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VP Choice Energizes the Conservative Movement: Paul Ryan is the right man for the job!

I don't know about you but I feel excited, hopeful, and more confident today after hearing the announcement of Mitt Romney's Vice President running mate. Paul Ryan 'gets it' as a mid-westerner raised in a middle class home, Ryan embraces hard work, understands budgeting and making your dollars count. Ryan is a super-star in Congress. Mitt Romney and Ryan's financial plan for America is a winning plan that will take America back to stronger middle class, repealing Obamacare, bringing the poor to middle class, they will foster job creation.

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I couldn't be more happy today with this long anticipated announcement.

As more Americans work harder we will succeed and lives will improve.

As Ryan said today, "America is more than just a place, America is an idea, it's the only country founded on an idea. Our rights come from nature and God not from government! That's who we are that's how we built this country, that's what us great and that's our country. Government by the consent of the governed!"

The team promised not to duck the tough issues they will lead, they won't blame others they will take responsibility. They won't replace founding principles they will re-apply them. They promised to honor us.

Ryan stated that "we can turn this thing round"

(speaking about the people).

Romney and Ryan: America's comeback team!

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Yes agreed.

Go Mitt and Ryan.  Together you will give us the country that respects "US" and listens to "US", WE THE PEOPLE!!!

Paul Ryan..Fantastic choice..He understands that Medicare will bankrupt America. This socialist/single payer plan has been fought by conservatives since 1965. The problem he has is going to try an convice under 55 year olds to pay into a system that provides much better benefits to the plus 55 year olds and in return get a voucher to go buy health care from an insurance company that has much greater restrictions that a medicare patient. He will see the light and on Feb 1 ,2013 will shut down SS/Medicare system completely , no more SS/Medicare taxes for individuals/companies( that is 7% of wages) and have parents/families decide for themselves what insurance to buy and get Uncle Sam out of the SS/Medicare ponzie process.He understands that Socialism Security , which we payed into to support our parents  and Medicare that we payed into to support our parents will now bankruput America and we should not burden our children to pay ours.. Put the responsibilty back on familis where it belongs. Its about time a conservative stood up ..let families rule..

Most of the under 55's I talk with do not think, as things are going now, they will ever collect a penny from Soc Sec when they are ready to retire. Quite a lot of them are in favor of the voucher least the ones not brainwashed by the socialist professors in our universities.

The point is to get Uncle Sam out of this mess..Let those folks keep their money , support their parents and provide for their familes ..7% in their pockets ,companies pay 7% less in taxes ( bringing taxes down to 28% for companies) and for companies to be more competitive get them out of the health care process. What is good for American companies is good for America. 

Paul Ryan has over 75% conservative voting record throughout his time in Congress. Of course, the media is already in attack mode about his voting record on a few things that I"m sure He can explain. Yet, he is a very good choice.Hopefully, he will make the Romney campaign a whole lot better.

Michael Savage came out against this pick because the MSM and the "ignorant masses" ie minorities will twist this as 2 white men and all the slander that goes with that - perhaps Romney should choose more cabinet members - put Allen West as Secretary of Defense etc - Savage is probably right - too many young people and minorities are ignornant of what Obama is - Romney needs to get in touch with all voters..

Baloney, that is just more political correctness BS and that is what got us into the mess we are in now.. I have no problem selecting anyone for a job be that person black, white or polka dot just as long as that person is the best for for what ever job it is that they are going to fill, but to fill it with a person of color just for that reason not no but hell no !!!

I am estatic about Romney's pick for VP, he is a down to earth, compassionate, understanding, and determined to help Romney get us out of this horrible depressing jam we are in.  I now do not feel it is hopeless, I now have determination and feel confident in th USA. Now all we have to do is replace the Senate with a majority of Republicans, and maybe we can get our USA back to what our forefathers wanted for us.

Ryan would be a great candidate to head the Fed or the budget office! But to run with a RHINO marks him as the same cast! Why not pick a firbrand like Aleen West! Now, that choice would have curled pelosi's ugly little toes! West, the one man to go head to head with Odumbass and his scurvy bunch!

West would have been good as would Rubio and a couple of others that I could name, but it isn't, it is Paul Ryan and he to is good, extremely smart and not afraid of confrontation with the muslim/marxist Obama.. So get off your crap and lets move on and win this election !!!

Ryan was the right choice because of where his expertise is and that's the economy... that is the most pressing issue and concern to MOST Americans... I think Mitt's choice is Spot on!

They would have torn him and West to shreds..they would have done the same to west has they did to Cain... any black person running against would be cast as the republicans trying to win black voters... and Dems would have used this as a bad thing...

Ryan is the right person for the job.


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