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President Obama is calling it an “assault on unions.” ABC embraced a “Mutiny In America” and said “Cairo moved to Madison.” And NBC’s Brian Williams proclaimed that citizens are “rising up and saying no to some of the most extreme cuts in the nation.” All this in response to an effort by the Wisconsin governor to bridge a $3 billion budget shortfall by proposing modest cuts in healthcare and pension benefits to state employees.


“This is a statist uprising that is being fueled by leftist politicians and the leftist media,” says Grassfire Nation’s Steve Elliott. “Wisconsin’s governor is proposing that state union workers should pay a little more of their health benefits (from 6% to 12%) and media calls this America’s Cairo moment? This is outrageous.”


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DNC Caught Organizing in Wisconsin:

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Okay, so he is suing Arizona and now assaulting Wisconsin. Wow, what a guy!
YEAH.. Some guy.. or Chicken???
He's a Union guy.
This is part of his plan-----------Americans against Americans.
It's the long standing way of these people. Label everyone to group them accordingly, then pit the groups against each other.  Divide and conquer.

Unfortunately, it is not just Obama pitting Americans against Americans, it is Americans against Americans. This divide is evident in the basic philosophical differences between Republicans and Democrats in Washington. This is a country deeply split between conservative Constitutionalists and the emergence of Progressive Americans in the last century. This Progressive movement has consumed our educational system and has produced teachers that expect entitlements that far exceed the benefits available to the private sector. This is the result of local, state and federal government creating jobs instead of providing government services through a competitive private sector. We are at the precipice of a show down between Americans who desire the false security of big government and Americans who believe in the individuals freedoms as granted in our Constitution by our Founding Fathers. The two beliefs are not interchangeable and it is time for this country to choose which path it will take. As for me, "Give me liberty, or give me death!"            



Great posting and discussion of the TRUE ISSUE & basis of what Conservative Constitutionalists are fighting the current oppressive Federal, State and Local government over-reach that has been going on in America for too long.  Thanks for your clear discussion and truth.  

Thank you for the comment, it is time we all realize what is really ahead of us and where are battles lie.  "Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor" God Bless
Great analysis and revalation of the heart of the problem we face in this great nation. The sooner we realize the magnitude of our problem and commit ourselves to the hard choices to resolve these issues, the sooner we can reconstruct this great nation to what it was designed by our founders to be. 



Well put. I believe this is the civil war we will have

to fight. All of us here are in line with what we have

to do, it's the reminder of the citizens we need to

reach with the truth.



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