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I live in Connecticut, which is #1 Obama supporting state (alas!)

My husband, David and I, when we mention the Tea Party to any of our friends and family, think the Tea Party is extreme and get turned off, so we can't explain what the issue is, give them the other side. David happened to ask a secretary that he knows ( on the phone when he was calling about something non political) what she thought of the Tea Party. She said she thought they were a radical group. (She most likely reads the NYT)  When a small group of us go out on the street corner for a mini tea rally/protest with our signs and constitutions, sometimes we will talk to people. A young couple said that they thought the tea party were a bunch of extremists. 

I would like to be able to forward the information about the support rally for Gibson Guitars to some of my musician friends, but I know that since the email says "Tea Party groups are  going to show support" that my musician friends (who probably know nothing about the raids against Gibson) will most likely turn off and think that Gibson must be guilty if Tea Party groups are coming to their defense. (I did email one musician an article about the raid, and she thanked me for sending the most unusual story-I did not get into politics- just emailed the article)

My question is, is there some way we can change our name from Tea Party since the media has ruined us to the public who is clueless, or add to it "people for limited government" so the people we talk to won't automatically shut down and listen to the other side of the argument? Or maybe we should just say "a group of American people who are concerned about the raid on Gibson," or whatever point we are trying to make- so that we can at least say our side of the story or issue? Anyone have any suggestions?


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