It appears that many don't quite grasp the difference between impeachment and Removal. I  have made comments about this often; thought I will post a thread on this so I can refer to this thread when anyone has doubts/questions about this.


So far, with the exception of Chester Arthur, who was an illegitimate president but was not known as such at the time he was the president,  no president has been illegitimate like Obama or whatever his name is. So everyone is confused as to what can be done to rid of him.  Many call for 'impeachment'. 

Congress can impeach a legitimate president when there is cause to deem the pres unable to discharge the duties of the president, and further  'convict' the president to have him/her removed from the office.  Then the VP will be the president.....    


In the case of 'impeachment', everything the impeached president has done stands. All presidential historical records pertaining to this impeached president will be kept.


What if the 'president' is not legitimate i.e. occupies the office without constitutional qualification, such as in Obama's case - he is NOT an article 2  natural born citizen, and is therefore  ineligible to be the president.  


Since he is not legitimate, congress cannot impeach him, because he was never the 'president' in the first place.  Just like an unlicensed (fake) attorney cannot be disbarred because he/she was never an attorney to begin with.


The constitution has provision that deals with the 'removal' of an illegitimate 'president'.  When congress determines that BHO is NOT constitutionally eligible to be the president, they will remove him because he is not qualified to carry out  the duties of the president.  All that he has done, signed, appointed, are illegitimate, so they will all be null and void.   The VP he selected is also 'null and void',  the supreme court judges he selected are 'null and void'.  It will be as if he has never been the 44th president. There will be no presidential historical record on him. 


Certainly after or at the same time he is removed,  he can/will be prosecuted for all his crimes!    


So one can see impeach is not an option.


He must be Removed so he is wiped out of history! And all his 'laws' and 'appointees' are null and void!

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More from New York Congressional Candidate Anthony Tolda

New York Congressional Candidate Anthony Tolda Explains Annulment Process Once Obama is Removed from Office. ObamaRelease YourRecords on 11:35 AM
As previously reported here, New York congressional candidate Anthony Tolda said Obama is the greatest threat America has known and for our Constitution to continue to exist much longer Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, must be removed from office. Mr. Tolda is running for the seat held by Democrat Steve Israel in New York's 2nd District. Below, Mr. Tolda expands on his previous statement regarding the "Usurper-in-Chief."

Via Anthony Tolda; So you are asking what happens after Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is removed via this annulment process?

A good question, and of course I have looked into this. As a result of this type of removal all federal actions taken under this administration would be null and void. This means all of the debt incurred, all of the executive orders, any bills passed, any and all appointments including, but not limited to the czars and Supreme court, and of course the healthcare bill. I don't deny getting out of all debt incurred to foreign nations is a complex issue, but even if we get rid of everything else and the debt stays it is well worth it.

Who becomes President and Vice President? Many people say well if we end up with Biden/Pelosi that's worse. First off nothing can be worse. Secondly they would only be a temporary lame duck fix during the interim period where an emergency election is held. Any actions taken by this lame duck administration would also be null and void just as soon as a legal President is sworn in.
The 08' Democrat ticket would be entirely null and void also, and they would not be able to run as a ticket, or split up and run with any other candidate as a ticket in the emergency election.
The process of the whole emergency election would need to be much quicker than a regular presidential election, and of course the military would have strict oversight of the temporary lame duck administration.

It has been said to me, well if you do this there will be riots all over America. Our people have fought and died for the principles of freedom from our founding till today. They certainly did not do this so that our Constitutional Republic could be held hostage by a small and misguided percentage of our population that has no regard for the rule of law. We have a police force, national guard, and a system of state militia for things like this, plus our individual second amendment rights.
America is the backbone of freedom for this world, and the consequences of our continued failure to bring this matter to justice are unfathomable to the bulk of the American people, and the rest of the free world for that matter. We need to get over this fear(for those of whom have it), as it is in this nations spirit to be fearless in the protection of freedom and liberty, and more of us ought to start claiming that spirit. We must do this not only for America, but for freedom as the world knows it.

I am not doing this for my own gain. I would love to see our elected officials do their duty to protect our Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic right now, and of course that means before I am sworn in. The odds of that happening are slim to none of course. I have faith however that if we pull together as a nation and put me into office I can lead the charge and work with many Republicans, and maybe even a few Democrats to bring this issue to justice. They will be more likely to listen after I am sworn in because they will know that the whole country pulled together to help me bring justice to America. I am friends with many Republican candidates, and I have a great faith that between some of them plus of course myself winning in November, and some of the incumbents that will finally get the message, we can make this happen..................
Let's remove him fast. How do we go about doing this? Who do we write to?
Let's get together to get him out of office. He's doing more damage every day.
Damn, I am so discusted with this administration I could chew nails. Jiggs

All written contacts have proven useless. It is time to descend upon them en masse to open their eyes, ears and mouths to meet our demands!

9/6 thru 9/9 'Usurpathon' at DC, focusing squarely on Obama ineligibility, the silver bullet that will remove the usurper. We must descend upon them in millions !!!

No more beating around the bush - lower taxes, less spending blah blah. Get rid of the usurper tyrant and the rest will fall in place.

Usurpathon detail

Please spread it far and wide to ensure a huge turn out.


Eligibility lawsuit is 1 of the ways, but they are extremely time-consuming. While we are waiting for that, we must do something drastic, earth-shattering and 'in their faces'! Massively descend upon them and refuse to leave until it is resolved!

Usurpathon! 9/6 thru 9/9 focusing sqaurely on OBAMA INELIGIBILITY , Detail here -

Just writing to them has proven to be useless. It is time to go onto earth-shattering , in-their-faces demands!

That is one of the ways we can hope to accomplish the removal of the usurper, ie. if the supreme court judges wake up to do the right thing for the country, instead of hiding behind 'separation of power' excuse, or all the 'standing' or 'jurisdcition' craps.

However, that is extremely time-consuming. While we are waiting for that, we must do something drastic, earth-shattering and 'in their faces'! Massively descend upon them and refuse to leave until it is resolved!

Usurpathon! 9/6 thru 9/9 focusing sqaurely on OBAMA INELIGIBILITY , Detail here -
Wow, terrific Claudia. Let thisbe an inspiration to all!
You may be right that he is not legitimately president. But there is a large contingent of people who support him being there, for whatever reason, symbolic, ideological, politico-economic, criminal....whatever. If his presence is a conspiracy, they, with their political and economic weight, choose to maintain the conspiracy. I thus question whether it is even worth the time and effort to try to remove him or impeach him or anything else. I mean, good luck getting his appointee, Eric Holder, to inititiate proceedings against him. That will happen when h*ll freezes over.

I think we may do just as well working hard to elect an opposition congress in November. I would feel more comfortable if Obama or Biden, or whoever else might be chief executive, felt beholden to congress.

The way things currently stand, Obama has a congress that supports his decisions.

We need to change this.

No one says it will be easy, but nothing is impossible.

Obama has made enemies everywhere. People are over-estimating the support he still has He is sinking his own ship. It is the biggest tragedy if we don't help to sink his ship faster by doing everything in our power to outright remove him.

Election election! Over-estimating again how having more Rs in Congress will do it!

1. The Rs don't want to remove the usurepr because it is too huge a task! They are lazy and don't want to implicate themselves. They just want to use us to regain their power to conduct business as usual.
2. How many truly conservatives can we realistically vote in?
What if we fail to 'TAKE BACK ENOUGH SEATS'? All that time and energy devoted solely to 'win election ' end up giveing them more time to complete the destruction! Rome is burning, can't afford to wait and see!

Not saying we won't work hard to win election (we can do both). It simply is unwise to put all your eggs into 1 election basket, considering what huge war-chest our enemies have in addition to their million tricks to steal elections!

the removal can be now,its is our military,secret service,FBI,if they dont they will be traitors just like the usuper.They took a oath to protect america.
You are right Chris. I keep hearing the same thing. It will never happen from so many. What ever happened to the great American spirit? We must move forward and never give up.

Just think where we might be if our forefathers gave up?
For quite some time, I have been recommending impeachment because I was not aware of the possibility of "Removal." The latter is ideal since I always felt he was an illegitimate or imposter president and felt all he did should be considered null and void. How do we go about this?
I have written a book UNTROUBLING A TROUBLED WORLD - PEACE 4 EVER and need a web-site to promote it. One idea in the book is to replace the IRS with a new tax system which would allow a huge tax cut to all who have normally been paying taxes and still provide as much or more to the Treasury as it now receives because billions of dollars of earnings now hidden would be taxed.
The book also has a health care plan that would make only the patient and doctor the ones to make treatment decisions and, at the same time, reduce costs and help build up a safe retirement income fund. It is too complicated to explain here, but the book is thorough.
I have been working with a web designer for OVER THREE MONTHS and they are still not ready with it. Can you recommend a web designer (how about the one who designed this one of yours?) so that I can get moving. I believe I have been dealing with Obama lovers who do not really want the site to come to life.

These posts on offer some answers on how to remove Barry Soetoro from the office of the President of the United States of America.



Why not John Tyler

Also not included is that John Tyler also authorised the drilling of American oil only by American companies only for American consumption where if his presidency was recognized we would already be on our way to oil self sufficiency.


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