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I am not happy with our president but whether you like President Obama or not that was not a nice thing to do to a guest.  Would you do that to a guest in your home?  Would you invite someone you don't care about into your home to just embarrass him?  I hope not--it about values and respect for one another.  Shame on the Queen. We will never have peace if everyone continues to treat each other with disrespect and hate.

Exactly, there are sacred things, like our flags, Nations Anthem Hymnals; resting places of our dear ones, and no matter whom, if anyone is disrespectful to our sacred holy things, he/she might meet a correct response from a citizen who cares.

Sandra, it is shame on Obama! The POTUS should KNOW better! All the previous Presidents did!

Obama was the guest of the QUEEN OF ENGLAND and hundreds of years of protocal and tradition!

It is called RESPECT for your HOST! He had NONE for the Queen or for her country!! He got disciplined the way I would discipline a guest for being DISRESPECTFUL to me and my traditions!

Yes, Diane you are right. I have overlooked petty things ,unintentional things by guests in my home , but let me tell you that I don't take being disrespected at all. Those who have done that left my home with haste and a red face.
Right On Diane Brinkley thank you!



1st:  he is using something to read from to get his 60 second opening statements made...he is holding in his hands.

2nd:  he attempts to toast QE while standing for their national athem....she "snubs him" and then looks away  he stands there with his glass out to her...

3rd:  He continues to talk to her and the entire group WHILE the national athem is being played....


Need say more?

Thanks, Donna. I got his reading from cue cards, but I wasn't thinking about his early start with the toast. Sometimes I'm slow, sometimes I isn't.

Notice the sophomore in chief cannot come up with a sincere thought on his own, he has to read the crap off note cards...guess they wouldn't set up his teleprompters for him.
The American voter gave him the authority to make an ass and a garbage pile of the USA! And large numbers are ready to give him 4 more years. So as Forest Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does"! Enjoy  the standard you set America! You are the first generation who have voted to go to a lower standard. It is costing and is going to cost you, your kinds and their kids for generations to come. Today those who voted wrong should see and enjoy the fruit of their labor.
Just another round of mistakes at the Obama Protocol office!

Well GEE WHIZ I'm out of the country right now and blocked by company firewall to the ZERObummers GAFF. I am also struggling to explain to folks here why he is in Ireland looking for his ancestrial roots when they all lay claim to him here because they think his ancestrial roots are deep in the heart of Africa. Is he trying to disown his people and his heritage????

It sure would be fun to intercept his teleprompter and rewrite a few of his speeches for him.

At any rate it's a given. If his lips are moving he is probably still lying.


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