My trouble getting people to listen when I mention Tea Party- any ideas?

I live in Connecticut, which is #1 Obama supporting state (alas!)

My husband, David and I, when we mention the Tea Party to any of our friends and family, think the Tea Party is extreme and get turned off, so we can't explain what the issue is, give them the other side. David happened to ask a secretary that he knows ( on the phone when he was calling about something non political) what she thought of the Tea Party. She said she thought they were a radical group. (She most likely reads the NYT)  When a small group of us go out on the street corner for a mini tea rally/protest with our signs and constitutions, sometimes we will talk to people. A young couple said that they thought the tea party were a bunch of extremists. 

I would like to be able to forward the information about the support rally for Gibson Guitars to some of my musician friends, but I know that since the email says "Tea Party groups are  going to show support" that my musician friends (who probably know nothing about the raids against Gibson) will most likely turn off and think that Gibson must be guilty if Tea Party groups are coming to their defense. (I did email one musician an article about the raid, and she thanked me for sending the most unusual story-I did not get into politics- just emailed the article)

My question is, is there some way we can change our name from Tea Party since the media has ruined us to the public who is clueless, or add to it "people for limited government" so the people we talk to won't automatically shut down and listen to the other side of the argument? Or maybe we should just say "a group of American people who are concerned about the raid on Gibson," or whatever point we are trying to make- so that we can at least say our side of the story or issue? Anyone have any suggestions?


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Talk principles and use local examples.


Quit wasting your breath.  These folks who react that way  are already brainwashed by their own upbringing.  I suspect they have very little knowledge about history and care less.  Try finding new friends.  Just remember this - if they asked you to believe their political ideals, you would probably be resistant to do so because you live in the real world and not some utopian make believe world.  Most of us have belief systems which differ but will keep an open mind when someone close to us expresses their opinion.  If these individuals do not reciprocate then - They probably don't respect your opinion anyway.  I would guess they even talk behind your back.  If you think your right about certain ideals, and that's your philosophy, by-golly stand for what you believe in. They may laugh at, and/or resent, you but down deep they will respect you for having conviction. In the end, that's what's important.

Happy Trails and don't forget - it's nice to be able to look in the mirror and be proud of the person who's looking back at you.


Being afraid to identify yourself as being part of  the Tea Party is like saying, I'm not from America.  Hello, we are America.  That is right up there with me saying that I'm not a Christian.  The left would love if the Tea Party patriots would run from the Tea Party label.  I don't care if people look down at me when I say that I am/support the Tea Party, they don't pay my rent.   Always remember, it's their ignorance that is the problem, not ours.  I had a black neighbor tell me he couldn't stop by because I have a Tea Party sign in my yard, oh well, he isn't going to vote conservative anyway, why waste my time with him.  Why do republicans waste time, effort and money courting the black vote, it ain't gonna happen, not for a long time.  Be a good, upright citizen, treat people fairly and with respect, maybe someday they will figure out that you are a real person with some intelligence and maybe, just maybe, you are right.   

We do not use Tea Party unless specifically asked and then explain that the Tea Party is not a political party, but a movement of principled patriots that support the Constitution.  Our grassroots organizations use liberty or freedom in our names, which has gotten us the opportunity to explain our positions without negative connotations.
ask them what they think of the union violence you can you-tube it to see, ask them what they think of the code pink flotella last year  you-tube the clubbing of Israelie soldiers just boarding the ship,ask them why obama first said Israel should go back to 1967 boarders,ask them to watch Glenn Beck's rally last year,do you see any violence,ask them what they think of the government shuting down the Boeing plant in SC,you-tube obama 2007 saying to raise the debt celing is insane ask them what they think of bill ayers a terrorist advising the president ask them to do some home work if they refuse then move on they are usefull idiots
Explain it to them in terms that will hit them where they live. "Do you know you're going to lose your house? The town is going to condemn it to create wildlands. You know, that's this new Sustainable Development thing, called United Nations Agenda Twenty-one!"

What you think when you hear "tea party" will not be what pops in their head.  Just talk common sense, fiscal responsibility, Constitution (foundation of America) and freedom principles.  Defending a label is not a good idea; people will have pre-conceived ideas, thanks largely to lamestream media.   

I don't mention tea party.  That's the political name for our movement and it was used to make us seem extreme.  Just talk about the issues of concern.  I'm neither a teabagger or a tea partier.  As far as I'm concerned, there are no leaders of our movement.  We are the American people who have finally seen what is going on and we want it to stop.  That's not extreme...the other side is.  The ones who are working so hard to either discredit us or to harness how we feel to get elected.  Just talk about the issues, engage people in discussion.  When you're done, if you think you should, you can mention that your feelings are grass roots, not tea party, but that the socialists have chosen to call us that and to try and make people think we are extremists.  We are everyday Americans who are afraid for our nation.
I live in the midwest and I have had the same problem.  People believe msm.....when someone makes a comment about Tea Party I say something like, (it varies) I am a proud member of the Tea Party.  We are not organized it is just people across the USA who stand for small government, lower taxes and lower spending.  That's it.  If you believe in that you are a Tea Party person and just don't know it.  I think I wouldn't dwell on the name but on the issues because many people believe in the issues.  It is the citizens of the USA who are sending our country into a downside spin because they believe MSM.  It is very frustrating but it iseems that's the way it is. 

Tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them,than tell them what you told them,than ask for their thoughts than tell them that what you discussed came from the Tea Party !

This story just verifies how effective the main stream media is at brain washing  the public.

I think you need to ask them WHERE they got the idea that the Tea Party is "extreme" and exactly what do they mean by extreme?  Is cutting government spending and lowering taxes "extremist"?  You need to challenge their closed-minded approach and the fact it seems they are getting only one perspective from ie MSNBC or NYT.  You need to tell them the Tea Party opposes Obama because of his wrong-headed policies which have not and will not work.  It is nothing to do with his race.

Failing this, I'd just give them a look of pity and let them get on with it.  Some of these people are so wedded to liberal ideology it is like beating your head against a brick wall.  Then move to a state where more common-sense people live.  These people have obviously lost their capacity for independent thought!

I never mention the name, I only mention the issues.


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