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Remove a usurper; impeach a (legitimate) president

It appears that many don't quite grasp the difference between impeachment and Removal. I  have made comments about this often; thought I will post a thread on this so I can refer to this thread when anyone has doubts/questions about this.


So far, with the exception of Chester Arthur, who was an illegitimate president but was not known as such at the time he was the president,  no president has been illegitimate like Obama or whatever his name is. So everyone is confused as to what can be done to rid of him.  Many call for 'impeachment'. 

Congress can impeach a legitimate president when there is cause to deem the pres unable to discharge the duties of the president, and further  'convict' the president to have him/her removed from the office.  Then the VP will be the president.....    


In the case of 'impeachment', everything the impeached president has done stands. All presidential historical records pertaining to this impeached president will be kept.


What if the 'president' is not legitimate i.e. occupies the office without constitutional qualification, such as in Obama's case - he is NOT an article 2  natural born citizen, and is therefore  ineligible to be the president.  


Since he is not legitimate, congress cannot impeach him, because he was never the 'president' in the first place.  Just like an unlicensed (fake) attorney cannot be disbarred because he/she was never an attorney to begin with.


The constitution has provision that deals with the 'removal' of an illegitimate 'president'.  When congress determines that BHO is NOT constitutionally eligible to be the president, they will remove him because he is not qualified to carry out  the duties of the president.  All that he has done, signed, appointed, are illegitimate, so they will all be null and void.   The VP he selected is also 'null and void',  the supreme court judges he selected are 'null and void'.  It will be as if he has never been the 44th president. There will be no presidential historical record on him. 


Certainly after or at the same time he is removed,  he can/will be prosecuted for all his crimes!    


So one can see impeach is not an option.


He must be Removed so he is wiped out of history! And all his 'laws' and 'appointees' are null and void!

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