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It's people like this Clarence Page that just don't care to get it or purposely provide a misleading narrative. I think we should let him know what the Tea Party stands for and that we're far from over!

Clarence Page is a member of the Tribune's editorial board and blogs at

Twitter @cptime

Is the tea party over?

Has the tea party peaked? Republican lawmakers affiliated with the upstart anti-tax movement scored big in the nerve-racking debt-ceiling debacle, but the victory left enough hard feelings to feed the movement's ultimate defeat.

To quote an old Chicago White Sox slogan from the 1980s, their achievement was a case of "winning ugly."

With the nation's credit rating in the balance, the tea partiers seized the normally routine matter of raising the nation's debt ceiling and held it hostage, gangsta-style: Cut government spending our way, they reasoned, and nobody gets hurt.

  • Clarence Page
  • Clarence Page

In the end, after weeks of partisan fighting, President Barack Obama signed without joy or ceremony a budget bill that avoided a credit default. It cuts $2 trillion in spending over the next decade, yet shaves barely a sliver off of the expected growth in the national debt during that period.

That's largely because the bill doesn't .....

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You just keep saying that the tea party is over and maybe you will believe it, but don't get to excited we have only just begun to kick the ugly out of this country!!
I sent Clarence an E-Mail at the address listed above ( ) in order to let him know that the party is just getting started.  Hopefully all of you will do the same.
Thanks for the link. I emailed him also.

Yep, just sent him an email inviting him to our tea party.


It's been done, thanks for link.
Sent him an email & told him "we are alive & well, & we're only getting angier".
told him we are growing and getting stronger!
Told him that the Tea Party hasn't even put their running shoes on....YET! Growing bigger and stronger by the hour.
Yup! I paraphrased John Paul Jones: "We have not yet begun to fight"!
Sent my email and added a little piece of my mind...nothing bad, just a little...;-)
So did I!
Thanks for the address - I sent an email, too.


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