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More gun companies not selling to Police in anti-2nd Amendment states............

When this first popped up in the news, I thought, what would this do for business? There in the Empire State, where one of the nastiest gun grabbing laws in recent history was passed last month, USA Today reported some gun companies were refusing to do business with law enforcement agencies, claiming that they supported the citizens and the second amendment more than the government.

Some gun manufacturers say they will no longer sell their firearms to New York law enforcement agencies after the state passed a broad assault-weapons ban last month.

At least five companies have said they won’t sell to New York police since Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Safe Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act in January. The bill, known as the NY SAFE Act, included a ban on any semi-automatic rifles or shotguns with “military-style” features, such as a pistol grip or a folding stock. Read More:

The police and other government agencies don’t typically have cops just walk into the store to buy something. They usually buy in bulk on a contract that goes through the Request For Proposals (RFP) process where the manufacturer or a wholesale distributor provides bids on what they will sell to the agency and for what price.

Besides, if it’s a gun store in a place like NY – he already can’t sell those weapons locally, so he’s not likely to have anything in the store anyway.

"Nothing we’re going to do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring gun deaths down to a thousand a year from what we’re at now,” -Biden told reporters after meeting with Senate Democrats in the Capitol-.

I support these manufacturers with my wallet, and hope the others follow their lead.

But I don’t think there’s anything illegal about the companies refusing to sell to these law enforcement agencies. And it still seems likely that all of the agencies will still find somebody to sell to them.

No shirt
No shoes
No 2nd Amendment
No service

I wonder how the gun-grabbers will sneer about this. Maybe something like, “These companies are endangering the public!” What a load of CRAP.........

The problem is, that as many as oppose the new firearms regulation also support them.

Police chiefs back Obama gun-laws plan

San Diego Police Chief Supports Greater Gun Regulation

Arizona’s Kiss Tactical’s Facebook page also carries a story about denying a California police officer’s request to purchase an AR-15.

Wonder if this continues with the gun businesses, will bho/holder get their face involved to ‘put the gun companies’ in their place? Will they try to put them out of business ‘for the greater good’?
I would not put it past them if they thought they could.

As citizens, this is one of the few actual powers we have left…the take away. We should use it more often considering such a high level of corruption taking place, shouldn’t hold back any more.

Police and first responders shouldn’t need guns now, after all, the law says it will be safe now. No market there now. /// What a FARCE.....

The Government loves to see this kind outrage because it just allows them to push their agenda further to the point they will take complete control of gun manufacturing then they will control new guns.

We need to stop this government from becoming a dictatorship and we must do it NOW..........

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This Government truely sucks all the way around.

obama & co. can defend themselves with shotguns & piles of B.S. as for me, my 45 & AR15...We the people truly need to stand up for America while it is still  The United States of America not obama's ussr of A

Agreed. There is no fixing America in its current "representation" or lack thereof. Not while half of the country is being fed by them and in return they keep getting re-elected. Who in DC is going to pull the plug on the handouts? ZERO! Not even Rand Paul!

So once again, we are back to square one going around and around in insanity thinking maybe the next election.....then the next one....while ending up back at square one every time watching America go bankrupt and everything is taken away from us.

Just makes me sick! I am already not recognizing the country of my childhood!

I found numerous hits in google:  this is one other news site :

here is the google search I ran which has many more hits:

with all of the voter fraud and dead chicogoans voting, how can we defend our country?

Deceased people can't defend themselves or their Country.

and how much did we the tax payers pay for the ugly dress Moochell had on to present the Oscar for movie of the year last night. I am sure she did not pay for it. That would be considered a public appearence even though she never left the palace.

I'm sure that she bought it at the salvation army!

And the Press complained over Nancy Reagan's new China in 1980.

@Wes McKay..."Not selling to the Police who protect them ... seems pretty stupid."

Who is protecting who... they take you weapon and when you call they show up five minutes to late...

 How about just what they are doing...

I come from a family of several law enforcement folks and they all want me to be armed because they know they can't be everywhere. They are the ones who like the "I carry a gun because a policeman is too heavy" line.


Hey, Wes!

Get a life.  It's not the job of the police to protect you.  The job of the police is to enforce the law.

It's your right to protect yourself.  That's why they call it self-defense...get it?

Many of the chiefs of police across the nation support tighter gun control laws. 

They don't look at us as fellow citizens.  They consider us a separate  class -- civilians (read that as SUBJECTS).

I say good for the companies that will not sell to any government -- national, state or local.






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