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“Barack Obama” came to the American People with the “traitors Kiss”, the kiss. Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah and Lot so shall it be before His return, so His return is near. Now back to the days of Lot as we know was Sodom and Gomorrah and if you read the story homosexuals were pressing in on Lot the righteous one and his family right before the place was destroyed!

Obama Presidential Seal Podium Speech SC 780x1024 Meet Barack Obamas Worst Nightmare

“Our only weapons in this fight are the weapons of Rev. King: truth and love and courage,” said Rev. Williams Owens. A man who says this will never back down.

This stance by Rev. Owens, the president of the Coalition for African-American Pastors (CAAP) sums up the problem Barack Obama has with his African American base.

By any measure, Rev. Owens, who has called Barack Obama “Judas”, is preaching to his choir.

By their own description, African Americans (79%) are much more religious than the rest of America (56%).  Fifty three percent say they attend church at least once a week, and 76% report praying daily. Fifty nine percent are members of the Churches represented in Rev. Owens’ black pastors association. Almost 9 of every 10 black Americans are “absolutely certain God exists”, and 55% believe the Bible is the literal word of God.

If you do read why Sodom and Gomorrah fell, it was not just sexual immorality, it was also Greed and Slothfulness. When an administration makes it cool to get handouts, we need to look at ourselves if we truly want this. For a Nation to hold such things in high esteem, we are doomed unless WE repent. Repent means to not only ask for forgiveness, but also to “Change” our ways. We need to clean house in Washington, or our fate is written. So, was this the “Change” Obama actually alluded to, or was it spitting in God’s eye? You can answer for yourself, just by looking at “The fruit” of one man’s works.

The biggest thing I need everyone to understand is first of all our votes are no longer counted in the USA they are counted in Spain because a company bought to company from America. If anyone remembers when Obama went to Spain they told him not to worry because they are counting our votes.

Rev. William Owens is Barack Obama’s worst nightmare

The simple fact that he is alienating all of these key voters groups without a second thought, clearly proves that he knows that he has the “Ace” that will give him a Royal Flush. Congress gave it to him by permitting him to gain so much incredible power by signing over 940 “Executive Order’s”. What these fools in Congress seem not to understand is that if he remains in power he will have no need of Congress and they will all be gone.

All of this brings to mind what Sir Arthur Harris said upon taking over the British Air Force in 1942, referring to the he had to defeat he said, “They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.”

To reach your Congressional representative, use this link:

To read more use these links:,_1st_Baronet

“Congress gave it to him by permitting him to gain so much incredible power by signing over 940 “Executive Order’s”.

They gaive him more than just the power to sign 940 Executive Orders. They gave him the power to ignore the Constitution–and that is the power to ignore the will of the sovereign Authority of the United States–the People.

These are precisely the reasons why NO INCUMBENT CAREER POLITICIAN should be re-elected.

If there is any chance to returning God to our country, restoring the Constitution as the Rule of Law and re-acknowledging the sovereign Authority of the People (citizens,) we must replace those who have betrayed us. Yes, BETRAYED the PEOPLE of the United States!.

If you can name one Representative or Senator who stood up for the Constitution, who called for an investigation of Obama’s eligibility credentials, who went before the People of this nation and called for the removal of those who ignore us, the self-governing citizens, then that individual should be re-elected. But, remember they have had 3 1/2 years to stand up for us. Remember, too, that politicians who are running for re-election are very adept at telling us what we want to hear, whether they have any intention of actually doing it. Every single member of Congress has violated his/her Oath of Office.

If there is even one incumbent member of Congress who has stood for the People, I wait with baited breath to hear the name and see the information that backs up your nomination.


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the Traitors Kiss..............good comparison......

Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina initiated impeachment proceedings agaainst president Barak Obamass .  The fact that it hasn't gotten anywhere can't be laid at his feet . 

The lawyer, Larry Klayman, also has been running impeachment proceedings against BO for several years now--on a number of counts!  They keep adding up, don't they?

Meanwhile, Congress sits "helplessly" by with their great "white flagger", Boehner.  Larry, however,has NOT given up and he would welcome your support! Go to  to see all that he has
 been working on and to find out more.

Another "Judas" is alive and D.C. And we all know what happened to Judas.

Wonder where all the stimulous money went.  How much went to congressmen to buy them off.  There is some reason why Republican Congressman are not going after Obama.  Politics is crooked and Republicans are not above it.

Donna,I believe THIS residency was a done "BACKROOM DEAL" with the announcement of BARRY'S birth in 1961!

Have to purge the 40,000,000 athiests essentially living here and voting for The new Communist Lenin B. Obama.

Not all atheists are crazy enough to vote for Obama - this I know - the only atheists that are voting for Obama are progressives - there are some so-called Christians as well who are voting for Obama - the ones who think sin is having your thermostat too high

I wonder how many Egyptians converted on the spot when they seen the Red Seas Waters part during the Exodus!

they will get Instant Religion! and be seeking Instant Forgiveness!

The Pharaoh could not stop the Exodus of Egypt & Obuma cannot stop the loss of his voting block and they know it! 

Not one member of congress or the senate challenged obama and his "executive" privileges.  Congress/Senate, obama and the entire administration and george soros should be IMPEACHED........


I think we the people should have the authority to do it.


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