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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she'll announce her intentions for the White House in late August or early September.

Palin told Fox News' Sean Hannity Wednesday night that she thinks she could win a campaign against President Barack Obama, a sentiment first reported in a Newsweek cover story.

Palin says she would campaign for a candidate with "good executive experience" and a "servant's heart" who wasn't so "obsessively partisan that they can't just do what's right." At the moment, though, she says she doesn't see that candidate in the Republican field.

Palin says she's thinking about offering herself up "in the name of service," confident that she has "common sense, fiscally conservative, pro-private sector policy experience and ideas that can be put to good work for this country."

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Palin / West 2012  My dream team.  Two GREAT Honorable incredible human beings and American Patriots!!!  We need them! 
Mine, too, Victoria.  It would be an unbeatable ticket, and together they would do great things for America.

My prayers would be answered if she runs. We must stand against the media trying to control our votes.

I saw Sarah's Documentary and advise all to see. It shows how and why they are so afraid of her and why they go after her. She is my kind of women. She is for the people and will not be afraid to put more of them in Prison.

Her strength and devotion to America brought tears to my eyes and a fight in my heart. She makes me proud to be an American.

If we are smart we would unite like no other time in History, behind this great patriot. Once she announces we need to begin our power being seen as it was in our Tea Party events. We scared them then and should scare them again.


I suspect Sarah Palin will back another candidate, and help the candidate win the election in 2012.
Sarah, Sarah....we need you desperately.   I'm a 79 year old great grandmother and think you are the most extraordinary woman to enter the national political arena in my lifetime.  I hope to be around to see you inaugurated as the first woman President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States.  We are in a terrible mess as I knew we would be when that feckless empty suit was elected.   Of course, the worst part is he's so very dangerous due to the people who put him in office and everyone he has surrounded himself with.  Look at the awful mess he has made already.  I sincerely do not believe we can survive another 4 years of Obama.  It's the first time in my lifetime that I have been terriried for this country.
Run, Sarah, Run! And don't stop running until you are in the oval office!

Palin and Bachmann are solid conservatives. Latest sexist attacks against Bachmann include a fixation about what is in her medicine cabinet. I wonder what is in the medicine cabinet of Obama and the democrats? Lets see their doctors notes. How many men in Congress are given a hard time for leaving their chairs for prostate issues.

It reminds me of the bad old days when women were kept out of the professions because they did things like give birth to children andthat was used as an excuse to try to discredit them.

I would love to see Palin run, with West as Vice Presidential candidate!

Why not Bachmann? One reason I have is she voted in favor of extending 3 components of the Patriot Act recently. Which, if anyone has checked, is completely unconstitutional. If you would sacrifice your freedoms for security, you will have neither. See TSA.

Party label doesn't necessarily = trustworthy, as we've seen from the "debt ceiling debate".

I agree, that is my dream ticket also. among other things, the patriot, (or correctly, anti patriot) act, ad the tarp at the end of his administration, were Bushes two biggest mistakes, and the patriot act gave obutthead many of the powers he is now abusing.
I have always admired Sarah Palin.  She is a gutsy woman who does not seek others approval for her ratings.  She tells it like it is and most importantly she is a true Patriot.  She loves God, her family and her country.  She demonstrates her honesty, loyalty, integrity and moral values in her walk in life.  She is the type of woman that I would like my granddaughters to be.  She is a wonderful role model for all young girls. 

I think Gov. Sarah Palin would be the most transformative president in history.  But she has to run.

To encourage her, I am offering her a bribe.  I just sent this e-mail to her PAC.  If you too, want to encourage her to run.  Send your own bribe offer.

Best Regards


David Givens, Ph.D.



Governor Sarah Palin

P O Box 7711

Arlington VA 22207


Dear Governor Palin;


I have a bribe for you!  I have a crisp new $100.00 bill that I will send to an address of your choosing as SOON AS YOU ANNOUNCE AS A CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT.  You may use this money for your campaign.  You may save it.  You may spend it on beer and pizza.  You may do whatever you want with it.  I don’t care.  JUST RUN!


If you run, you will win.  You can be the kind of transformative president Reagan was.


Your country needs you.  When you announce, respond to this e-mail with the address to which you want me to send you C-note.  Thanks and


Best Regards




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