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Sorry about the title misspelling Netanyahu...If I change the spelling in the title it will change the link I just sent out. Please excuse my error.


Palestinian leader, Nabil Shaath, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, tells The Associated Press that Netanyahu’s insistence on keeping key parts of the territories the Palestinians want for their state is a “declaration of war against the Palestinians."


See my blog on Netanyahu's speech today before Congress.


Check out the New Israel Watchmen Group!


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I will stand with Israel.
I'm standing right next to you, Lady!!
I'm standing with Israel.
I am standing with Israel as well. Lock and load!
Count me in!!!
   Signed petition....Count Me In.....Lock and LOaded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I signed the petition last night and I too, stand with Israel!
I also signed the petition and I too stand with Israel!!!

I will stand with Israel and do everyday. I pray for the Peace of Israel. I pray against those that would and plan to harm Israel. It is our duty as Christians to do so. If you claim to be a Christian and are against Israel then you are not really a Christian. It does not matter what Israel Does in your eyes that is wrong or you think is wrong: just remember that you are 'commanded' to pray for the Peace of Israel. Know what Peace means in your Concordance. And lastly your stance with Israel is noted in Heaven: Israel is and always will be the 'apple in the eyes of Jehovah'. Shalom

that declaration of war from the palestiniens is strange. who are the palestiniens ? a creation of yassar arafat. the useful idiots in our country came to the aid of palastieniens and made arafat a zillionaire. arafat could care less about paslestiniens, as long as the cash flowed in. now our cash sent to egypt and hamas will let them buy more motars and rockets to fire into Isreal. the palestiniens (?) declared war on Isreal 70 years ago.

who do suicide bombers kill ? almost 100% innocent bystanders. i am proud of natenyahu for standing up to our disgrace for a president.

Oh I thought it was Pres. ODumbo!
Great Post.  Frightening, but insightful.  God Help Us.


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