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One Word From Terrorist Organization CAIR and U.S. Military Caves ~ What in HELL Is Going On Here?


BREAKING NEWS!  The spineless and gutless  military caved to Hamas tied CAIR. GRAHAM

WASHINGTON – Christian evangelist Franklin Graham says the Army has withdrawn an
invitation for him to appear at a special Pentagon prayer service. In a statement Thursday, Graham said he regrets the Army's decision and will continue to pray for the troops.

Graham, the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, in 2001 described Islam as evil. More recently, he has said he finds Islam offensive and wants Muslims to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins.

A victory for CAIR and Major Hasan. Christians, Jews unite and fight!


Hate sponsor CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said, "Franklin Graham's appearance [at the Pentagon] has the potential to harm unit cohesion and morale through the promotion of distorted, intolerant and divisive views within military ranks." Is Awad threatening us with another Major Hasan Fort Hood jihad massacre? There is an implied threat.

The jihadist infiltrators are feeling emboldened. You ain't seen nuthin yet, brothers and sisters. The forces of darkness are pressuring
already compromised Pentagon
to cancel Franklin Graham. I hope Graham brings recent pictures of all the Christians and Jews murdered at the hands of jihad in Nigeria, Indonesia, Somalia, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, etc., about which CAIR has been diabolically silent.

It's OK for hateful and jihadist imams like Johari Abdul-Malik of the 911 terror mosque Dar al-Hijrah to give the opening prayer to the oldest elected state legislature at the state capital in Virginia, and
it's OK that Obama's inauguration prayer was given by the president of  a terror linked organization ... but Franklin Graham is the problem?

Franklin Graham is the solution. I pray he doesn't submit to Islamic thuggery and supremacism and retract, or that the mighty Pentagon doesn't quiver, cower, cry and cave to CAIR.

Here's the CAIR press release:

Action: Ask Pentagon to Drop Anti-Islam

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham claims Muslims 'enslaved by Islam'

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 4/22/10) – CAIR today called on American Muslims to join in the call for Pentagon officials to disinvite a scheduled speaker who has called Islam a "very evil and wicked religion" and this morning said Muslims are "enslaved by Islam."

Controversial Christian evangelist Franklin Graham is scheduled to speak May 6 -– the National Day of Prayer -- at the Pentagon. Military officials are considering whether to withdraw Graham's invitation after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation raised objections to his appearance.

In an interview today about the controversy on Fox News, Graham refused to revise his past comments that Islam is evil and claimed that Muslims are "enslaved by Islam."

SEE: Fox Hosts Franklin Graham Who Attempts to Convert Muslims Away from...

"To have an individual who calls Islam evil and claims Muslims are enslaved by their faith speak at the Pentagon sends entirely the wrong message at a time when hundreds of thousands of our nation's military personnel are currently stationed in Muslim countries," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. "Franklin Graham's appearance
has the potential to harm unit cohesion and moral through the promotion of distorted, intolerant and divisive views within military ranks."

Awad added that while CAIR supports the right of all American's to worship according to their personal preference and to follow the religious leader of their choice, Graham's message of intolerance and hate are not appropriate for a government venue such as the Pentagon.

In a 2009 CNN interview, Graham stated in part: "[T]rue Islam cannot be practiced in this country. You can't beat your wife. You cannot murder your children if you think they've committed adultery or something like that, which they do practice in these other countries...I don't agree with the teachings of Islam and I find it to be a very violent religion."

SEE: Franklin Graham Repeats Attacks on Islam (Video)

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Thats sad!!!! we are going to hell in a hand basket for sure if we do not stand up and protect everything that our Country is founded on.. GOD. God help us.
Bless you and your husband! My granddaughter will be going to Iraq this summer.
Im an American Christian born again loving my Jesus right here in the USA. When the muslims such as Barack Hussein Obama want to protect them and destroy America I will never call him president and America WAS a Christain Nation that has abandoned Isreal and will mak ethe ultimate sacrifice for its actions by the liberal muslim leftist. Zech 12:9

God bless from
The RIGHT people will stand up and we will be victorious over this Islam or Sharia Law and all who try to force it on the TRUE PATRIOTS of Our country founded ONE nation under GOD. GOD will Bless us!!! and everyone who stands up to this Murdering bunch of fanatics and the Quran says to pretend to be our friend and then Behead us! A muslim that is true to his religion CANNOT be a god American.... All I'm saying is It is not on;y the openly fanatical ones who mutilate womens genetalia and faces and rape and not only rape but gang rape and the disfigure and next stone them to death in a public display... Watch the ones who pretend to be your friend or the innocent looking one who walks into a Wal- Mart or whatever and sets down his hidden suicide vest and detonate it remotely!!! Just be wary Only believe half of what you see it's the other half that will get you in many ways1 I am not Racist or extremist or radical but I am a gun totin' bible reading god-fearin' disgruntled American Patriot. Ancestors Fought too Damn Hard for our country and will I fight damn hard to keep It!!! Period


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