our computers and talk to people. We need all the groups to talk to each other and work together.
Sometimes it feels that we are wasting our time. Am I making a difference? Am I just wasting my time ? I say lets look at the positive things that have happened in a very short time. We have tripled our membership in 2 months. We have become known to other like-minded groups. We have helped make the tea party event a success. We have started to organize into district groups. Now is the time to rededicate yourself to the cause. I for one will continue to work hard to win back my country. I have chosen to put my energies into this organization. It does not matter where you decide to participate the point is you work every day toward a goal. We need to work very hard to make this site a success. We need many people to step up and help. It is my wish that each separate group grows and that soon a leader will emerge that we can all rally around. The senate elections are not far off. This state has one of the worst senators in the country. We are still waiting for someone to stand up a run against Harry Reid. The republican party is trying to reorganize. We must continue to work hard and grow so that when a leader emerges we will be ready to support them.
I am going to work hard to make to make this group a success. I would hope every member here will step up and help. There is much to be done and together we can be successful. If you would like to be more involved please contact any of the leaders on this site. We are in the process of securing a meeting place so that we can meet everyone in person and listen to everyone's ideas.
I would love to hear from every person on this site and I hope to find 228 e-mails in my in box over the weekend.
I look forward to hearing from you

Motivated tea partiers ask, 'What's next?'
It's not over yet! 25 upcoming protests scheduled for 16 states
follow the link below . Plans are being made for the next step

Passing info on from Americans for Prosterity;

Dear Friend:
Yesterday, literally hundreds-of-thousands of American citizens from all walks of life stood up for their freedoms by standing up and cheering at almost 1,000 Taxpayer Tea Parties across the nation.

Standing on the same stage Sean Hannity would later speak from in Atlanta, Georgia last night, I looked out over a crowd of more than 15,000 people – a young couple with their three young children in tow holding a sign that said, “Our children…Our future.”, an elderly gentleman standing with the assistance of a cane wearing a 101st Airborne Veteran baseball cap and waving a sign that said, “Got Freedom?", two University of Georgia t-shirt-wearing coeds holding a large sign that said “Tell the Politicians to cut THEIR budgets – we’re already cutting ours," dozens of folks holding "I am AFP" signs and so many more.

The day before the Atlanta rally, FOX News covered the pre-event preparation party with our own Georgia AFP team, Virginia Galloway and Jared Thomas.

Our Americans for Prosperity Texas state director, Peggy Venable, helped organize the rally in Austin, where thousands of folks showed up, including Governor Perry -- one of the few governors in the country fighting the good fight for our freedoms.

In Madison, Wisconsin – yes Madison, one of the most liberal big government areas of the nation – our Americans for Prosperity State Director Mark Block welcomed more than 8,000 people to a rally for freedom, for lower taxes and less debt!

In Sacramento, California – home to the largest state budget deficit in American history last year – our Americans for Prosperity team, David Spady and Jennifer Kerns, were partners in the coalition welcoming more than 5,000 grassroots activists demanding an end to tax and spend policies that are literally killing what was once a vibrant state economy.

In Oklahoma, AFP's Stuart Jolly called me from the road as he criss-crossed the state hitting some of the approximately two dozen rallies he was a part of organizing there.

Attached you can see several pictures from these rallies and media clips. For more pictures and more information on the Taxpayer Tea Parties go to our website at

At nearly 40 rallies across North Carolina, our AFP State Director Dallas Woodhouse had volunteers getting folks signed up for future battles.

And that’s what I want to talk with you about for just a moment more.

You see, we cannot view these Taxpayer Tea Parties as an end.

Instead, we must use them as a beginning.

So today I want to share with you the next steps.

First, on October 2nd in Washington, D.C. Americans for Prosperity will be hosting the National Taxpayer Tea Party at the Capitol. Why October 2nd? That’s when we expect the final debates to be occurring over the massive Obama budget.

Please make plans now to attend this massive event. For more information click here.

Second, please consider hosting a local grassroots organizing event at your home or somewhere in your community. We will provide a “Home Organizing” kit to help guide you through the process but it’s pretty easy. You may get 12 people out or you may get 50 – either way you’ll get more people involved.

It’s so important for grassroots activists like you to get to know the folks who care as much as you do, who believe like you do. These local events are not that hard and they’re a lot of fun. Plus, we will help you organize these events. More information is coming on these home events!

Third, go to our website, and pull down the contact information for your two U.S. Senators, your member of the House of Represenatives and your state representatives. Then, commit to contacting them on a consistent basis about key issues such as taxes and spending beginning with the outrageous Obama budget. Also commit to forwarding their contact information to your friends and family whenever an important issue comes up.

Not long ago, I was speaking with Senator Jim DeMint and I asked him if it mattered when people call, email or fax their members of Congress. Senator DeMint said, “Tim, it matters more than ever before." Most Senators get a daily update on the number of people contacting their office and where they stand on the issues.

I realize we’re asking a lot from you.

But, we face the most dangerous threat to our economic freedom in generations. The very fabric of our lives – from the way our health care is handled, to the way our children are educated, to the way our incomes are taxed, to the way our businesses are run, to the way we use energy, to the way the government impacts the basic personal decisions we make – hangs in the balance.

Unfortunately, we face a President and Congress determined to make government bigger, stronger, and more dominant. They really believe that government knows best. And if they get their way, freedom – your freedom and mine – will wane.

So, we must do what Americans always do when faced with a challenge: We must work and fight and sacrifice our time and treasure in order to protect our freedom.

Thank you for all you are doing and more importantly, for all you are going to do for freedom.
Ok, let’s talk about getting organized. I have asked if anyone would like take a leadership role in their community twice. I did not get one response! So… I respectfully ask again. If anyone would like to assume a leadership role in their community please let me know. We do understand people have lives, careers and would never impose on precious time with your family; this is very precious to me as well. We could however, use a target individual(s) in Carson City & Reno. What is difficult is that in all of District 2 we only have 58 people signed to our site. What we need in these communities are organizations like the VFW, Eagles (any Fraternal Order) to volunteer meeting space. Given what our Home Land Security secretary said about our “Radical Right Wing” veterans, we have an opportunity to approach them for support! Would anyone like to volunteer to make contact with these organizations in Elko, Carson City, Henderson, Sparks, etc …? If we had a base of operation we can brain storm & process information and implement objectives.
Our immediate goal should be to get people involved in calling, writing, and petitioning their government officials to “stop the madness”. On a long term basis we need to mobilize a voting public to recognize how important it is to removing Harry Reid!
Is there anyone who feels comfortable approaching the trustees of the VFW in order to support our cause please let me know.
Obama organized ACORN because they were getting paid. Hell, they didn’t even know who Joe “What did I say” Biden was! If they didn’t get 100 voter registered a day they were fired! Do you think he could have pulled his scam off otherwise? We are simply looking for volunteers. 58 members to cover 3/4 of Nevada is a daunting task… Any takers???
We have allot of work to and I am, as always, indebted to all of you for your time and in the belief you hold dear…


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