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Swing States are awaking from their lethargic, Liberal sleep...looking around...seeing all the debt, foreclosures, bankruptcy, inflation, businesses closing, the 36% unemployment...and they are saying "Is THIS what you get when you vote Obama, Pelosi, Reid & Lib, Inc. ?!!


Well, we have some more GOOD news-

Swing States Swinging In Romney’s Direction


The 2012 presidential race between incumbent Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney is predicted to be a much closer race than it was in 2008 with John McCain.  Many eyes are watching the numbers in key swing states and these may end up deciding the final outcome...

...For example, look at the numbers for Wisconsin.  According to the Rasmussen Report, Obama was leading Romney 52% to 41% in March.Last month, Obama’s lead shrank to a 49% to 45% lead.  In the latest figures released by them, Romney now leads 47% to Obama’s 44%...

...In Missouri, Romney now leads Obama 49% to 42%.

In Iowa, Romney has climbed from a deficit to a narrow 47% to 46% over Obama.

In one of the key swing states, Ohio voters are now giving Romney a narrow 46% to 44% lead over Obama.

I said recently that in the last 6-8 weeks that most of the election and political news has been good...this is one more example.
What do YOU think?
Do YOU think these numbers will hold? or will they grow in Romney's favor?

Let us hear from YOU.
  -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- P.A.N. Admin II.
"Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God." -Benjamin Franklin.

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@Debrajoe, you're welcome...I like to add good news whenever I can...we need it...and there is plenty out there if you dig around enough.

@ Victoria T. DeLacy, I want a Conservative VP too, but let me link you to this and let me see if the videos and info show you (and others) that Romney is more conservative than some (myself included) thought-





All that Romney needs to do now is to select a fully conservative pro-life running mate to complete the ticket and we're on our way to victory in November, to the rescuing of the USA as we know it.  Recent polling data is encouraging - there is hope for America, praise the Lord!

Victoria, see my above reply may be pleased at what you read and see.






Allen West.

That is    OBAMA   doesn't put in the Martial Law

Listening to the news you wouldn't know it!!! Thanks, but I'm not feeling very uplifted at the moment. I want November to be gone yesterday so I know which way my life will go. I'm truly tired of all this BS. I'm tired of an obvious traitor in the WH and no one doing anything about it. I'm tired of those trying to take our sovereignty and our freedom. I'm tired of the U.N. INTRUDING on our lives. I just want this done. I want to garden without thinking about all this. I want to play with my grandkids without worrying about their future. I want to be able to sell my home and downsize but my home isn't worth crap anymore. I'm tired of those who do nothing being given everything on our hard earned dimes or what's left of them. And I'm tired of feeling so angry, frustrated and scared that I don't give a chit what bad language I use. I want my country back, I want my spirit back, I want this evil gone from our land and our lives.

Patience  Marianne.  We will need the patience of a Buddhist monk sitting and meditating on a mountain top. Obama is only the front man, the proxy who fills the bill.  It's the mutations hidden behind him who must be shut down and this will take time, lots of time, but it looks like the country is starting to wake up.

I wish I could believe that the country is waking up. For four years now I vacuum up everything that we Patriots share. I've sent the info off in nightly emails to everyone I know, family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances... every single night for 4 years. I've walked the streets of my town giving out flyers, The Constitution, Tea Party Coloring Books for the kids. For four years now and only one.... ONE.... friend have I been able to bring into the fold. My kids think I'm nuts, so I must assume that my friends, neighbors and acquaintances do also. I'm not allowed to speak politics if we get together with friends and family so I've gotten to the point I just don't get together. This is not how we should be living. This is not how I want to live. I've tried staying out of the fray and getting on with life but my worry brings me right back in. I've been patient but now I'm anxious. And boy do I know that even if we get rid of Obama in November there is so very much to do to fix at least 40 years of the harm done. I'm anxious to get to that phase. And speaking of mutations... both sides are the mutations and I'm not sure the silent among us truly understand how important it is to clean HOUSE.

Have faith Maryianne.  As a former flaming liberal I am in the same boat with you.  My friends are mostly liberal here in California where I now reside.  We go to dinner parties and I do not sit quietly by while these people laud this fraud in the White House.  I see some people actually listen to my point of view.  that is all we can hope and pray for.

We will never be able to just sit back and garden in peace, which is what I also like to do.  We will always have to stand up over and over again.  Sitting back in peace is what helped us get into this mess.

I guess I'd better go get myself a glass of wine then. :-)


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