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Mark Levin on the Budget Deal: "This is a Historic Scam"

Yet the headline from a Karl Rove Fox News Interview:
Rove: ‘Obama Did Not Win Much of Anything’
Posted on April 9, 2011 at 11:14am by Scott Baker Scott Baker

(The video is there...sorry, I couldn't get it copied to the site)

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama promised to change Washington’s ways. Yet he is as caught up in them as ever.

It was just at the start of this week that Obama launched his re-election bid with a sunny video of real people talking about their hopes and needs. It was the very image of life outside Washington politics.

By week’s end, Obama was mired in budget negotiations, canceling trips and scrambling to hold off a government shutdown that would surely erode the public’s faith in his leadership.

That’s the messy business of governing. And this is how it is going to be this time around for incumbent Obama.

Beyond the vision for economic competitiveness he wants to talk about, Obama is seeking a second term while having to engage in the gritty, frustrating process of governing a deeply divided government. He got bogged down in legislative tactics in his first two years, even when he won fights like health care, and is now trying to avoid all that.

Then came this test of leadership. The White House says Obama ultimately got the compromise he wanted — a bill of spending cuts that he supported without having to gut his priorities or swallow policy changes he could not accept. When it all finally came together, the administration offered it up as an example of cooperation under the highest stress.

But it was an exhausting process that left people wondering why the government was somehow on the brink of debacle.

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So, which on is right?

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No doubt we are being scammed. Something is seriously wrong when we are continuing to spend over double what the government is taking in. And I never hear anybody talk about the interest on the debt. We, (the states) need to be looking into nullifying all that the federal government has done, and is continuing to do.
I totally agree! It is time we return to being a Republic. Let the states control our economic destiny. The people (we) can be in more control, not some distant Federal shark filled tank - called Washington DC - that is in a consistent  feeding frenzy for power among themselves. Watching both sides parade out in front of the news cameras spouting their verbal resumes on the hour is sick. I have never trusted anyone who has to tell you how good they are!
This Budget Deal Is a Crock of Spit! It's like a Dysfunctional Family that can't agree on anything claiming that they made a commitment to curve their spending by finally making a $38 one time payment on $14,000 Credit Card Debt while continuing to charge $67 a week on it!   Oh they claim they will make more payments in the future, but all we have seen from this Family in recent history is Increasing Over-spending while trying to get others to pay their bills!
That is a great analogy James.
There won't BE another election. obamama WILL declare Martial Law. I pray i'm wrong...but i don't think i am.
Declaring martial  law requires the cooperation of the military. After this weekend, do you think they will help him?

I pray that they are educated enough and honor their oath enough to refuse that unconstitutional order if issued!

But after following orders and going into Libya without Congresses approval, I am doubting it. Mostly the 4 Star Generals (like Powell) are to blame. They are more interested in their careers and retirement then they are at following the Constitution and questioning unlawful orders!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colin Powell is a member of Council on Foreign Relations.  That should tell you all you need to know.
Mary-And if you remember, Powell also "endorsed" obama!!  That should tell US even more about "content of character"!
Our paid military may be spread thin around the world, but the citizen army in this country can take it back anytime we decide we have had enough.  I think that time is nearer than the politicians think.  What military is stationed stateside would be foolish to back a regime that HATES them as opposed to the people who LOVE them.  Finally, the military takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, not the commander-in-chief. If ever this commander-in-chief were to direct the military against the people or the constitution, he loses.
That means we better have our ammo stored before it is too late.
Don't forget what happened to the last Officer that questioned Obamas orders. He's still in Prison.!!!!!


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