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Sheriff Joe shows more integrity ,and guts then all of Congress combined,and I believe the LORD will award the sheriff for it.I believe the LORD has had enough of the arrogance of this administration,for they sound just like the Sanhedrin in the days of Christ Jesus on the earth.


“Obama is waging war on Arizona over illegal immigration.”

That terse assessment is from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has tangled with the White House over his investigation of Obama’s birth records, as well as the Department of Justice’s allegations that the sheriff’s department profiles suspects.

Both of those major issues remain unresolved, with Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse review of Obama’s eligibility for the White House continuing. The investigators earlier confirmed there is probable cause to believe Obama’s birth records were forged and presenting them as an official government document is a fraud.

Arpaio also has challenged Attorney General Eric Holder to prove in court his claims that the sheriff’s office profiles suspects.

His comment today was in response to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s decision to suspend for Arizona what is known as “the 287(g) program,” named for a provision of federal law used by DHS to deputize local, county, and state law enforcement officers to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

“Evidently Obama didn’t get everything they wanted from the Supreme Court, so they decided to retaliate against Arizona,” Arpaio said.

The administration decision was announced following the Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s State Bill 1070. ICE officials in Washington notified Arizona that ICE agents no longer will respond to calls for assistance from Arizona state or local law enforcement officers regarding illegal immigrants unless the person in question is a convicted criminal, was caught in the act of crossing the border illegally, or is known to be a repeat illegal border crosser.

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