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The Big Shots in Congress, Senate and Whitehouse want to get rid of the Gray Brigade

After hearing that the big shots want to cut back on social security and medicare to reduce the deficit, I wrote to John Shimkus. He didn't refute it. Instead he remarked and I  quote"

The annual Social Security surpluses that Congress has been spending on other programs will begin to dissipate.  The Trustees have stated that in 2016 these surpluses will disappear indefinitely. The federal government will then have to raise taxes or severely cut spending on other federal programs to pay out Social Security benefits. It is necessary for Congress to begin focusing on solutions to this problem.  Plans that include a savings element in Social Security would help to increase future retirees' financial security." 


Excuse me!  Did they not take our funds and place them in the General Fund to be used for their salaries, perks and their pet projects!  I would  like to see the Gray Brigade go after them for this?  Sue B. O'Dea

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Surplus's huh. This lying is entrenched in the fools we elected. It's a rip-off, and it's not the first one. 500 million at a time is not anything but fraud.
The thing that needs to be cut back is the obnoxious salarys of both the Senators and the Congressmen, not a one of them is worth the inflated salary and benefits they have awarded themselves.  Instead of taking a bight out of their own $250,000.00 a year extravaganza, they want to cut someone barely surviving on $12,000.00 a year Socialist Insecurity they paid into all the working years of their life.
Do you ever notice that it is always that well to do that get into politics? I watch and I see so much that is going on in DC. Once in politics they only get richer and we get poorer. We need to take some of what they earn away from them. If we have to add another amendment to our constitution then so be it.  They need to earn no more then our military men and women earn and if they don't want to have the job there are alot of folks that will take their place. You can always see through people especially if you follow the money. Why do you think the Lord stated "The Love of money is the root of all Evil"? It proves itself every single day! You can see it with governments people, movie stars, sports people. how many of them get into trouble pay a fine and walk away. Too many to count. I don't mind people making decent money, but some carry it a bit far. As well as some hurt people and countries as well and we know who that one is....  But your so right they should have to be on the same social secruity that we all are on. They should not be able to vote in their own raises either that should be done away with. The department of education should also be  done and over with. We need to pull in on our belt and they should have to do it too.

I've read 90%of the comments here and I agree with most of them.  But I'm a realist also.  Yes we need to monitor and cut Congress' salaries/benefits etc, since in most cases they are all so wealthy anyway...but how do we do it?  THEY are the ones who pass the laws.  We need an avenue to do these with.  The government:  the EPA funds every state with money to do it's job whether it's enforcement, air quality, water etc...yet we still have 10 Regional offices located across the U.S., each with about 800-900 federal employees and another 400 or so contractors....this should be eliminated, let the states do their job.  The DOEducation?  kill it, it is hardly worth the money we sink into it.  The GSA?  Kill it, most agencies can get their own contracts etc, this agency has outlived it worth, years ago.  HUD?  Please give me a break.  This is an agency created for black americans to have a job, its worthless, does not accomplish anything.  The DOEnergy?  Again, this could be cut back severely, focusing on new energies it was suppose to do, some 30 or so years ago.  What have we accomplished with them?  We don't need someone to sit behind a desk thinking up ideas for America, when all they have to do is come to Germany or anywhere in europe to see what is being done here.  Foolish.  AID, a waste of taxpayer money because they cannot audit their funds they spend.  In Iraq and Stan, there is more money flowing into corrupt hands than into the infrastructure, according to the Army returning from there.  They are disgusted with what they see.  Let's see what else?  Yes, the Czars are out, defunded as is the White House's budget.  This ought to cut out the extravaganza Spanish trips by Her Highness, and cut her staff.  She'll have to make do with 3-4 people.  His Highness' budget is cut also.  If he wants to go somewhere he can spend his $400,000 salary. The heads of Agencies need to be held responsible for screw ups, none of this slap of the hand business. I'm tired of it. The ARMY IS GETTING READY TO ISSUE EVERY SOLDIER AN IPHONE AND PAY THEIR BILL.  JUust read it in the Federal Times.  Of course they have some no-nonsense reason for doing this, but all I see is a tremendous expenditure of funds "lost" iphones, "stolen" iphones etc., so I say let's cut back the military.  There is nothing wrong with putting the Army and Air Force back together again, their functions are overlapping anyway.  Every service has an Intelligence, payroll, budget, contracting, personnel, etc etc.  Cut back on the number of Generals, as years ago, the job was for a LtCol or Col, now has progressed up to Brig or Maj General.  I see so many Generals on the news it makes me sick.  While we're at it, I would like to see all civil servant jobs audited for grade creep.   Years ago for example a Congressional Liaison (a person who responded to a Congressman's question about something via letter) was graded as a GS-9 or 11.  There has been no difference in the job, there may be more work load, but this is NOT a condition that increases a grade; so today that person now holds a GS-13 slot.  And surely, you've heard all the crap about the feds and their salaries.  This "freeze" Obummer put on the feds is a hoax.  All he did was eliminate the potential 1.4% COLA....but the steps each year that a civil servant is qualified for each is 3% alone.  It is estimated that of 1.9mil feds, 900,000 will receive in-step increases.  Yeah it looked good on paper and for the public but it should have frozen everything.  Their salaries should be moved back to 2008 levels. These guys can contribute their fair share to the problems of America. If they don't like it they can quit and try to find another job that pays as good.  The FAA controllers tried this with Reagan.  After being fired, it took some 10 years to get their GS-14 jobs back.  You cannot strike in the government, as a federal employee. 

WE NEED TO CUT GOVERNMENT.  We need to cut grants to Universities.  We have Professors working on grants for their great salaries and not teaching in classrooms; their TA's are doing their work and I believe the students are suffering.

Ok, I've gone far enough to bore everyone, so I'll stop.  These things are all serious.  If these were taken care of, other programs could be properly funded.  If the government would remove all the crap they've added to SS, then it would survive just fine.  If they would kill the "agreement" they are working on with MEXICO for their citizens to be able to come here and get SS, our system would work fine.  And for sure I'm tired of hearing that the SS fund it almost gone when the Congress has conveniently forgotten the IOU's they owe to the SS fund.  Some of these things just boggle my mind as they seem to logical and common sense, yet these people in Congress are so wrapped up in getting reelected their focus is fuzzy.  We need to wake them up!  my 2 cents, thanks...and I hope many in Congress are reading this.

Dan-Before I read your post, added my 2 cents worth, just second post below yours; there's a couple more suggestions there!
JoAnn, not all well to do people as you have stated get into politics. I spent 31 years in uniform defending The United States. For all the 31 years my wife and I saved half my paycheck and invested it. I don't depend on Social Security for my living or medicare/medicaid for my wife and I. Yes, I have been told that I was rich but, I still walk around in blue jeans, western shirt and drive a pickup. I still do my own gardening, yard work and get my hands greasey working on my old truck. "O", and by the way, I did go up through the ranks in the Military from Private to Command Sergeant Major. Moral of the story is, if you plan carefully and invest your money wisely, one can retire and not have to worry a lot. My biggest concern today is Obama and the Demo-Nazi's in the present administration, plus the Progressive Democrat's and Republicans that are still sitting in the chambers of the Congress and The Senate.
You did well in planning and living your life prudently. If you depend on your military pension, work to make yourself independent of it also. I would hope that military pensions would be the last thing touched, but the reality is with debt and unfunded liabilities where they are, no government program is secure.
Hi Willliam I understand what your saying. I don't mean it in the way that your thinking those that have worked hard and saved. I applaudYou it is  the ones  that once they get in say like Ried and Pelosie and the rest of the rank and file. The ones that conveneintly forget to pay their taxes. Like Geintiner and the others that got caught in the act (Waters & Rangel)was another one. They keep on taking and they don't care... about where the money comes from. They just keep voting in more raises and living the high life...While others that work tremendously hard loose their homes and end up in debt up to their ear lobes. The regular mom an pop business that work to hire others. Their the ones that are hurting. And all the Libs and Dems care about is putting more taxes on the populace. To me what they have done to our country is nothing short of treason.  Pork Barrell spending has got to stop. By the way my hubby wares the same kinds of things Jeans and cowboy shirts and the hat too boot! We are just regular folk we don't ask for anything that we haven't worked for. We raised our kids to respect the laws of the land, then to find out that Obama and his radicals could care less about even immigration. I brought my X son in law into the country from Canada and jumpted through hoops for over 7 years to get it done right. So I say if I have to do such things then so should every one of the illegals in this country even if they have been here for years. Go home and come into our country the right way. And stop with the handouts.....
Some of you so-called-experts need to understand the reason jobs were out-sourced in the first place. It's the cost of outrageous contracts with unions. These contracts sometimes cost companies more money than the cost of making a product. And.....Obama is trying to force everyone to join a union or you can't work. Wake Up America!!!!! Look what Unions have done to our Education system. The President of the SEIU speaks on TV and cries for workers of the world to Unite. We have teachers here in California calling for our youth to protest in the streets against our government. We have two choices. (1) ignore them (2) or fight back. I choose to fight back for my family and this great Nation.

R. Ray:  I think it is more than union problems that triggered outsourcing jobs.

It was an orchestrated act by government.

I do agree that unions are a problem today.

In NYS the biggest lobbyist is the NYSUT (NYS United Teachers) and they are for the teachers not for the students at all.

We are tanking here too and this group supported the DREAM ACT.

We can't take care of the current citizens but now this?

They also advocate a human rights and a social justice curriculum.

Best they try reading, writing and arthmetic.  We pay alot for educating children but no return on investment -- high drop out rates.

NYSUT would like to see GLBT issues in schools:

Unions are encouraged to misbehave by union leader in charge, Andy Stern.

Watch for him to try and get his toe in China or India -- then see what happens.

You are not alone.

We all fear for our children and grandchildren.

Time we get on school boards and board of education committees.

It's one way we can turn the tide back to education and not issues that rightly reside in a family. (like sex issues, like go and follow the law and become a citizen)


Bob:  Oh wow -- you know.  I'm impressed.

Yes, my brother in law worked there for quite a while but lost his job when the place closed.

Troy Bilt employed quite a few people and they were very unhappy when this happened.

Perhaps the company is not doing as well as it did when in fact it was TROY Bilt.

Congress's "embezzling" from the social security trust fund has been going on since the very inception of social security (1935?) to the tune of over $7.5 TRILLION dollars!  If they had kept their "sticky fingers" off that money, social security would still be "secure"!  I started working and paying into the fund, at age 15 - -I'm now 73 and I'm STILL paying in, because I have to work a part-time job, to "supplement" my "social security" income and make ends meet!  And Congress STILL CONTINUES TO STEAL FROM THE TRUST FUND!  We've heard "talk" for years, about a "lock box" for the trust fund, but that's all it is, just "talk"!  And now THEY WANT TO STEAL THE REST OF IT??  Congress should be forced to pay back every last dollar from the "general fund", cut their own "over abundant" salaries in half, pay that half back into the trust fund, then ELIMINATE their own "overly generous pension plans", pay into social security and collect from SS when they retire.  Aside from that, there are MILLIONS OF OTHER GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, WHO DO NOT PAY INTO SOCIAL SECURITY.  Instead, they also get "big, fat retirement plans" (paid for with our tax dollars); cut that crap and make them pay into SS as well!  The social security trust fund would recover, very quickly, if that kind of action were taken.  Hope someone will INFORM John Shimkus the problem can be easily solved WITHOUT robbing from retirees, who have paid into a "mandated savings plan" to "secure" their old age!  HA


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