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The old saying: "Something old- Something New." ...well, I'm going to refresh the American VOTER'S mind with "Something Old" then hit you with a "Round-House" New one...


Something Old.


To quote "Dragnet" let me start with "The Facts, just The Facts". But hold on to your hat, chair, lunch...these facts are "chunder-blowing" producing!

"Just The Facts".
1. Federal Spending has MORE THAN TRIPLED since 1965 with LBJ's "Great Society"/"War on Poverty", and NEARLY DOUBLED since 1980 with Jim Wright's & Tip O'Neil's "We just wanna help ya' " DNC Congress.

2. There CURRENTLY are 342 SEPARATE Gov. programs "for" Economic Growth- yeah, I put for in ""...cuz that hasn't worked so good has it?!!

3. There CURRENTLY 130 SEPARATE Gov. programs to "help" the disabled- yeah, help in "" for the same reason.
4. There CURRENTLY 130 SEPARATE Gov. programs to "help" at-risk youth...(oh, & noticed that's the 3rd time I said CURRENTLY BECAUSE the way Obama, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid are going this will QUADRUPLE soon.)

5. Through Gov. Waste, Fraud & Incompotence, the Federal Gov. spent MORE THAN $25,000 PER HOUSEHOLD IN 2008!!! BLIMEY! If the Gov. had just GIVEN US the $25,000 we'd better off!!! Besides IT'S OUR MONEY ANYWAY!!! And

that figure is UP $4,000 since 2001 when it was a "paltry" $21,000 PER HOUSEHOLD!

6. The Budget DEFICIT- SO FAR- this year IS $1.8 TRILLION!!! And the year isn't over yet! Just the "stimulus" bill (2009/2010) ALONE dumps $6,700 PER HOUSEHOLD of NEW DEBT into the laps of OUR Children and GRAND CHILDREN!

7. THIS YEAR ALONE in California the Gov. will "spend"/WASTE $200,000 on TATTOO REMOVAL, $870,000 on a Red Wolf Breeding Facility, oh and $1.7 MILLION on a SWINE ODOR "RESEARCH"!!! This is ONE State! ONE year!!!

8. The U.S. Gov. THIS YEAR has spent $4,545,000 for "WOOD UTILIZATION RESEARCH"!! Since 1985 we've WASTED $90 MILLION ON THIS "RESEARCH"!!! Crikey! Who's doing this "research?!! The Amish?!!! I think we KNOW HOW to "utilize WOOD"!!

9. THIS YEAR ALONE we've WASTED $3,000,000 for "shrimp 'aquaculture' research"!!! And again, since 1985 we WASTED $70,000,000 on this "research"!!

10. Lastly, EACH YEAR we waste $250,000 paying ONE man to "sip, taste and test the tea and coffe coming into America"!! REALLY?!! This is "necessary"?!!





Now, Something New.


HHS Tab for ‘Preservation and Maintenance’ of Native American Languages for 2011: $13,242,720

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Time for house cleaning.

I would start with a one-sentence bill (that reaffirms the Constitutional tenet) that the federal government will no longer function as a philanthropic (handout) entity that uses (steals) public money in that very mission.  Imagine what you could eliminate with that one.

Amen JC Patriot, and the rest...'s what I would do within 100 DAYS of being President...

...or at least 90-99% of it.





You forgot to mention that per pupil public education spending has doubled since 1970 while achievement scores and drop out rates have been absolutely flat.

The there is the failure of the "war on poverty."

One year my taxes were 300% of my income!

In the free and low-tax environment of The Grand Century of 1814 to 1914 we had the greatest progress to that time in the economic well-being of working people, unprecedented invention and industrial development, the abolition of slavery, unprecedented progress in science, medicine, and the arts, and so much more. 

I would like to do a video documentary series on The Grand Century revising the silly socialistic analysis in most history books.  Any idea where I could get funding?

the gubment.  Don't they give out grants all the time?


Sadly, all of the cuts proposed here could be implemented -- and they SHOULD be implemented -- and we would still have a huge problem.

Most government expenditure (62%) goes on three things: Social Security (23%), Medicare and Medicaid (20%), and Defense (19%). And it's the long-term projection for Social Security that's really scary: fewer and fewer tax-paying workers supporting more and more retirees. In 1960 there were five workers for each retiree ... now there are three ... and in twenty years there will be two.

The logic is inescapable: if we don't bite the bullet soon, we are going to be in serious trouble.

Anyone wanting more details on this -- with some frightening graphs -- should look at the  Wikipedia article on the Federal Budget

This is not conservative propaganda -- most of this article seems to have been written by liberals. So it's a good one to refer your liberal friends to. (Note: it's FULL of statistics, so it's NOT something you can skim quickly at the breakfast table. You need to print it out, and study it over several days, to arm yourself with facts and figures. But for a first reading, just look at the graphs - they're showing you when we meet our financial Armageddon, if we don't do something.)

The political problem is this: it's easy to propose to cut funding for the Tree Frog Mating Call Analysis Program, or the Museum of Wool, and all the other pork-barrell programs. But that won't solve the main problem, which has to do with Defense, Social Security, and Medicare/Medicaid. No politician wants to run on a platform calling for serious cuts in any of these three.

But at some point, we have to start acting like grown-ups and look ugly old reality in the face.

There are people on the SS and Medicare rolls who should not be.  I was astonished when I learned that if you come over here from another country, never paid a dime into the system and you're the right age, you can get SS and Medicare.  Let me know if I'm wrong on this, but there are lots and lots of people who are getting SS who shouldn't be.

"No politician wants to run on a platform calling for serious cuts..."

Exactly.  No military man really wants to go to war, either, but, sometimes, things must be done.  The trick is to get the people behind you; after that, it becomes MUCH easier.

For every million dollars they spend, one dollar should be taken out of their pay. Let's see how fast the spending stops.

The CBO should dedicate a squad of people to comb through ALL these programs, one by one, for as long as it takes. Flag every one that appears unnecessary and send them as a package to the new president. He can issue an executive order to kill them all. THEN, when one of the 435 clowns wants to spen tax money on a pet research project they can send it to the CBO to have it vetted for a justification to spend the money and if vetted, congress can vote on it. If not vetted, it's dead in the water. These guys need to spend our money more responsibly. Right now they're out of control.

Minor correction:

Flag every one that is not specifically mentioned in The Constitution and send them all to the trash bin.


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