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The "People's"  senate seat is currently held by Barbara Mikulski.  Queen Barabara

has occupied this seat much to long. 

Please get the word out for Jim Rutledge, a consitutional conservative and a man

who like us want to bring Freedom back to Marland and to the United States.

Lets help make that happen and turn arround the senate to a Republican majority in Novemeber.


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Flip the " senate "vote for anyone but the Queen Babs
We are phone banking to get the word out about Jim Rutledge. If you want to help, please email me at
Regarding Unseating Mikulski. I see [imo] we have 2 good candidates with Jim Rutledge and Eric Wargotz. I am leaning towards Mr. Rutledge. My concern is how as a Group here we can unite behind 1 candidate. With ony 217 members here maybe it's a mute point.
I wonder if we could invite Jim and Eric here to Candidates Corner to meet with us and discuss what they see for the future.
Please check out this article about Eric Wargotz. I don't think any of us want a candidate that supports UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and I.C.L.E.I.

Also, here is info from regarding financing:
+1 for me. My vote will be for Rutledge. I talked to the man a few times and quite assurd he will
be assertive to put Freedom back into our country.


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