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Some of them just don't care what the will of the people is.

Intelligence indeed is not a requirement for politics.  It is not a requirement for voting either.  The fools of the state of Oregon re-elected Senator Wyden, one of the worse, most liberal members of the senate.  This has apparently emboldened Senator Merkley who is just as bad as Wyden, to continue with the foolishness as usual.  Both of them are confident that the cities of Portland, Salem and Eugene will stuff enough ballots into the box to keep them in office indefinitely.

Do they fly in private aircraft or in commercial aviation?

I would not want anyone else on the plane but if theirs were to "mysteriously fall out of the sky" it would be fine with me.

May they both suffer for being a part of such low down malfeasance.

Not all of us, some of us worked very hard to fire Wyden, however l guess, not hard enough

Understood Mike.


I really doubt that more people voted for Wyden.  My suspicion is that in those three cities, there were people voting multiple times.  We will probably continue to have this until we do away with the mail in voting.  Can you just picture some leftist professors in the student Union there at Lane Community College and Oregon University supervising students manufacturing truckloads of ballots compiled from lists garnered from the cemeteries across the state?


It would also help if more deep rural people were to vote.  I've been told that in some of the extremely rural places the folks figure that its a foregone conclusion so they don't even bother to vote.  Believe me, we need every one of us to get out and vote.


D.J.  A recount for Kitzhaber?  This is the first I've heard on it.  I'll check.

What group is this Kat?  Merkley is supposed to be in till 2014.  If we can remove him two years early I'd like to be in on it.
Yeah we have 2 here in N.Y. state that i hope are on  the same plane

That's Nothing...we live in harry's State.  With all the shinanigans he pulled, union-backing (in Vegas), prominent Rinos, and the fact that the RNC and Mr. Steele did Not wholeheartedly get behind Sharron Angle,

it is no wonder he "won"!!!


Put him on that plane.....

Oregon does not have the market on stupid. Look at  Washington State. Those who live in Seattle put Murry back in office. Murrey and her sidekick (the gov.) are the biggest threat to the 2nd amendment  in this country. Just last year  Washington State tryed to declare weapons with the ability to fire five repeating rounds or more be declared illegal in this state. This law as it was written would require the citizen of Washington state to give up their weapons. When that did not fly-- they reworded a section of the law to say--- Citizens of the state of Washington could keep the repeating fire guns if they signed a paper allowing  law in forcement officers to come into their home once a year to check and see that the guns were stored correctly. And they put her back in Washington where she voted yes on every issue put in front of her ??
The presence of any semblance of intelligence disqualifies anyone from becoming a Democrat.
David, At least the 23 democrats up for re-election in 2012 have not forgotten. The "shellacking" in the November 2 midterm election is still freshly implanted in their memories. They may not be so willing to blindly follow Reid's agenda since they know the American citizens are angry and VOTED to stop such ridiculous spending. The House controls the funding, and Harry Reid lost his partner in crime as Nancy Pelosi no longer has the clout as Speaker. Hopefully Nancy also lost the use of the Air Force jet she used continually and abused the privelege granted her. Boehner said he would continue to fly commercial flights as new speaker. I watched news earlier today where one new congresswoman drove her car all the way to Washington from Wyoming. Many newly elected head to DC to CUT the spending and already are leading by example.

Excellent observations, especially the final comment, last sentence.

However, my feeling is the "shellacking" would have been even more effective if it had been tar & feathers instead; we should revert to that method if this persists and hold out a rope as a last resort.

For all those who are already under the gun from this regime, any of the above shows magnificent restraint; but the machinery is grinding out more woes by the minute, at 35B$ per day. Another great wave of state-rape may well bring out a massive response of the worst in human nature as retaliatory understatement.

Once the law had become perverted enough to use as a weapon against the people it is of no use for their protect either, they need to get the true smell of that in their last moments.

We can go after the other suicide terrorists after that.

Apparently, they didn't learn anything yet. I know the two dems from Iowa who are still in power will not be there long. God does have something to say about all this, and they can run, but can't hide from Him. All the things that the dems are trying to do is defy God and spit right in the face of Right. How long do we have to put up with them? Well, we are one day closer to the Rapture. They will have the country all to themselves until the ilk of Obama come crashing down on them during the Tribulation. That will be seven years of hell on earth. Then the real hell begins...but never ends.


These dems don't know their Bibles at all or they would know they are doomed. Just pray for them, and vote them out!


O.K. Kathy,

I pray that their plane falls out of the sky.

I pray that a meteor falls from space right onto the Senate Chamber while they are all in there but before any Republicans step in.

I pray that Usurper obama slips on the basketball court floor and breaks his neck.

That will do it for now.  Don't want to get too bad here now do I?


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