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Michigan Congressional District 10

Michigan's 10th congressional district is a United States congressional district in The Thumb region of Michigan,

Location: Eastern Michigan, USA
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Michigan Congressional District 10

District covers:
All of the Following Counties:
Huron, Lapeer, St Clair, Sanilac

Macomb County:
Armada, Bruce, Chesterfield, Harrison, Lenox, Macomb, Ray, Richmond, Shelby, and Washington Townships. Cities of Memphis, New Baltimore, Richmond, Utica, and part of Sterling Heights.

Candice Miller-Republican

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan 10th District
Assumed office

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Please Welcome Carrie R as Your 10th Congressional District Coordinator!

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Working together to Save Michigan and our Union of States!

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Comment by Robert M Stanton Oh 5&9 Dist Co! on November 7, 2009 at 1:44pm
DC Sometimes You Must Make Sacrifices 11-5-2009.

After calling on 5 congressman and senators on thursday I and the three ladies that traveled from Michigan and NW Ohio leaving on wednesday evening from Port Clinton and talked almost all
night. No one slept. It was almost as if everyone of us wanted to not miss a moment of this expression of what we wanted of our representitives.

We arrived at the perfect time as dawn broke as we entered on I-66 on to Constitution Avenue.. Even though the trallic was a little heavy we passed the Lincoln Memorial taking photos with camerias and cell phones.

At this point the Washington Monument was in view and we all wanted to make certain we did not miss the photo opportunity. As we came up on the Washington Monument and we were directly in front of this structure, those who were never here before were speechless. Even thought the cameras were clicking and many of us were all eyes.

You will never know unless you go to our Nations Capital that the personal contact is more beautiful than anyone can imagine.

When we arrived at Union Station and Parked our car on the top level we were able to see many buildings that represented our seat of governmen in every direction. Going into the terminal we freshened up and watched as the thousands of people walking to there daily responsibiliies. We spoke with some RR Policemen and a few other people stoped to join in. It is truly amazing to me that everyone of the law enforcement people we met were kind, professional and you could say, welcoming. After leaving the newer main terminal we entered the Old section of Union Station which was build 100 years ago. You could look up at the ceiling and see how well built and the fact even it was constructed to be a monument. The original floors are as if the we laid recently,and were made of marble with different colored inlays You could say they were made and shaped with the loving hands of the stone masons who labored for over a year to tell us this is a place you will never forget.

As we walked out the front entrance we could see the Capital Dome directly in front of us. It being only about 8 am we proceeded down Mass. Avenue. We were able to walk right up to the Capital Building and at this time of the day their were few people arround. There were some security people and different checkpoints here and there. The reason was not to bother visitors but to monitor and control vehicles coming and going. This was another great photo opportunity.

We next proceeded to the Congressional Office Buildings as we wanted to make our calls on Congressman and Senators before the rush. It was great to arrive early as few offices were open and we could explore. We easily cleared security as at this time of day their were no lines and we walked freely the halls of the Longworth and Rayburn Buildings and since I had contacted my congressman the day before to pick up galary tickets. The house does not open for buinness till 10am and it was almost time
for the house to open their offices We took this opportunity to visit the offices of three congressmen and 2 Senator. We left no question about our feelings.

We next walked to the visitor center to get screened for entrance into the Capital building.. The lines to enter were long so we looked for options as we wanted to spend some time there we looked on our internet map and the ladies with me wanted to go to the Library of Congress

I sat at the front of the Capital about 100 yards away. My feet were beginning to hurt as my shoe selection was not good. I removed my shoes and socks and put my feet on the cool pavement to relieve the soreness. It worked.

When the ladies returned we decided to wait till after the rally to go to the House gallery. It was a great idea but since there was a photo op on the east side of the House steps with my congressman Robert Latta, he being one of the goodguys, we did not want to miss that at 1:00 pm. Needless to say we could not return and take advantage of the tickets to the house gallery and the photo opportunity was moved to 2:00pm because Latta was at the rally. I was lucky but the ladies did not make it back in time..

We when to The rally and the assembly was big. I was beginning to feel a little tired So I found a the tree I will later talk about.

On Friday Morning I returned from DC and the great demonstration of the will of the American
people. They all were mostly kind and generious people. I arrived with over 200 Flip This House
stickers and almost all were accepted with out a second thought. During the rally I was a little weak on my feet so I found a tree about 75 feet south of the SW corner of the House side of the Capital Building. I did a few streaching exercises and after being awake for more than 24 hours. I decided to pull out a book and read.

Durring the 45 minutes I laid there I watched as hundreds if not thousands of well dressed young professional Capitol Hill employees passing by hardly noticing the beauty of the foundation of the liberty we have. It amazed me that not one member of the Capital Hill police approached me as I lay there on the Capital lawn.

Here we are and we live in the most powerfull country ever on earth,and I was laying on the
ground at the foundation of the freedom we have. I was seeing not only thousands of people excercising our God given right of freedom to assemble, and speech, without any interference. It proved to me we still have the rights to make them listen and rethink their positions on the issues that we live under.

I nexted look up at the seat of liberity I was taken by the beauty of the ediface which President Washington laid the cornerstone more than 200 years ago. I looked at it's beauty and it completely overwhelmed me. The beauty of the collumns and pilasters just added to its beauty.We can all look at this structure and everyone should realize its construction gives us one major conclusion,. There is a God and this structure was build to tell generation after generation this country was founded on HIS principals.

I believe there will be more people make this journey and if you get this chance make sure you devote just 1 hour out of your life to take in the beauty of this symbol of liberty. You will continune to exercise and express your rights. But after this exercise, your heart will never be the same.

I spoke of sacrifices. My feet still hurt but the way I feet from this expression of my belief in the founding fathers, principals and the throngs that made this journey will always remind me how much I love our country and like my fellow veterans and 9-12ers I am ready to go again and again and againto renew my freedom of speech and expression.

God has blessed this country.

Robert M Stanton
209 Percy Street
Walbridge Ohio
419 661 8413
Comment by Jeff McQueen on October 22, 2009 at 10:11am
STOP Gitmo Detainee Transfer to Michigan Petition - Car Alarm Protest

Attached is a petition to stop the transfer of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ("Gitmo") detainees to Michigan, please get this out to all your contacts in Michigan ASAP. If these guys get here, the ACLU will get them visitation rights and then it will only be a matter of time before jihadists, already in the U.S., begin attacking Middle-schools to get the "rockstars" of terrorism released from Standish, Maximum prison.

All across Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey jihadists have targeted schools with middle-school children because they don't have as much security as high schools and the teachers and admin are mostly women. Also, the girls are old enough to rape, but not old enough to fight back (Search for Beslan, Russia 2004 on YouTube). The jihadists are targeting children throughout the World to get the adults to stop their support for the Americans and they will target American children in the U.S. to get our citizens to support pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to show their ability to strike us at home. These detainees must stay in Gitmo where they are out of sight and out of mind. These detainees are "enemy" combatants and the Gitmo prison exceeds the requirements of the Geneva Convention. No mis-treatment of the prisoners has occurred in Gitmo. Some mis-treatment occurred in the Abu-grave prison.

F.B.I. and Homeland Security have located many cells of terrorists in the U.S. and they know there are cells in the U.S. they have not yet located by the communications they are monitoring. Just yesterday another jihadist was captured on U.S. soil.

The town of Standish approved a resolution on Monday, as the standing-room only crowd of townspeople pleaded with their City Council to NOT SIGN the resolution. Clearly, the Standish City Council was under tremendous pressure from higher-ups in government (Governor?, Dept. of Defense? & Obama's minions?).

We have to stop this transfer or children will die! (According to Dr. Peter Leitner an expert on global terrorism and Lt. Colonel Gordon Cucullu an expert on Gitmo, who wrote "Inside Gitmo"). These two gentlemen just led townhalls in Rochester Hills and Okemos and recently testified in front of our state's Senate Judiciary Committee.

We have heard that at Noon on Friday, October 30, 2009 until 12:15 p.m. (15 minutes) all across Michigan and the U.S.A. car alarms will go off to tell our representatives and fellow citizens these "rockstars" of terrorism do not belong in Michigan or any other U.S. soil.

This is urgent...please sign the petition and forward to other Michiganders ASAP.


Also, we now have a Facebook Group called Michigan Coalition to Stop Gitmo North. Please visit our Facebook group and join.


Thank you,

Michigan Coalition to Stop GITMO North
Comment by Jeff McQueen on October 20, 2009 at 8:17pm
We are holding this Tea Party on Wednesday, October 21st from 6:00pm till Dusk. It is in Downtown Birmingham in the parking lot of 1000 Woodward Ave. Please be there a bit before and let everyone know to come out and show that we need to take America back.

Comment by Jeff McQueen on October 19, 2009 at 10:56am


Folks, last Friday the townspeople of Standish, Michigan met with their City Council and insisted the Council not approve and sign a resolution welcoming 200 Gitmo detainees to U.S. soil, and to their Maximum Security Prison, which will be empty October 31st. The City Council tabled the resolution and then announced over this week-end they would convene and emergency City Council meeting today to pass the resolution. Clrealy somebody is putting a lot of pressure on them from either the Governor's office or the Obama administration.

The Federal government has gone around our state legislature straight to this town to broker a deal to welcome the "rockstars" of terrorism to our shores and to our state. The ACLU is drooling at this and has already set-up a team to hit Standish the moment these animals land there. The ACLU will demand these "ENEMY COMBATANTS" get all the rights afforded to a U.S. citizen, including visitation rights. Once they get visitation rights, plans will be made with cells inside the U.S. and children will be targeted (Google Beslan, Russia 2004).

What Homeland Security and the FBI haven't announced is that they are monitoring cells in the U.S., but they HAVE NOT LOCATED ALL THE CELLS.

al Qaeda and the Taliban have attacked hundreds of schools in Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan, because they know our children are our most precious assets. They also target schools with middle-school age kids, because high schools usually have too much security, and more male teachers and administrators.

In Beslan, Russia the men and boys were told to set-up tables and chairs as barricades, and then they were taken to a room and shot. The girls were raped repeatedly over the three day ordeal. They also target middle-schools because the girls are old enough to rape and not old enough to fight back. These attacks are made in an effort to get their friends released from prisons.

If the Gitmo prisoners land on U.S. soil and get visitation rights, it will not be a matter of if this will occur here . . . it will be a matter of when.

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal clarifying the complexity of trying these animals on U.S. soil.

Please folks call your reps, senators and the governor's office and let them know this is not just a decision for the little town of Standish to make. This decision must be made by responsible people accross the U.S.A., since bringing these Gitmo detainees will paint a target on the whole country.

These animals should stay in Gitmo, where they are out of site and out of mind for their jihadist friends. They should stay there until the end of the hostilities as prescribed by the Geneva Convention. THEY DO NOT BELONG ON U.S. soil! Please consider the safety of our children and call today!

Comment by Jeff McQueen on October 10, 2009 at 6:29pm
Michigan Coalition to Stop GITMO North


For Immediate Release
October 8, 2009

State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop will join nationally renowned terrorism expert Peter Leitner and Gitmo authority Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu at a town hall Monday night (Oct. 12) at Rochester High School addressing the possible transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees to Michigan. The forum will be moderated by WJR radio host Frank Beckman. It begins at 7 PM in the school auditorium and is open to the community.

The citizen information meeting is being presented by the Michigan Coalition to Stop Gitmo North, a grassroots organization of citizens from across the state concerned about the potential risks of relocating Gitmo terror suspects to the soon-to-be-shuttered prison in Standish. The coalition will also be hosting a program in Okemos on Tuesday night and a legislative briefing at the state capitol earlier in the day.The group hosted the first town hall in Standish when it learned the site was on the federal government’s short list of facilities to house detainees the Administration wants to move to US soil.
“Although Standish residents will be most immediately impacted, this is an issue of monumental importance for all citizens of Michigan. We should all be concerned about security considerations and the negative impact this will have on our state economy,” said Kelly Kimball, former Arenac County Commissioner and a coalition leader.
“With everyone in Michigan fixated on our state’s budget and the nation fixated on health care reform, it is critical this issue get the same attention, so it doesn’t fly under the radar until it’s too late and federal officials force this decision upon us,” Kimball said.
State Senator Bishop, whose district includes Rochester, will provide an update on the latest action the state legislature has taken on the matter. Following state hearings in both chambers, the senate voted unanimously to pass a resolution calling on the federal government to declassify information on the backgrounds of the detainees and their conduct while at Gitmo. The senate also requested authorization for a fact-finding trip to Gitmo. A similar request initiated by US Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan was denied. Just this past week, both the US Senate and US House voted to deny funding to close Gitmo and transfer detainees to the US.
Headlining the panel will be Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, former Army Special Forces and author of “Inside Gitmo: The True Story behind the Myths of Guantanamo Bay.” The book is based on extensive research backed by five visits to the Gitmo detention facility. He served in Vietnam as a Green Beret and on high level staffs at the Pentagon and State Department. He is a frequent guest contributor and commentator to major media outlets.
Dr. Peter Leitner, will address broader state and national security implications of the President’s intent to move Gitmo detainees to the US. He is the president of the Higgins Counterterrorism Research Center and served as the principal expert on terrorism issues within the Defense Technology Security Administration of the Department of Defense.
Three community leaders from Standish, including the chief steward of corrections officers, will present a local perspective of why their town is ill-suited to house Gitmo detainees and the negative impact it would have on the region and state. Several other elected officials, including Governor Granholm, have also been invited.
Comment by Terry Hall on July 19, 2009 at 8:45pm
Comment by Betz on July 8, 2009 at 9:33pm

Before district ten had a coordinator there were inquires about a meeting. Finally Carrie (not Carrie R) and I agreed on a date which was May 27 if I recall correctly. I then posted what we talked about.
Next Carrie R read my post and informed me about what plans were either formulated or in process of being formulated. Carrie R and I posted the meeting we planned just like Carrie and I did. Yet only the Carries and I have met. The post have been made several times. Now if you want to meet then most likely the next meeting of any sort will be in September. I posted my beliefs about meeting with achieving results. I am an action person. We all have busy lives but for all the talk there has been little results. How is the web woven and how are all the treads connected to achieve results? So far I have not heard from either Carrie. I did attend the Port Huron 4th of July party, but had to leave for company arriving. The politicians were there. Looking for votes I am sure. I am hoping there will be choices beyond Mike Cox who has admitted to an affair. Let's work to get people of HIGH Principles. When a person has an affair it is a sure sign of character - trust. A person is only as good as his / her word. When a person is married and cheats, then I believe that person is not worthy to lead or have my vote. Where are the statesmen and people of valor???? I am still waiting to hear from others in district ten.
Comment by Shannon on July 4, 2009 at 6:54am
No idea there was a meeting or I would have been there I livce a short disyance from SC4 and SCC Library. If its not announced clearly, then how is anyone to know?
Comment by Shannon on July 3, 2009 at 10:51am

This will be great not only can we wake up officials in this District we can all be united and have fun.....like a pork eating contest
Comment by Betz on June 16, 2009 at 1:24pm
No everything is not fine! However, three of did do something. Carrie, Carrie R (coordinator) and I did meet. There was activity. On May 27th Carrie and I met at the SCC Library in Port Huron. On June 8th Carrie R and I met at the Corner Clock restaurant at Hayes and 23 Mile. Unfortunately, no one else met with us. Carrie and I discussed items that we thought were important to get going on. I posted the notes made from that discussion. Carrie R send me a message regarding some of the things that Carrie and I discussed. It gave me and insight as to the organizing that taking place. It cannot all be done in one swell swoop! Everyone that is in the tenth district has a responsibility to support our coordinator and state director. I want to post some of the information that Carrie R gave me. It will take sometime as I am a caregiver for my husband until his leg heals. I have one questions for everyone in the districts other then Carrie and Carrie R. What are you doing beyond the comments?!?!?!?!?! The three of us are working on organization and dissemination of information.

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