You may have seen the video of High School kids shouting “We’re with Walker,” at Union thugs in the Wisconsin state capital. In true union fashion, the left is striking back, because there can be no dissenting opinions in liberal land.

From the Sheyboygan Press:

When about 300 Sheboygan Lutheran High School students and supporters piled into the rotunda of the State Capitol in Madison last Thursday after the boys basketball team clinched a trip to the finals for the Division 5 WIAA state championship, they had some time to spare.

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"Friday morning, we had a couple of nasty phone calls all of a sudden," said Jim Pingel, Lutheran's executive director. "People identified themselves as union leaders, protesters. They were passive-aggressive, menacing."


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Keep up the Good work and words, Kids!

Down with the union Thugs!

Great!!!!! Love the basketball team.Praise to everyone of them. This is exactly what we need to do.

That's exactly what these liberal/Commie losers need, a little opposition to their communist agenda.

We want America and our Constitution to STAND STRONG.........

I agree with Cheryl.  At least these young people have their heads screwed on right and can see through the thugs.  Way to go kids!!! 

Students who represent how the majority of us feel about the union thugs and their tactics.....HUZZAH!!!!!

Wow, kids that can and do think for themselves!!  Very good, they and Walker have my support!

Great . . . Great . . . Great!    Kids are becoming aware of the jeopardy our nation is in.

America is awakening but, unfortunately, we still have to deal with Union Thugs, Code Pink and other aberrations of society.

When will the Thuggery on the Left, simply look in the mirror . . . . and realize how unAmerican they truly are?

Though I have no particular affection for private schools since so many appear to be elitist, I glory in the spunk of those supporting Gov. Walker in Wisc.  Perhaps, sadly, only private schools could do such a thing.  More need to chime in.


These are NOT  elitist kids!!!  These are CHRISTIAN    WELL  PARENT   INFORMED  KIDS. 

You make the mistake of taking well behaved kids for being arrogant and cold. These  kids are ones that get discipline and more attention to their good behavior from parents.   They are reserved and notably well trained versus, over indulged and impolite.  The parents are also more christian in nature with no thought of  corruption, or taking advantage of others.  These are christian trained people from generations back. This behavior is  one that is unforunately not too common today and stands out among the "push and shove" crowd.

Study them well and try to emulate them.  This is what God meant His people to act like, not like  the "sheep" he called us. 

Amen to that!! B.E.Jenkins-GA

Thank you for your kind words about these students, Phyllis!!! I happen to be an alumnus of a Lutheran school, as are my husband, son and daughter. If I was living in Wisconsin right now, you can bet I would have been right there standing shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Lutheran Christians!!! We must no longer be content to be the "Silent Majority!!"

In Christ,

Rosalyn Henze

It's going to get ugly.  I think it was bo or maybe a UT (union thug) that said, "If they bring a knife, we'll bring a gun."  Liberals can't stand resistance and will intimidate more violently as resistance rises.  The union has reacted with gunfire  more than once in our history.  And the same can be said of muslims. Both union thugs and muslims are in bo's "civilian army equal to the United States Army."  Leader of the resistance to thugs should become a little paranoid about answering the door at home unarmed.  If you know any law enforcement officer, check to see if they answer their door unarmed. (All that I know answer the door ARMED)  Friends wont mind, enemies, who cares what they think.  It's survival mode time.

IT WAS bo, and as usual, he got a press pass.


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