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The power of cosmetics

Unbelievable, the transformations are amazing!! Be sure you view all 3 cases!

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At least the horse looks like it has some class!!

The power of cosmetics does not seem to be working , nor the fairy dust , I still only see a horses a$$ . Maybe it`s my eyes .


                  GOOD ONE DARLA !!        May God be with you !

That is such an insult to horses' asses everywhere!

LMAO first, I thought, "Why is patriot.... interested in cosmetics?


That is the best post I have seen in a long time.

I sure hope polosi sees this!!! Its a Good one!!

Amazing what a little botox and cosmetics can do for you.

please stop insulting the horse like that

Thanks Darla!!! I really, really enjoyed it!

haha, i see a lot of you agree with my sentiments

The least u can say about her.  An insult to the j******, really.

It is truly amazing,  


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