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So, Who Is Your Choice for the Republican Presidential Candidate




You know the list of potential candidates and you've been studying their positions.  Now is the time to tell us who your favorite is at this point. Who would make a good solid VP candidate for your candidate? What position does your candidate stand for that makes you think he or she is the best person for the job?  Give details!  You may have information that another member hasn't seen or considered...educate us all on your candidate's positive traits and their platform.



On this thread we want to see only positive information, if you trash another person's candidate, your post will be removed.  I'm going to open up a thread for the 'worst possible candidate' can add any negative comments there. 

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I like Sarah Palin, but she hasn't declared yet.  The Republican Establishment don't like her, though. 

Can't wait for the "Worst possible Candidate"

Good choice Lela, Sarah Palin another Ronald Reagan.....When she starts campaigning for her self with no restraints, she'll be great.....
Mike--I'm thinkin "Ronald Reagan, in a skirt and lipstick"!!  A ticket that reads Palin/Bachmann OR Bachmann/Palin would be my absolute dream ticket!  We already know where those ladies stand and I do believe Sarah will work to improve her illegal immigration standings, we already know she's a conservative American Patriot - -who doesn't use "double-speak-mode"!  Michele Bachmann is just plain, down to earth, Patriotic American with a sensible approach to fiscal sanity, or as I like to refer to it - -"Economics 101".  They both are concerned with America's defenses and our "image" here and abroad.  There's a longer list, but it would be redundant and boring.
I would love to see Sarah Palin as our President.
SARAH PALIN shes our next president.  GOD BLESS SARAH...
what anit 2nd amendment record? I would like to see that link please...
Ava, If you know anything at all about Juan McLame is that he continually harps on "loopholes"  at gun shows that allow people to sell or buy firearms there without undergoing the red tape of the paperwork that regular dealers have to comply with in order to sell you a firearm at their regular place of business. YOUR firearm is YOUR property and there is nothing illegaal about selling to another or buying from a legal owner (providing it is legal in your state). The DEALERS at these shows do the same paperwork and make the same phone calls (background checks) they would make at their stores. The point here is that McAmnesty, along with many others like Chucky Poo-Poo Schumer want to close the gunshows. If you want more info on this, please contact the NRA's ILA, Tom Carter
Palin the quiter she has quit every office she has held
I like the way you think!

There is NOTHING Conservative about Christie so anyone who thinks to nominate him hasnt done there homework and has no IDEA what conservatism is!!!

You are so right about that Sharon!! He is a Conservative in NJ but not the rest of the country!!! Yeah, in a state that elects real Socialist Liberals maybe they see him as Conservative!! LOL
Why don't you trust Cain? Just curious.


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