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From Our official Blogger Ironic Surrealism:

Obama’s Twitter Campaign #Compromise –#EpicFail: Lost Over 40K Follows

On July 30, 2011, in fun stuff, news, by velvethammer


Obama 2008: candidate 2.0 — Obama 2011: desperate, pathetic Twitter spammer.

(Mashable) –President Obama created a barrage of activity on Twitter on Friday afternoon when he began urging his more than 9 million followers to tweet at their Republican Congressmen to “ask them to support a bipartisan solution to the deficit crisis.”


See the complete data and chart here:



That's why we are using their #compromise tag on our tweets now too!! HAHHAHAHAHAA Darla

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That you-tube video: Liar=in-Chief clearly states he was NOT born in Hawaii!  and mentions Kenya. How much MORE
info do we need to prove this Con=Artist is a FRAUD for Pete's Sake! And the other video of Marie Antoinette (she with

the 29 'required attendants') mentions  Kenya as you-know-who's (can't even type that arrogant phony's name) home

town!! DO we have a Congress or don't we??? Wake up America =  

My opnion is that he is the son of his fathers lover and he was given  to the wife, white lady ,to raise in America. When I look at him [the oppertunity is every day as he loves to porade in front of the TV cameras.] he doesn't look like there any  white blood there. If you could go to Kenya and back track his father and see what you could find out. Maybe you can find out.
Obama loves to get in front of a TV camera and sprout big words he don't know the meaning of, Transparent is one and Compromise. Will some one please explain to him what those two words mean. You know when he uses one of these it is lies, lies, lies.
It's amazing how, from one podium, Obama is calling for "compromise"; while from another podium, Harry Reid is saying "The Republican plan is "dead on arrival in the Senate". Sounds like real "compromise" to me..............NOT!
This happens because Obama is and has been in campaign mode since he took office.  It's gotten him nowhere.  Yes he can flash a big smile and try to convenience the people he's working for them.  By now we should know better.  And then there' Harry Reid.  He's absoltely ready for an asylum.  Part of the problem in Washington is that there are way too many congresspeople who need to go.  They have been there so long all they know how to do is politic, lobby special interests, and scare the people with their idle threats.  We have to vote all of the congresspeople who think politically (what government can do for them) instead of what is good for the people as a whole.  I keep saying we need a plan of action to get all of the old blood out of office.  They are making fortunes on the backs of the Americn people.  Do I have a plan, no.  But that doesn't mean I'm not working on one.  Are you?  Let's get to work and stop all of the grumbling!
ARE YOU LISTENING????? In-fighting on the Republican side is fodder for the Enemy!!!! Unity NOW or lose the next election. You bloggers are not perfect nor is Speaker Boehner. However, we're not in D.C. feeling the pressure. GOD is the only perfect being. Unfortunately, we need his wisdom to settle the ideological fight. If we default, I personally lose almost half of my income. At 77 years of age it's difficult to make any changes to off-set this fact. Compromise with the left makes me an ill person. However, for the good of this Nation, we may lose a skirmish now and then, but the BIG PRIZE is the next Election. COMPROMISE !!!!! We must not gives the wannabe dictator to much room for discretionary cheating.
He still has 9 million followers?  Are you sure that isn't just 9?
Looks like a growing number of Americans are fed up with the Liar-in-Chief.  Is he going to pick up his marbles and go home now?  To Kenya, I mean.

No impeachment, that would legitimize his presidency.  He got into the White House by fraudulent, illegal means and has been committing treason on the American people ever since with his Commie agenda!  He should be charged with treason, convicted and jailed.

We cannot afford to compromise with an evil agenda.  This Dim agenda is economic terrorism on America!  It is truly  suicidal to agree to it or compromise with it.  Did anyone hear what Reid actually said out loud on TV?  He said he thought that a budget was ridiculous!  Betcha that's because he never had to live on one to figure one out!  TOTALLY INEPT!

I like Cain too, and I'm white also.  I will vote for the most electable conservative recommended by my Tea Party People!

Breaking News:


The provisions that were in cut cap balance (that 3/4th of Congress voterequired to raise taxes) to prevent it from being used to raise taxes were taken out at the last minute in the last Boehner plan according to Rush Limbaugh who was receiving leaks from people inside.


Larry Kudlow just reported that Boehner's latest plan is almost identical to Reid's plan according to the CBO. As Rush and Levin rreported would happen the McConnell/Reid/Boehner plan is back on the table with tax increases disguised as "closing tax loopholes".


Even Kudlow is reporting that Boehner/Reid/Mc Connell are back in talks now on another deal.

A new slogan long but true


 you voted for Obama in “08 to prove you’re not a racist,

Now vote for someone else to prove you’re not stupid.


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