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I came across this article @ and  I thought I would just post part of  the article for your reading pleasure and let you come to your own conclusions.

Constitution on Fire


From my diary of students' awakening to the president's grave menace to their constitutional liberties: Recently, on Skype, I was discussing my memoir, "Boston Boy" (Paul Dry Books, 1986), with a class at Suffolk University in Boston. It's about growing up in a Boston ghetto during the Great Depression, when Boston was the most anti-Semitic city in the country.

While answering questions from these lively students, I wanted to find out how many of them knew about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012. Barack Obama signed this law, giving the president -- for the first time in American history -- the power to imprison indefinitely an American citizen "suspected" of "association" (without evidence) with terrorists. This fate comes without charge or trial. 

'Where are the citizens demanding that these doorways to liberty be opened?' In other words, the general population is a big part of why there is a problem in the first place.
It is time to take a stand against this tyranny.

We all know by know what Obama is up to. What is bad is, some of us have been saying this was a problem for a VERY long time but, no one seemed to care. It was all "phooh phooh". Now that our rights have been stripped unConstitutionally, there's still millions who don't get it. Americans are either too fearful (uncourageous) or too sheeple (willing to just go along to get along) to be the inheritors of their forebears legacy. Hence, they are losing their own freedom while pretending to defend and instill democratic values in foreign lands.

“The power of the executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers (at trial) is in the highest degree odious, and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist” (Future of Freedom Foundation,, April 27).

In accordance with the NDAA, we have seen the US government argue that it can now impose military detention on US citizens.

Your peaceful days of protesting are over just as the founders realized. That's why they wrote," We The People". If you think those in power are going to lay down and let you waltz in and take over you are saddly mistaken they put way to much effort into taking your power away to give it back to you.

If you think for one second that we are being taken over by the Muslims or Islam, think again because China poses a bigger threat then any other country and that is because $0.57 of every dollar we earn is owed to China. Simple math tells us that we cannot sustain our selves on this. So we are slowly going bankrupt on these numbers and china will surely own us in the next 10 years. if we don't make some changes in our Government.


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I too have been putting this out. He will do it just so he can stop the elections. 

How true Cheri.


Obama knows what he is doing- he wants chaos- then he has his excuse for martial law- most people will want the government to step in to control the rioting etc.  Then the anarchy will become the tyranny!

I think the Communists did it this way in Czeckoslovakia (Can never spell that country right!)  when the people started to get disenchanted with the communist regime they unwittingly voted into office- when the president saw his commie group was not going to win, they did the take over thing- (I think this is the way it happened though I could be wrong)

To strip a natural born citizen of their nationality and citizenship is heinous, especially on siuch flimsy charges as those mentioned in the bill.  This is fascism folks and you are seeing it here.  We have passed the edge of the slippery slope; we have already begun the downward slide into tyranny.

The biggest threat we face to our freedom is THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, not just the Obama administration, but those "national security hawks" on the right who believe security trumps liberty.

I do not shop WAL MART--Almost every product they sell is Made In China by many companies that used to be in the USA, but left the country due this countries excessive taxes and regulations that make it impossible to make a profit in the USA, and then, this government removed import taxes from the Chinese.  Not only do we borrow 40 cents of every federal dollar spent, we also have have a huge trade deficit with China, and all this crap started a long time ago when we made trade agreements with China.  I believe that it was Richard Nixon who originally opened this Door To Allow China to Take Over The USA.  The Chinese already own large sections of the USA in almost every state, and eventually, with the debt we now owe them, they will simply come in and Reposess the USA.  The USA has ZERO collateral for the Debt except our FEDERAL LANDS, and that is what the USA is putting up as the Collateral for The Debt that these Subversives running this country are running up just to Stay In Power and Enrich Themselves while Selling the USA Sovereignty Out and Selling Out The Legal U.S. citizens who work and Pay Taxes so these Fools can Just Pay the Interest on the Debts they have run and continue running up.   It is time for States and Individual Citizens to Hold These Traitors Who Are Now Running This Country Accountable.

It's really refreshing to read comments like the ones which finally talk about our ability to negate anything this immoral, illegal government tries to accomplish... as long as we stand together and take advantage of the brilliant decision by our Founders to include the Second Amendment to our Bill of Rights.

There are more armed American patriots ready to do whatever is necessary to save our nation than in all the armies in the world combined. How many of you really believe that the millions of trained military veterans and still-serving soldiers, sailors, airmen, Seals, Special Forces and Marines, who swore to support and defend our beloved Constitution, would ever consider firing on loyal American citizens?

The current conspiracy is just a big bump in the road... America shall be at her greatest glory ever very soon.  Also, never forget the Man who died on Calvary over 2000 years ago on our behalf.  We have everything on our side - if we have the Courage and the Faith to use it. 

We have been talking about "MARCHING" in hopes of taking over the White House for "4 LONG YRS." now and it hasn't happened yet.

It sounds like Germany all over again!!!  It needs to be talked about in the election process but will it?  Our man doesn't seem to want to take a stand!!!!!

Is this happening in America?Are we America or China

By the end of "0's" second term, you won't be able to tell the difference.

The people need to honor the Constitution they took an oath to preserve & protect---or be GONE, period!  No excuses.  Honor the law of the land, or be gone, NOW!



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