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Obama to Medvedev: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

Obama Caught Telling Russian Leader To Wait Until After Election On Missile Defense

Obama: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."


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By the time election day gets here, there will be many that WILL vote for anyone just to remove Obama.Beware the write ins and independents because they will divide the vote and Obummer will slip right in like a butterbean.

Yes, it is presumptuous--unless he and his minions somehow have it (the election) in the "bag."

He is one selfish, out of control and dangerous POTUS!  He has got to go, and the American people must band together to see that he is not returned to any kind of office.


I think the Obama game plan will be to attack Iran just prior to the election, and then use that "crisis' as an excuse to declare martial law and suspend the election.  Here is why I believe this: 1. He acts like he has no idea that he is losing the election or like he could care less.  That, in spite of his being the most despised president ever and the fact that we know he is power hungry and narcissistic, so he will not lose without it being a big big deal to him. 2) He has stalled Israel in every way possible, to keep them from attacking Iran.  3) He gained political points from the killing on Bin Laden and wants to gain even more from attacking Iran.  And he really revels in the power of being able to kill people so easily and of starting wars so easily. 4) He is extremely narcissistic, which makes him very very power hungry.  Hitler and many other dictators have been narcissists.  5) He issued the EO that makes it possible for him to declare martial law if there is a war, just last week.  He set the stage for declaring martial law after attacking Iran, using the excuse that Iran will retaliate with terror attacks and that we will have to engage in a full-scale war. 6) He is a hard-line Marxist, and such people have no intention of allowing free and fair elections and have a love for war and the power that goes with it. 7) He is supported by George Soros and others who want to bring down America and by communists who have wanted this for decades.  How better than to create a crisis (which he loves to do), and use it as an excuse for martial law and, therefore, turning America into a dictatorship, with him having absolute power?

"Yes, it is presumptuous--unless he and his minions somehow have it (the election) in the "bag."

...WELL... I don't think 0 has it in the bag... if he did, or thought he did, then he wouldn't have to wait, or feel compelled to wait, until after the election.

He "Has it in the Bag" with ACORN allowed to run Rampant with their KNOWN and yet unchecked Voter Fraud.  And let's not forget the "New Black Panthers".  They got away SCOT FREE with Voter Intimidation.  And, who knows what OTHER tricks Obama has in his bag!

And just look at all the "New Tricks" Obama has pulled just within the past couple of weeks.  A good example is him jumping on the Trayvon killing in Florida ... and now ... look what is going on as we speak ... MASSIVE gathering of Civil Rights Activists ... AS IF they really HAVE something.  When in fact, the "Facts were NOT in".  And remember the college female who wanted FREE birth control, and when a Conservative talk show host says what MOST of America is already thinking ... they jump on it and CLAIM that Republicans are AGAINST WOMEN!!

Trickery is the RULE, not the exception, with Obama.  Look for more of it in the next six months.  Look for him to pull out every TRICK he has ... because without it ... he simply CANNOT WIN, and he KNOWS it!!

...TRICKS and fraud work best when no one is paying attention.  WE'RE paying attention now... not saying there won't be any fraud, but we'll be looking for it this time.  I'M SURE everyone has noticed how quickly what the Left says is debunked... they can't say anything without many people immediately doing a fact check... more people are paying attention now than ever before... I know of no one who isn't planning to vote, and vote Republican... and many of these same people voted Dem in 2008...

...IN order for obama to win in 2012, voter fraud will have to exceed 10%, and when the Supreme Court validates Voter ID, the advantage shifts to us...

I feel like anything that is suppose to be Confidential at the W H everyone involved in the Communist Circle knows about and knows just when to pull their dirty work with America.  I hope Obamma rots in hell.

Is he saying the others running now are just a cover and they already know he is going to steal the elections like he did the last time? Then why waste all the time and money.    To "Vote" for anyone who is already in "IS" a wasted "Vote" things won't change with the same people in office on or at any level.

Yet another example (as if we really need another example) of why it is so important to replace this guy in November, with anyone, even Mitt Romney.

Obama already ignores our laws, congress and the court orders.....and he will have more flexibility. I Think that is called a dictatorship. It is imperative that Obama is voted out for countless reasons. These comments give me the chills because if an American Citizen wanted to give away our missile secrets they would be put away for life(they call them spies)but Obama has already admitted he wants to give the missile key codes to the Russians! anyone home in Congress!

we have not seen the real Obama yet, if he is re-elected we will see the real evil this President can do.

Since he didn't have his teleprompter did he misspeak? Did he mean to say that this is the "last" election???


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