Previous Formal Complaints filed with the SEC (File HO1338905) related to micro-cap stock fraud and corrupt political influence conducted by an ongoing criminal enterprise and the response (actually a

Since we all get pre programed replies to a lot of our emails that go out to the hallowed offices located in D.C. I thought I would post the responce I made to the Inspector General of the SEC related to a canned emial I received from a gentleman who is evidently their one man complaint department.

Date: July 19, 2009

To: David Kotz, Inspector General
United States Securities and Exchange Commission
Office of the Inspector General
100 F Street
Washington, D.C. 20549

By email at:

Re: Previous Formal Complaints filed with the SEC (File HO1338905) related to micro-cap stock fraud and corrupt political influence conducted by an ongoing criminal enterprise and the response (actually a non-response) from the offices of the Sec to the “Open Letter” dated July 13, 2009 to Congressional Representatives (see attached)

Inspector General Kotz,

This letter is being written as a follow up on the “Open Letter” to Representatives in the appropriate state delegations and committees - written, delivered, and posted in public venues. On July 16, 2009 I received a response from a member of the SEC staff Robert T. Green of the Office of Education and Advocacy. What makes this response so laughable is that I have in fact had telephonic discussions with Robert T. Green beginning over a year ago when I was encouraged to contact him by an individual who, for over two years, had also been filing complaints and providing documentation against the same network of stock fraud perpetrators.

You need to become aware of and more informed to a few basic facts of life as they are lived daily out here on the street.. First, after finding that we had been targeted by this network as a conduit of their ongoing criminal enterprise you will see that consistent and ongoing communication were established with SEC offices of enforcement in Ft. Worth, Tx and Washington, D.C. Secondly, my associates and I regularly contacted SEC staff to provide all documentation that we secured through the internal investigation we initiated after discovering we had been targeted. Third, my associates and I discovered that the SEC, NASDAQ, FINRA, the DTCC and numerous state and federal enforcement agencies had maintained close monitoring and surveillance of the members of this stock fraud network for over a decade.

The criminal network enumerated in the “Open Letter”, their most current activities and the level of corrupt political influence they have initiated through Maurice Stone in his position as Energy Chair of the Black national Chamber of Commerce represent an unaddressed economic threat to the investment and financial communities through their ability to openly conduct their fraud with impunity. Mr. Green’s opening statement in his email response to me of, “We are taking your complaint very seriously, and have referred it to the appropriate people within the SEC….” is a complete farce. In June 2008 my associates and I made the determination that to eliminate the ability for the stock fraud network to continue selling counterfeit stock in our company we had no choice other than to reorganize in an attempt to protect ourselves and to limit the dilution of public stock holders. What we met with were continual administrative delays, excuses, and finally a demand by the DTCC that we “legitimize counterfeit stock to keep their accounting records from being out of balance.” Our experience has been one of bureaucratic theater that were it not such a sad statement of the competency of the SEC et al it would possibly be funny.

Continuing to maintain a close watch over this stock fraud network in their ongoing and continuing criminal activities as we disclosed in the “Open Letter” it was found that one of the members had been elevated to a position where they now have an added advantage of corrupt political practices through Maurice Stone’s involvement as a Climate Change Ambassador associated with Al Gore coupled with his new position as Energy Chair of the Black National Chamber of Commerce. This circumstance elevates the network well past their previous levels of criminal activity and it has all been accomplished under the ever so watchful eye of the SEC and other regulatory and enforcement agencies.

My associates and I have determine that instead of continuing to file complaints within the incompetent and unresponsive environment of the SEC, the Justice Department and other federal or state agencies this circumstance will become part of a very open and public discourse. We have been in contact with and encouraged other individuals who have filed complaints in the matter of this criminal network and others who follow the same patterns of abuse. This type of activity has cost stockholders of our company over $3.5 million and the company has suffered significantly in not being able to move ahead in developing technology and business model. We were repeatedly threatened directly or indirectly by members of this network and those who represented them.

The world has changed, not necessarily for the better, but it has changed none the less. Significantly, there has been a major shift in the awareness and attitude of the investing public specifically and the American populace overall. There is now a willingness to demand that these ongoing criminal activities be met with the full force of the regulatory and enforcement agencies mandated to protect the interests of the public who invest their own funds or who would otherwise be affected through the investment of their retirement accounts. The stock fraud network whose activities are addressed in the “Open Letter” and related to it in a wider realm of overlapping associations represent the ability to steal investment funds on the same level as that exposed in the recent Madoff Scandal.

As a matter of course, this letter is a demand that the Office of Inspector General of the Securities Exchange Commission focus its attention and resources in dealing responsibly, efficiently and in am much more timely manner with matters addressed in the attached “Open Letter” and all information and documentation related to the ongoing criminal activities of the subject stock fraud network contained in File HO1338905. From the beginning my personal responsibility has been to represent the interests of the stockholders of our company in resolving the dilution of their interests through the theft of $3.5 million through the sale of counterfeit stock by this criminal network. The public climate continues to change under aggressive pressure to abandon currently dominant corrupt political influences. It is the intent of me and my associates that every legal conduit will be engaged for the purpose of holding those who, in refusing to uphold the mandate of their regulatory or enforcement agency, will be held responsible to every degree allowed under the law.

Should anyone from the Office of Inspector General respond to this communication it would be appreciated that it be in a more meaningful form than that recently received from Robert T. Green.

Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter,

I remain,

Robert F. Bickel, SR.
President, CEO, Advanced Dynamics Gas Technologies, Inc.
Control Stockholder in Alternative Energy Technologies, Inc. (ATNE)

All Congressional Recipients of Open Letter” dated July 13, 2009
Chris Ehrman, Branch Chief, Sec Washington D.C.
Stephen J. Korotash SEC Ft. Worth
Eric Werner, SEC Ft. Worth
Don Clemmer, Texas State Attorney General
Travis Isles, Texas Securities Board
Sean Hannity, Fox News
Glenn Beck, Fox News
Bill O’Reilly, Fox News

Open Letter on Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Bill
Letter to Congressman Dan Burton, R-Indiana
Text of Email Response Robert T. Green to Bob Bickel July 16, 2009

SEC Response - File HO1338905
US Securities and Exchange Commission,
Thursday July 16, 2009 8:03.00 AM

Dear Mr. Bickel:

We are taking your complaint very seriously, and have referred it to the appropriate people within the SEC.

Please understand that the SEC conducts its investigations on a confidential basis and neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation unless we bring charges against someone involved. We do this to protect the integrity and effectiveness of our investigative process and to preserve the privacy of the individuals and entities involved. As a result, we will not be able to provide you with any future updates on the status of your complaint or of any pending SEC investigation.

Below is a flyer that describes our policy as it will apply to your complaint. Please contact me if you have other questions.


Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


Each year, thousands of investors ask the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the activities of other investors, financial professionals, corporations, brokerage firms, investment companies, stock exchanges, and others. These complaints generally suggest some impropriety or misconduct and sometimes make a plea to the SEC for direct assistance in resolving a grievance.

The SEC has the authority to investigate whether violations of the federal securities laws have occurred, and we make every effort to evaluate promptly and thoroughly the information provided by investors. But we cannot investigate every investor complaint. While many investor complaints do lead to full investigations and, if appropriate, to enforcement actions, we cannot guarantee that our review will lead to further investigation or that the SEC will take any legal action.

We also cannot provide you with updates on the status of your complaint or your request for an investigation. The SEC conducts investigations confidentially for two main reasons. First, we can conduct investigations more effectively if they are not announced publicly. For instance, important documents and evidence can be destroyed quickly if people hear of an investigation. Second, we keep our investigations confidential to protect the reputations of companies and individuals if we find no wrongdoing or decide we cannot bring a successful action against them. The SEC will not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation unless, and until, it becomes a matter of public record as the result of a court action or administrative proceeding.

When there is proof that someone has violated the securities laws, the sanctions may include financial penalties, orders to surrender profits, cease and desist orders, or an injunction by a court to prevent further violations. The SEC may also bar individuals from working for a securities firm, investment adviser, or investment company. We can also ask a federal court to bar individuals from being officers and directors of publicly held companies. In some situations, we may refer a case to the Department of Justice for possible criminal prosecution.

The SEC publishes news releases about its lawsuits and administrative actions, and the news media often report on them. You can read and download the SEC’s “Enforcement Actions” on our website at Or you can obtain hard copies by reviewing “How to Request Public Documents” at:
Submit a written request to:
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
100 F Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20549-021
Fax: (202) 772-9295
Phone: (202) 551-8090

From: Bob Bickel []
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7:12 PM
To: Travis Iles
Cc: Korotash, Stephen J.; Werner, Eric; Ehrman, Christopher C.; Help; Werner, Eric; Eddie Bernice Johnson; Michael McMcartney; Rep Stephen Lynch; Scott Wilson
Subject: SSLR trading suspension ...


My associate Bob Kelly has already provided to you all of the information that we have been attempting to do something about for nearly two years with regard to the ongoing criminal activity of those involved with Sunrise Solar and Gulf Alternative Energy. His most recent communication follows a significant string of complaints, emails telephone calls, and our having provided the documentation to substantiate the claims of criminal activity that we have provided for a lengthy period of time - with absolutely no results.

Attached you will find two letters dealing with the corruption that these individuals have engaged in and the level to which they have and are elevating it. You should be aware that this material has been posted to a number of very public venues including a couple that are taking special note of the level of corruption that is presented by the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Legislation. We have documented in the attached correspondence the plan by which the principals in SSLR and GAEC are currently operating.

We have determined that it is difficult to imagine that the Texas Securities Board will handle any of this information with any higher degree of integrity than has been done by the SEC, NASDAQ, FINRA and DTCC as well as a number of other enforcement agencies. For that reason we are going to make all of this public on a wide spread basis due to the overlap of the corrupt political influence and the ongoing criminal activities of the Network surrounding Maurice Stone of SSLR and the rest of the network.

Given the current environment of anger and disgust at the magnitude of illegitimate legislation being passed through the United States Congress and the fact that known stock fraud perpetrators have openly targeted that and other legislation for their opportunistic activities it only makes good sense that the investing public become aware of these activities and the selective enforcement (if any) that is being undertaken to protect the interests of the investing public.

The texts of this email will also be posted publicly to keep the wide range if individuals who have already been presented with the attached correspondance aware of the refusal of the responsible regulatory authorities to represent their interests in a forthright and responsible manner.

Robert F. (Bob) Bickel, Sr.
Advanced Dynamics Gas Technologies, Inc.
Cell 936-697-1835

PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL - This message, together with any attachments, is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is legally privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this message, or any attachment, is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify the original sender immediately by telephone or by return E-mail and delete this message, along with any attachments, from your computer. Thank you.

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