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Info on Montana and Area/Congressional Districts

Welcome Montana Patriots!

.. Click here to go to the Quick Start Guide for the Patriotic Resistance

Welcome to the Montana group of the Patriotic Resistance! Please contact your state and district congressional representatives often. Let them know we are not going away! Demand their intervention and help to stop the unConstitutional spending and tax increases. Click Here for the Montana Map of Legislative Districts with links to Senate and Reps

Contact info for our US Senators and Representative:
Senator Baucus
Senator Tester


Congressman Rehberg


Current Petitions

The link below is to a page explaining how the House is calling for a revote on obamacare and a petition to vote against it in the revote. If you don't want obamacare, here is your chance to vote for repeal.


Please sign the Patriot Declaration.

Click here to go to the Recall Baucus online petition.


Abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913Read and sign petition by clicking here.

Click here to go to the Time to Read Bills petition.

Cap and Tax Petition.

Petition to Cut All Funding for ACORN.


Read the Health Care Bill by clicking here. This link provides the entire infamous bill that many citizens know better than their legislators!

Big Sky Patriots organization:


Area 1 Billings

Area 2 Miles City/Glendive

Area 3 Cut Bank/Shelby/Havre

Area 4 Glasgow / Wolf Point

Area 5 Ronan/Polson

Area 6 Bozeman/Belgrade

Area 7 Butte/Anaconda

Area 8 Dillon

Area 9 Helena

Area 10 Seeley Lake District

Area 11 Missoula/Hamilton

Area 12 Kalispell/Whitefish

Area 13 Great Falls




Upcoming MONTANA Events ">


Patriots, an invite...


Mark your calendars. Dr. Chuck Baldwin (2008 Presidential Candidate) will be speaking at the next Flathead Liberty Bell meeting scheduled for January 11, 2011 @ 7pm at the Outlaw Inn in Kalispell.

Chuck’s presentation is titled Montana: The Tip of the Spear and will cover subjects such as:

• Why Montana?
• The Meltdown of American Society and Culture
• Constitutional Government
• States Rights
• Reclaiming our Freedom and Liberty
• and much, much more!

Admission is FREE (bring a friend!) and there will be door prizes given away.



The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” -- Author Unknown The man told us up straight up what he was planning to do and nobody listened. The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised "Meet The Press." The author (Dale Lindsborg) is employed by none other than the liberal Washington Post! From Sunday's 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, Televised "Meet the Press" THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag. General Bill Ginn USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn't follow protocol when the National Anthem is played. The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171, during rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, "Stand and Face It." Senator Obama replied:

"As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides." "There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression." "The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing."

Obama continued: "The National Anthem should be 'swapped' for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing'. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as 'redesign' our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East brethren. If we, as a nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails - - - perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments.
When I become President, I will seek a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past."

"Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our country's first black family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America."


Yes, you read it right.
I, for one, am speechless!!!
Dale Lindsborg, The Washington Post

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Comment by Mel Frost on June 20, 2011 at 8:04pm
Did some more reading on those "mobs" robbing stores, etc.. Seems they are "flash" jobs...where some social media site is used to "focus" unkn numbers of unrelated/uncoordinated people just "show up" and start doing their deeds...the size of the mob and the speed with which they strike, 1min to 2min total or so, just rattles any of the hired help...and, of course...none are armed... This is social media based "instant gang", just add some electrons and stir.. Seemed odd, they never "mentioned" that any Beer/wine or cig's were taken...highest value items on such C-store shelves these days, eh?... Bet the "survailance tapes" make for interesting viewing by the local PD's... This seems to be centered in CA and back east for right now... Subway at lunch hour may never be the same if it sprreads, eh?..
Comment by Mel Frost on June 17, 2011 at 1:00pm
I hear ya'...
The "thought" behind 75m is that it is mostly a night time band, with some short range use during the fall/winter days out to about 2 - 400 miles or so...much further at night... does NOT depend on sunspots/index, etc...kind of like a "local" 20m effect, etc.. Read up on the current fears about out sun going dorment/quiet for decades, lack/loss of sunspots, etc...this will directly limit your 10m frec's to "line of sight" use, kind of like VHF/UHF etc... and, we both know that repeaters are NOT going to be useful/usable if we "need them", eh?... This is fairly current science now, NOAA/NASA/CG/Navy have all published something since Feb/Mar or so... The way to work this, is you call me on 10m and I'll pass it to someone in Glendive on 75m and get the answer back to you on 10m here locally...we need a Montana SOI for "events"...Those are always "confidential" and parts are covered "secret"...

We just got a notice from the cannery of our dehydrated foods that "eggs" are once again available...and our B/O will ship in 2 wks. We went the dehydrated route since they last 20+ years and don't have any salt/sugar or other additives...just the pure, natural, foods. We have our own seasonings stored to add ourselves... ever heard of "NuSalt"??.. Yep, needs water to cook...that's why we have a well.. They also have TVP in many "flavors"...(which has seasoning additives in it...but, it is only "part" of a meal, which minimizes such). Inexpensive and again...20+ years of shelf life... We will not be cooking for the "Queen" if we are using our stores', eh?... Besides, part of our plan is minimal but long-term use of a small AND large genset...for the first year and beyond...along with allowing us to use our local beef in the freezer when the balloon pops, etc... Large genset allows us to "reverse charge" our wiring with 220v AC, which allows me to run an amp on the radio if needed WHILE lifting water once per week or soo.. cheap "self supporting" small swiming pool in the basement will be our "cistern" for daily use... Small getset keeps freezer going, on a few hour cycle, burning much less fuel than the big one... can run the radio at 100 watts during those periods.

The "mobs" report is interesting...any basis of "gangs" or just impromptu gathering of "shoppers"???..

Remember...the "temp" at which you store your foods is the "key" to your "safe time length" for storage...stay at/under 60 deg f. if you can, like the north wall of your basement, etc...

Stay tight..
Comment by Jay Thomas on June 16, 2011 at 12:15am

Mel, careful on the pieces you own because all sites are read by the gubberment. If you're going 75m for communications, I need some help, because I was gonna stay at 10m. I agree this state needs to stay connected for many good reasons

FEMA is going to be here for the flood problems, not Jefferson Co, but all over the state. Bad sign. MT has the General Fund for this kind of relief, we need to ween ourselves off the government teet and start depending on ourselves for anything that can happen.

Fox leaked that mobs of 20-30 people in many major cities are raiding grocery stores and gas stations. This is a sign of the time. Homestead and get NARLO signs which will slow all federal employees down enough to bug out or get proper council.

I am concentrating on freeze dried meat packs, veggie packs etc. Joined REI in Bozeman for discounts on their selection of 70 meal packs of veggies, They also carry corn, peas, beans from Mtn House which I haven't seen online.,,,,,but I've also loaded up on flour of all kinds, foreign and domestic, sugar, yeast, and meat grinders, flour mills (handcrankers) rope, shake lights from Canada and 12 40 gallon cannisters of food so far.

But it just can't happen here, right?

Comment by Mel Frost on June 14, 2011 at 12:23am
John Smith just called...
They have a "spare beef" for sale...grained for 90 days...
We have bought from him for the past 5 years...
Never a bad beef from him...
DO NOT use that meat packer south of town! Bad
He also has some pigs ready... usually 200-240 lbs each live..
Raised hormones...great meat..
Comment by Mel Frost on June 6, 2011 at 11:17am
We just did the Flour thing...5 bags from WheatMontana, into pails and O2 deal on the web for pails and GAMMA Lids is over at BayTec, in have to pay shipping anywhere you get them, might as well be the lowest price to start with,eh?...

My favorite ammo shop, Blue Star down in AR, went out of business; after 30 some years...Pat Garrett and family. Guess it's going to be Bitterroot now...need some more .44Mag/.45ACP/.45LC/.357Mag ... you never seem to have enough, eh?. A keg or two more on the shelf wouldn't hurt either..

Order lead-time for dehydrated foods are currently out to 5-6 weeks being #10 cans...longer if pails are ordered. Volume is throught the roof across the board... Mtn House has NOT returned to taking any "can" orders even yet...that was going to be lifted last month, last I heard...didn't happen.

Thinking that local/statewide communications may become more important than nationwide or, I've been working on installing a new 3-element vertical array for 75m frec's...slow going with "rocks & trees" in the way..hi,hi. There is a repeater above WH that can be used, and "linked" across 3/4th of MT on 2m of those little Woxan duel band HT's for $110 makes a lot of sense...with 5 watts on VHF, even if the repeater goes down, you can still talk all over the valley simplex. Get some rechargable AA's and that holder with it...and, a solar recharger unit... It will also do public service frec's too! Handy!..

Do you know of any local sources for used/salvage big wireline? Say 3/4" or larger? Need to secure our drive/road from unwanted motorized guests...

Keep it dry and stay tight.
Comment by Jay Thomas on June 5, 2011 at 3:41am
I have been too busy buying what's needed for the coming collapse. Better to be prepared than to not have even given it a thought.
Comment by Mel Frost on May 21, 2011 at 10:58pm
Things sure are quiet on here...
Did everyone go out to bag a wolf or something?
Oathkeepers' vs the Pima-County SWAT fools coming soon!
Comment by Mel Frost on May 10, 2011 at 8:54pm
Obummer and "Janet" the worthless were down in Texas today, trying to sweet talk the ILLEGAL's in our nation for votes...seems that Texas HOUSE passed a specific bill stopping any "sancuarty" (spelling?) city/county from getting in the way of LAW ENFORCEMENT's efforts to can them and DEPORT THEM... great timing by my way of


Our wonderful idiots in the Senate have once again shown their true colors when they signed on to this "attack the oil companies" bill...Seems that "only" the "top 5" of them are "worth going after", eh?... Is that not a "bill of attainer" type thingy???...seems when you single out someone/some company, you are attacking them...seems our CONSTITUTION has a few words to say about such actions, eh?

Can we all give these two ya'hoo's a call and tell them that their actions are going to be adding costs' to our pocket when we don't want such things
Comment by Gary Smith on May 5, 2011 at 1:26pm
Everyone should watch this. 

This is the true history of our Country not what the left wants use to think.

Comment by O2Cav91 on May 2, 2011 at 11:21pm

If an American woman doesn't give birth to an American citizen, who the hell does?


That's my last word on this s***.


Oh-mama bin-Hidin' is feedin' fish, so I'm gonna go light off some fireworks in honor of the troops that zeroed his ass.


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