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It's so great to see our University supplying the US with strong conservative leaders....NOT! Unfortunately is quite the opposite. What are your thoughts? How do we reach young people? DD


The Svart New Face of US Socialism

Submitted by Trevor on June 28, 2011 – 12:09 am EST New Zeal Blog 

Maria Svart

The U.S.’ largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America, has a new National director – Maria Svart.

At 31 years-old, Brooklyn resident Svart, is probably the youngest National Director in the organization’s nearly 30 year history. She succeeded Frank Llewellyn who announced earlier that year that he was stepping down after ten years.

Maria Svart had been a member of D.S.A. since 2004. She first joined as a member of the University of Chicago Young Democratic Socialists chapter and quickly became active at the national level, serving as the feminist issues coordinator on the Y.D.S. Coordinating Committee and then co-chair for several terms. Her campus activism, through Y.D.S. and other student organizations, focused on “feminist, environmental, immigrant rights, anti-war and labor solidarity work.”

“I grew up in a family that in one generation went from working class to middle class, and our combined experiences inform my political analysis.” Maria said. “My grandparents and parents achieved upward mobility by using the kind of government programs that DSA fights to protect and expand — like the GI Bill and other federal student loans. My immediate and extended family members are in unions (Mineworkers, Firefighters, Postal Workers, Teachers and other public employees) – in fact my.....Continue story at New Zeal Blog!

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Not a slave, her position makes her a Master.  I have no issue with her voluntary slaves, but I most certainly stand up and Declare Independence from both being Ruled and paying for others to be Ruled.


If they can't maintain their Master/Slave relationship on their combined salaries, then they will simply have to rethink their relationship.  The Consent of the Bought and Paid for must no longer be seen as the Consent of everyone.




Germany, which is, essentially, also a Democratic Republic, did not hesitate to ban the Nazi Party and propaganda of Nazism and yet keep being a Democratic Republic.

By a "mysterious" reason (is this so "mysterious" indeed?), the USA that presumably is also a Democratic Republic, did not ban Communist party nor propaganda of Communism, even though Communism poured a lot more human blood than Nazism.

You want to reach the youth?

Ban Commies in schools, colleges and Universities! Rehabilitate and laud Joe McCarthy loudly!

Joe was the ONLY American politician who foresaw the catastrophe we are experiencing due to Commies today.

You are right about McCarthy. He was a true patriot that lost the propaganda war with the communists in the USA. Read "Blacklisted By History"-a true account of McCarthy. The author spent 5-6 years researching de-classified FBI files of the era.

Parents, we need to teach our children at home and if you have a good Bible Doctrine church to attend and make sure they are loved.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old (mature), he will not depart from it.


you are so right communism use to be against the law, now you have movie stars bragging about being against the U.S Constution sean penn,danny glover and half of hollyweird, now we have to stop this muslim invasion too
I believe Joe McCarthy got the old (or new) Saul Alinsky treatment: demonize, lie and defuse the truth.  There may not have been commies behind every tree, but there were plenty of them imbedded in our government and certainly in our institutions of higher (matter of opinion) education. Just look at Ayers, Bill & Hillary.

That's easy.  Need to post photos of the TSA groping people with the caption "Thanks to socialism".  Then show mass graves and say "Thanks to socialism".  Then show the rustling industries and caption "Thanks to socialism".  Show bread lines and say "Thanks to socialism".   There are almost endless examples of how socialism has destroyed and it's evils.


As for colleges, they need to either kick out the fanatics or have their funding cut off.  That will change their tune.

Or children's books that have patriotic and factual information that the child can grasp.
Or grandparents like myself who teach their young grandchildren the REAL history lesson...that even honest Abe was not so honest...teach them the Constitution and allow them to learn exactly what their rights under it are.  You would be surprised how much they learn especially when it comes from grandmaw or grandpaw....we can make an imprint.

Hot flashes of cold reality, I think will be the only thing to wake people up.  Funny how she uses the GI Bill.  That to me isn't Socialism.  It is the way America says thank you to it's military.  Her mineworker family members will probably be out of work, since the environmentalists want to stop all mining.

I am afraid that stuff is going to have to happen that will show how bad Socialism really is.  


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