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After hearing that the big shots want to cut back on social security and medicare to reduce the deficit, I wrote to John Shimkus. He didn't refute it. Instead he remarked and I  quote"

The annual Social Security surpluses that Congress has been spending on other programs will begin to dissipate.  The Trustees have stated that in 2016 these surpluses will disappear indefinitely. The federal government will then have to raise taxes or severely cut spending on other federal programs to pay out Social Security benefits. It is necessary for Congress to begin focusing on solutions to this problem.  Plans that include a savings element in Social Security would help to increase future retirees' financial security." 


Excuse me!  Did they not take our funds and place them in the General Fund to be used for their salaries, perks and their pet projects!  I would  like to see the Gray Brigade go after them for this?  Sue B. O'Dea

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George Edward Danz commented on Eric Odom's blog post POLL: Should We Join the Movement to Defeat John Boehner as Speaker of the House in January?
"It's nothing short of Liberal Fascism.  Doubt it?  Read Jonah Goldberg's book by the same title.  We certainly have drifted from the Representative Republic that we were given but have shirked and lost."
1 minute ago
Terry Meyer commented on Eric Odom's blog post PATRIOT CAUCUS PRESENTS: "How The Obama Stole Christmas" (VIDEO)
"Ain't it the truth!!!"
7 minutes ago
Richard J. May posted a blog post
Since the most recent protests and racial strife began, President Obama has done virtually nothing to ease tensions. Instead of acting presidential, and calling for peace and calm, Obama has taken it upon himself to seemingly stoke the fires of unre…
17 minutes ago
Ralph V. Cutolo posted a blog post
Openly Admitted, (FACT!!).. That Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio acts more like the leader of “a f- -king revolution” than a city, police union president Pat Lynch said at a recent delegate meeting.“He is not running the City of New York. He thinks he’s…
21 minutes ago
Jon - 9th Cong. Dist. Coord. commented on Eric Odom's blog post Is the President of the United States an Active Enemy of the State?
"I have realized recently that because I am a passionate individual, others have mistaken that passion for anger - ie: emotion - which, to me, reveals that some people you try communicating with about your concerns believe that, to be without passion…"
30 minutes ago
George Gribben, Jr. commented on Eric Odom's blog post POLL: Should We Join the Movement to Defeat John Boehner as Speaker of the House in January?
"I say AMEN to your comments also Jim. I have been trying to spread the word for a few years that the Speaker of the House should be replaced. He has bowed to the Democrats on about every issue that has faced him. He is a Rhino. The same thing goes f…"
33 minutes ago
Roger O'Daniel left a comment for Randy Fedric
"Welcome Randy.  Thanks for the friendship request."
43 minutes ago
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