So there is no misunderstanding, the republican party left me. I dont need any leader any more.

I do respect Governor Palin and i was concerned about putting Ehrlich [ a politician ] back in.


Wondering which way Marylanders are leaning ?

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That's 2 of USa
Here is something I released last week about my thoughts on the race between Brian Murphy and Bob Ehrlich.

Principles Over Politics
I started my political campaign with the promise that I would not become a career politician who would do or say anything just to getelected. As I continued my campaign, I have been asked several times whom I was supporting for Governor in the Republican primary, Brian Murphy or Bob Ehrlich. I tried to stay out of it and say that I had my own campaign torun, but I have realized that failing to stand up and clearly state which candidate I am supporting for Governor in the primary makes me no better than the career politicians I am fighting against. Before I explain my position and my choice, allow me to be blunt and say that I will be supporting whichever candidate wins the primary, whether it is Brian Murphy or Bob Ehrlich.

Anyone who has followed my campaign, heard me speak, or read anything I have written has probably already figured out whom I would suppor tbased on the issues. I am staunchly Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-Smaller Government, Pro-Small Business, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility, Anti-Illegal Immigration, and Pro-Constitution. As I look at the two candidates running forthe Republican nomination they both are much better than Martin O'Malley, but Brian Murphy is the more conservative of the two. Mr. Murphy is more closely aligned with my positions than Mr. Ehrlich.

Many have said that a vote for Brian Murphy is a vote forMartin O'Malley. This is patently false since Martin O'Malley is not on the ballot for the Republican primary. The primary election is so that the partyfaithful can decide who will be on the ballot for the general election. The voters get to decide not the party elite. Our party leaders have decided that they know who has the best shot of winning in November and our voice does not matter. If Bob Ehrlich really does have the best chance in November, why are they so worried about Brian Murphy? They like to say that a conservative does not have any chance of winning in this "Blue" state, but ye tthe Republican Party is still in the minority with their practice of sending moderate candidates before the voters.I believe it is time for a new look for the Republican Party.

As Republicans in Maryland, we are asking Democrats to vote their conscience and for the best candidate for the job in the general election, so why should we do any differently in our primary? As I said before, whoever wins the primary will get my support and vote for the general election, but primary elections are where the voters get to vote their core values and principles. My core values and principles are more closely aligned with Brian Murphy in the primary. Should Bob Ehrlich win the primary, my core values and principles are more closely aligned with Bob than with O'Malley.

Thumbs Up. Wish Murphy and Ehrlich would come here and either talk with USa or post some positions.
August 18, 2010

Special Reminder

BRIAN MURPHY, Republican Candidate for Governor


Frederick Sheriff CHUCK JENKINS



Endorsed by Sarah Palin, Brian Murphy, Republican candidate for Governor, is the only candidate
who supports Arizona’s Immigration Law (SB1070) and is committed to implementing
Sheriff Chuck Jenkins’ 287(g) program State-wide.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


American Legion Post #11
1450 Taney Avenue
Frederick, MD 21702-4336

For questions: (410) 721-6101

Murphy for Governor
I support Bob Ehrlich for Governor of Maryland.

The reason that I support him is because we have a lot of stuff to undo in Maryland, and I have confidence that if we return Bob Ehrlich to the Governor's seat, he has a better chance of getting Obama Care undone. Further, he intends to remove all of the trappings that keep illegal immigration coming, and will not be shy to enact Arizona Law for Maryland. Keep in mind, Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton notes that illegal immigration has escalated to car bombing now, thus terrorism and not just drug cartels. Also John Bolton, a noted defense expert, supports Bob Ehrlich for Governor, not Murphy.

As Governor, and since Kendel was a prosecutor, their position on abortion is not surprising. Maryland has some very sad and shocking cases of child rape, including incest. Personally, they choose life, the world of Governor is not always a beautiful place or and easy decision. Things that you can not imagine -do happen sadly.

Brian Murphy has a learning curve. If he is elected the General Assembly will try to teach him a lesson, as they did Bob Ehrilch the first time around. Bob Ehrlich has a leg up now, because he knows his way around the existing system. I agree that we need new blood in most cases, but time is of the essence in undoing Obama Care, and day to day issues like illegal immigration turning terrorism and more, requires some know how. Brian Murphy has had book learning, but he lacks the practitioner part. Further, he noted that he was a proponent of "social justice" on his resume very early in his campaign, and since has changed the wording to a more palatable -government should help the poor. How did we get here, folks? Is this a conservative position? On a recent interview on WCBM Brian was asked what he would do to contain costs on energy (having worked on the inside of Constellation), and he had no solution, after an entire career with big energy?

Lastly, I respect Sarah Palin, but on this one, Bob Ehrich is a conservative, but the Maryland General Assembly is not pro tem. This time we need to elect some conservative help also: Jody Venkatesan, Frank Mirabile, and Jim Rutledge as part of his team. Hopefully there will be more conservatives to steam roll the Maryland Progressive Socialists.

When Bob Ehrlich was Governor, he balanced the budget and funded the retirement funds at least 90%, which is fiscally responsible.

We are all worried about the country and I know we all want to make the best decision possible. I trust Bob Ehrlich and am satisfied that his moral compass will get us out of this hole, and back on the road to recovery. This is a big, big, job in this economic climate, and Bob Ehrlich is up to speed. As Governor, he will lead, not follow, and he can hit the ground running. We need that kind of response. We are hanging off the cliff, as you all are aware.

Thanks for listening, see you at the polls on Tuesday, Sept. 14th for the Maryland Primary.
Understood but i cant get out of my head that Ehlich is a professional politician.
Early voting for Murphy.
GOD Bless the USA
Doc, Bob is not a professional politician. He left politics when the electorate moved to the left. He communicated clearly that he was swimming against a tide of liberalism in Maryland.
He came back to politics because he has a family and believes that he can right the ship, as I do.

Sarah Palin, who I love and respect endorsed John Mc Cain, and just cancelled out her endorsement with an endorsement for Bob Ehrich for Governor of MD. Bob Ehrich is a conservative, the only problem he had when he was Governor, is that he was but one conservative.

We all want to dump the progerssive socialists, and we need to be careful not to get new ones. Social Justice is socilism, and not helping the poor, with which we can All agree.

God Bless the United States of America. Amen.
We need to get behind Ehrlich i cant get the local results but we need to send others to Annpolis and replace the Bush - Millers olde boy school . Ehrlich cant do it alone
I like Murphy and hope he continues to fight for Maryland!
Murphy got about 25% of the vote. I was impressed that he threw all of his votes to Bob Ehrich for Governor of Maryland, which was upstanding and for the good of Maryland and the country. Conservatives, our time is running short, we all must come together and ramp it up for November's finish.
Frank Mirabile, is a conservative that will have a big jump for the finish line. Frank won 55% of the vote in the U.S. House of Representatives race against Cummings, a progressive.
Jody Venkatesan versus Lorton race is still undecided pending the counting of absentee votes. This is for State Senate against Robey, lifelong politician incumbent.
This is not over, November is the finish line. We must make a change by then. Everyone find a car on this train and get on board-NOW. Join a campaign, give money, spread the word for candidates. Your vote is not enough.


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