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Interesting piece. Of course many have become dependent on a program that has been promised to them their entire lifetime. The question remains, where can we cut? If we do not support major cuts to all areas this country will go broke and no one will receive their benefits. DD

by Brad Schaeffer

The anti-government “throw-the-bums-out” crowds have had their chance to speak out on how to curtail the deficit and what to do with those hated entitlements that are the antithesis of the America they pine for. A recent WSJ/NBC News poll provided a glimpse of just how dependent on big government entitlements Americans have become–even among the Tea Party. Not that this should be a surprise to anyone watching the slow shift of the American mindset from citizen, to consumer, to ward of the State over the past century.

According to the Wall Street Journal who co-sponsored the poll, “Americans across all age groups and ideologies said by large margins that it was ‘unacceptable’ to make significant cuts in entitlement programs in order to reduce the federal deficit.”


Read the rest of the story here then let us know your thoughts on this view point. Are you willing to cut medicare and social security to cut spending? Do you have another solution?


Share your ideas, thoughts and opinions with us below!

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defund the UN  planned parenthood and npr broadcasting for starters and get rid of his czars until we can vote on them..


And defund foreign aid, especially to country's that don't even like us!
AGREED!!!!   Charity needs to to begin at least in this rotten economy!
You said it Anne.
Agree 100% with Pamela and Robin, Foreign aid should be voted up or down by each country not one big block grant to the world as is our current practice. Welfare needs to be cut from credit/debit cards to vouchers for basic food/clothing and medical items. Produce our own energy which we have in abundance and tell the arab to stick theirs where the sun doesn't shine. Think of the jobs and commerce this would create. Put the D.C. country club members (House and Senate) on Social Security like the rest of us or make them pay into their retirement fund. Cut the hundreds of overlapping federal agencies which alone would balance the budget and, by-the-by, let the voting public vote on a balanced budget requirement. If our representatives would listen to their constituents, we would already have a balanced budget requirement.Also let the pay for their medical care as I do mine which just went up $134.00 per month thanks to OBUMMER.
Michael,  I Think you about covered it...

Michael, you're right.  And I agree with Pamela and Robin too!!  Let's add one more that people tend to forget, defunding all payments to the UN and kicking them out of this Nation.  They would like the "climate" in Baghdad or someplace like this better anyway.  We need to get away from that organization completely. 

And - DARLA,  why should we have to cut funding to Social Security and Medicare /Medicaid when we can balance the budget just by going back to a LIMITED FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!  Let SS and Medicare continue and collect all the loans that the Fed stole from them.  Then limit the Fed to funds for defending our our military - - - cut out the gifts and aide to other nations - - - the Fed should also maintain the Fed highway system (US # highways) and the basic bare bones infrastructure for this Nation.  That would automatically defund the Planned Parenthood and ALL other special interest organizations in this Country.  Talk about balancing the budget!!!   All other government would revert to the States or Cities in the Country. 

Again, DARLA why would we need to cut back on SS or Medicare?  We just need to limit our "help" to our own citizens and eliminate the handouts to any who are not or cannot prove that they are citizens!



The Medicare system lends itself to waste and fraud.  Each person needs to be responsible for his own medical decisions and that won't happen unless he's paying the bills with his own money.  We need to turn this system upside down.  My husband has Medicare and I've observed that doctors will order unnecessary tests etc. with a lavish hand as long as it will be paid for. 

   When it comes to Medicaid for the poor, care should only be available from one entity which has a budget they must stick to.  We have a Center for Family Health in our city, funded by grants and government aid, which charges people what they can afford and takes Medicaid.  They provide basic care, no frills, and do a very good job.  Using clinics like this would reduce the potential for fraud.

Pixie I agree with you.  The Government Stole the money from the Social Security Fund (And Obama would now like to national all retirement funds (that have anything left in them), then they would do the same thing with those funds that they did with Social Security.  President Bush tried to reform Social Security in a responsible manner.  I remember well the Dems fearmongering by saying He wanted to take away Social Security.  They also had the gall to say Social Security is doing fine, just leave it alone, just like they said when President Bush and John McCain warned that Fannie May and Freddy Mac were in grave danger.

If they want to phase it out it needs to be done in a responsible step by step method.  But as the popular example says, "They just keep kicking the can down the road".  Folks we have just about reached the end of the road, and adults are needed in Washington D.C. to fix the problem.  Adults would shut off the news and not listen to all the polls, and just do it and let the chips fall where they will. The problem is we have people get elected and instead of doing anything, spend all their time and effort on campaigning for the next election.  Then we need to reign in their salaries and benefits, and get term limits.

Don't trust Obama with all retirement funds. Oh, that is a scarey thought. He could steal it all.
You all have great ideas.  We could balance the budget with just ONE CUT!!  Get all illegal immigrants out of the country and the savings of what they cost us would balance the budget!!  The rest of the cuts are good and could help us pay back our debts.  There are several "departments" within our Government that could be closed and save lots.  HMMMM How about the EPA, Energy Dept., redo Welfare, stop all payments to United Nations, and kick them out of the country, sell government owned business' to private owners, do away with special cuts, loop holes in taxes for individuals and business.  Penalize companies that send work overseas. Everyone pay the same taxes (even General Electric and others like them).  Use the oil and other natural resources GOD gave us and stop importing.  We paid into SS believing we could retire on it, so let's not stop it.  Put the retirement of Congress in with the SS and have Congress paying into SS as the rest of us have and do.  That would balance SS for everyone and regardless what Congress members do throughout their lives their retirement would be there just as yours and mine is.  Wouldn't even be a bad idea to include the President, Cabinet, and everyone who collects Government paid retirement.  Limit President, Congress and everyones travel paid by the Government.  Cut out or at least down on "after office" Secret Service protection for everyone!!  Limit personal positions for President and First Lady unless they pay for them out of their personal funds.  As you can see I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  With cuts along this line we could balance the budget in no time and be making headway on the $14 trillion we owe.  We have to take a strong grip and stick with it!!!  Join the TEA Parties and help make it come true!!  We are making headway, but have a long way to go and we need all the help we can get!!  We are beginning to make "believers" out of Government paid employees.  We must NOT stop now!!  Put the pressure on your employees -- the state and federal employees YOU have helped elect.
Excellent solution. Put 7 million Americans back to work.


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