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President Obama is calling it an “assault on unions.” ABC embraced a “Mutiny In America” and said “Cairo moved to Madison.” And NBC’s Brian Williams proclaimed that citizens are “rising up and saying no to some of the most extreme cuts in the nation.” All this in response to an effort by the Wisconsin governor to bridge a $3 billion budget shortfall by proposing modest cuts in healthcare and pension benefits to state employees.


“This is a statist uprising that is being fueled by leftist politicians and the leftist media,” says Grassfire Nation’s Steve Elliott. “Wisconsin’s governor is proposing that state union workers should pay a little more of their health benefits (from 6% to 12%) and media calls this America’s Cairo moment? This is outrageous.”


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DNC Caught Organizing in Wisconsin:

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Viktor Kelvin replied to Viktor Kelvin's discussion PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION...
"Hi Larry,
You're right on target about Education, Illness, and Hollywood. The NWO uses Hollywood and Mass Media to shape (pervert) our perceptions of reality. There is an agenda behind everything, look for it! Physically we are poisoned on a daily b…"
7 minutes ago
Jeanna Green commented on Wes McKay's blog post Is This Their Idea Of Justice ?
"Thank you to Wes and Jack;
Hope your Thanksgiving was great.
I am just glad to see the bad weather has slowed if not stopped all the Riots in Ferguson.  This does not help those already effected by the criminals that cared not about anybody while th…"
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"Since Target became a "gun free zone" I don't go there anymore.
I'm afraid of getting shot."
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Marlene commented on Sera Wilson's blog post CIVIL UNREST IN AMERICA: #Ferguson How Far Does the Rabbit Hole Really Go?
"Move it to a country area vs city.  But, keep it in the US of A.  Keep American jobs American."
1 hour ago
flguy13 commented on Sera Wilson's blog post CIVIL UNREST IN AMERICA: #Ferguson How Far Does the Rabbit Hole Really Go?
"Thanks to these fools, we could lose a few thousand jobs in St Louis. The company that owns Budweiser might just shut down the headquarters of A Bush.
I just hope that they don't move their operation out of the country."
1 hour ago
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