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Michele Bachmann First To Make Illegal Immigration Top Issue for 2012

Michele Bachmann First To Make Illegal Immigration Top Issue for 2012

America's largest political action committee addressing illegal immigration is issuing public thanks to presidential candidate Michele Bachmann for becoming the first candidate of 2012 to make border security and illegal immigration control a top issue.

The Associated Press reports on April 16 that Bachmann made illegal immigration an issue in Greenville, SC as part of her three state tour.

Michele Bachmann is reported to have said "lax enforcement of immigration laws was a threat to the nation's security. She agreed with a town hall questioner at a Greenville stop that U.S. troops should be redeployed from South Korea to south Texas."

The report also states that Bachmann said "The problem has been in our unwillingness to enforce the laws that are on the books." and "How do you solve it? You build a barrier, a fence, a wall — whatever you want to call it. You build it...As president of the United States, every mile, every yard, every foot, every inch will be covered on that southern border."

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Border fencing is fine as far as slowing down the illegal trafficing but slowing is all, think of the news

talking about all those cave passageways leaving Mx. and entering the U.S., they even have lights

and portaplotties in some of them; then you have the possibilities of catapulting their contraband

over the fences. Military guarding the borders and electronic sensors is about all that can be did to

slow it down. Your opinions ? I lived 35 miles from the border near Mission/Mc Allen and every day

we would observe illegals passing through, trespassing over private ranches, etc. Think of the damage

and carnage created by them.


Ol Sarge

I can see the racist rants of the left from my back pore.

Thanks for pointing that out Robert, that it's on all immigration issues, not just illegal immigration.
Sarah, this should be one of the top issues of ALL candidates!
Oh, well. She just lost the illegal alien vote. She's right, though. It's not so much lax enforcement as it is the total lack of any real policy.
States need to hurry up and do what Texas did....make photo identification a pre-requisite to voting....we intend to disenfranchise all of the dead people who voted in 2008.  We also now require citizenship proof or proper paperwork for renewing or getting a driver's license.  I am surprised that we have not been sued by the DOJ.
She figures out what we want her to say and says it.  She also speaks out of both sides of her mouth.  She does not have a chance to win the primary. 
Please explain why you say Michelle speaks out of both sides of her mouth????
Don't hold your breath, Doug.  The best I have seen some come up with so far is with voting for bills that have totally unrelated items in them, and she had to choose one item she believed in along with one she disliked.
How does she feel about the illegal aliens that are already here?
That's always the question that no politician can truthfully answer and still be following the law and/or constitutional principles.  In that same manner, we all should ask ourselves what should we do with any other lawbreaker that also happens to have a family and/or a job.
Good for her. While trying to remain politically correct, most candidates ignore this issue not realizing the majority of Americans are fed up with our weak stance on illegal immigration. Come on the rest of you, TAKE A STANCE!


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