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Palin would make an outstanding POTUS!.... respected in Europe and elsewhere just because of her "persona" (unlike Hillary's)... so, why isn't there a serious movement to include her as a "write-in" at the Brokered Convention? Have we become so cowardly that we let the liberal Democrats dictate the rhetoric? Don't conservatives have an ounce of self-respect to fight for the good of the country, instead of thinking "he's inelligible" or "I just don't like him"... statements made with a vacuous mindset.

Sarah Palin: Anyone but Obama in the White House

NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Palin doesn't sound too gung-ho about Mitt Romney as the GOP presidential candidate, but she insists that anyone is better than Barack Obama in the White House.

Anybody "would be infinitely better than what we have today," Palin said Tuesday on the "Today" show.

Here's the TODAY show narration.............................

Palin joins 'Today' team against Couric on 'GMA'

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I also agree, even if I do understand and like Sarah Palin. She has the courage to say the right and tough things, and I admire her for it, but it is too late to try to convince a majority she has a place or a chance in this election. Dr Rowe's prescription fits our more immediate need to stop those trying to destroy our nation's foundations. I don't exactly like Mitt's politics, but I do believe he can and will begin the process of "healing our wounds" so we can get back on the path we should be on. There are enough of us, but will enough of us get behind our one nominee, whoever it is, and can we convince everyone we know to make sure they help by merely taking the time needed to go vote this commie administration and members of congress out in November? We can afford to do nothing less, because this is likely our LAST chance to get it right. We have to turn the heat up to stop all this corruption once and for all.

Gene-Merely because I don't "really" like Romney, rest assured, I will vote for him if he is the nominee.  He can "stop the bleeding", as Dr. Rowe suggested, especially if we give him a GOP Senate AND Congress that will work with him and "start the healing"!

  If none of you have read Sarah Roman's article, about "why" obama-soetoro is so "confident" of re-election, you need to find her site and read her article about SCYTL!  They are a Spanish based election software firm that has acquired our SOE election software- - Sarah didn't say so, but some have "speculated" that the "first spouse's" recent sojourn, to Spain, was, specifically, to confirm and "sign" that deal.

   Simplified, that means that our "November election results" will be "reported to US" by SCYTL???  Someone also mentioned that the CEO of SCYTL was ONE OF obama-soetoro's "larger" campaign contributors!  Now- - does this "suggest" anything to you, or anyone else here?

   To me, it SMELLS of an election "take-over".  It IS our "last chance" to "get it right", so I think we have to "turn the heat up" and JUMP all over our Congressional representatives, RIGHT NOW - -to make sure this does NOT happen.  If we have to go back to hand counted PAPER BALLOTS AND a "mandated voter ID" (in every single state), LET'S DO IT and let's NOT wait till tomorrow!


"She has the courage to say the right and tough things, and I admire her for it, but it is too late to try to convince a majority she has a place or a chance in this election."

...I, TOO, admire and respect Sarah Palin... BUT she lost a lot of respect from a lot of people when she decided not to run for President ~ many of us pinned our hopes on her!  SHE was by far the BEST of those who did decide to run ~ heck, the comparisons weren't even close... so THE BIG question I have, is WHAT was said to her that caused the "fire in the belly" to be extinguished?



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