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Here is what Obama says-





Obama's ACTUAL "Job Performance"-


1. The Economy is bad- and it is NOT "Bush's fault"!

2. The Federal Reserve Board in a recent report said: "Economic FEAR could very well DEFEAT Obama."

3. Value of home equity DOWN 32% since Obama took over.

4. Median net worth has PLUNGED 39% since Obama took over.In 2007 it was $126,400- today it is $77,300!

5. The REAL unemployment #'s are 36%!

6. Yet Obama STILL INSISTS that massive government spending will "turn the economy around"!!

7. Romney wants to allow the Private Sector/Free Markets to drive the economy.

8. 2012 is NOT about "Hope and Change"- BUT about Obama job performance, and it is ABYSMAL!



Well, what do YOU think?

Let us hear from YOU.





  -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- P.A.N. Admin II.

"Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God." -Benjamin Franklin.

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I used to believe that jimmy carter waz the dumbest president that we ever had....OH how WRONG I waz!!!!


Ron you need to remember Carter was in the office legally incompetent but legal -- Obama is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jimmah Cattah was as bad, and stupid, and wrong...just not as arrogant...though Cattah has gotten pretty bitter and mean after office...j/s...





  Yes Carter certainly was bad, stupid, and plenty wrong about so many things!  However, I don't consider him to be in the same league as Lyndon Johnson!  Only B.O. has the "distinction"(with the emphasis on the "STINC" part), to be in that league!!!


If these numbers and stats are available to interested consumers and are authentic, why are people still supporting Obama? Do they still have hope he can correct his mistakes ( even tho he blames all on others) and turn this country around?

Are they hopeless romantics or just stupid? We can not afford to depend on an inexperienced community organizer to mature into something he will never be because of his personal  ideologies. Even if Obama was on the ball with understanding this economy and how to fix it, it will never happen because that is not his goal.Why cant people understand this? He is not a capitalist, he is not an American democrat, he is not a Christian,he is not a loyal citizen of this nation, and he is certainly not what he appears to be in any other way.

What he is, is a deceiver, a socialist,an alleged non-citizen, a possible closet homosexual, a past member of several communist affiliations, and a liar! He is inexperienced as a true leader of any country, regardless of the politics involved.

He is a a bluffer, a blunderer. and a buffoon!

Because Liberals think good IS bad, and bad IS good.

Liberalism has been clinically proven to BE a Mental DISORDER..

In Short;

Liberalism is stupid, evil and wrong.





Regina, I understand your puzzlement because I'm there as well.  However, I have two VERY liberal friends who offer me insights into the thinking.  Here goes:  1)  For reasons I do not comprehend, they LIKE Obama; 2) If they are doing ok themselves, the fact that so many others are NOT doesn't seem to bother them; 3) Even if they acknowledge that the economy isn't doing as well as they thought it would, they honestly believe that Romney would be WORSE because he would cut more jobs; 4) If they are African American, they seem to think it's their ONLY choice.  Voting for anyone not their color is out of their logic field.

As to Obama's goals, journalists would have to be willing to lose their jobs and possibly their personal safety if they were to come out and expose the truth about Obama.  Neither TV networks nor print media would probably allow them to do this -- sadly. 

As I said before, but had the wrong link

Ok, I have written four articles concerning the political climate;

Now I have the correct link.

Barack Obama vs Reality

Barack Obama vs the Democratic Party of JFK and Harry Truman

How to Make the Poor, Rich

Mitt’s VP; a case for Condoleezza Rice

All can be seen at

I believe some of this information would help Mitt Romney; However I do not have a way of sending to him. The emails I have are returned as unattended.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Mitt, feel free to forward.

I believe that Obama is basically a dysfunctional nobody who wants to be a rock star.

And his wife wants to be Beyonce

not with that


I really think when the O thought of the Public Sector, he did not think of John Q. Public he thought of the Big Cats on wall street and the banks he has paid off.  And they are doing very well.  I don't think the O even knows about John Q, Public.  I don't think O even knows what the Public Sector is. If it isn't a government agency he knows nothing about it.  The Unions are the only individuals in his book.


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