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We congratulate Michele Bachmann for her victory at the Iowa Straw Poll. The race is officially on. The straw poll is the official kickoff of campaign season. It will be an interesting race and we are still awaiting a few others to jump in the race.  I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from these candidates leading into the first primary elections starting in Jan 2012. As you know the straw poll doesn't dictate a presidential win in Nov 2012, but it is a great boost to these top 5 campaigns.


Darla Dawald



The results are in on the Iowa Straw Poll:


1. Michele Bachmann

2. Ron Paul 

3. Tim Pawlenty

4. Rick Santorum

5. Herman Cain

6. Rick Perry (write in)

7. Mitt Romney

8. Newt Gingrich

7. Jon Huntsman

8. Thaddeus McCotter



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Michele Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll

Brian Montopoli
GOP candidates prepare for Iowa straw poll

AMES, Iowa - Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll on the campus of Iowa State University here Saturday, edging out a narrow win over Rep. Ron Paul as Tim Pawlenty earned a third place finish that could mean the end of his campaign.

Out of 16,892 votes cast, Bachmann took 4,823 votes, just ahead of Paul's 4,671. Pawlenty, who essentially went all in on the straw poll to change the narrative of his struggling campaign, got just 2,293 votes, less than half of his fellow Minnesota lawmaker.

"Congratulations to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for her victory in today's straw poll," Pawlenty said after the announcement. "We made progress in moving from the back of the pack into a competitive position for the caucuses, but we have a lot more work to do. This is a long process to restore America -- we are just beginning and I'm looking forward to a great campaign."

In fourth place was Rick Santorum with 1,657 votes, followed by Herman Cain with 1,456. Write-in candidate Rick Perry, who formally entered the race today, got 718 votes, good enough for sixth. That beat out Mitt Romney with 567 votes, Newt Gingrich 385, Jon Huntsman with 68 votes and Thaddeas McCotter with 35 votes.

Continue results breakdown here:

Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll, Cements Her Top-Tier Status in GOP Race

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"So, you think it's "ridiculous" to provide proof?"

PROOF of what, Leslie?  YOU were one of the first Paul supporters to jump in and say Bachmann gave away tickets when it was mentioned that Paul brought in busloads of supporters... YOU were the "proof"...  AS FOR my comment to Worried Gammie, I was merely agreeing with her that ALL of the candidates provide free tickets to supporters… YOU apparently jumped in because you “thought” ~ or didn’t think ~ my agreeing with her was a disparaging remark towards Paul… like a typical Paulbot, you jumped to the wrong conclusion and ATTACKED without actually comprehending what was written… THAT is what makes a Ron Paul supporter a Paulbot…


I am CONVINCED by your comments, here and on other sites, that YOU are part of the ESTABLISHMENT trying to prevent "We, The People" from coming to a logical conclusion and uniting with the best possible choice, whether that be Ron Paul, or any other Constitutionalist."

...NOW THAT is an interesting statement... I have preached several things, primarily that we have to unite behind ONE candidate before the primaries begin; we HAVE to publicly endorse that candidate if we expect that candidate to win the nomination; and if that person doesn’t win, we need to vote for the Republican that does, because if we split our vote, if we vote third party, or not vote at all, if we throw our vote away in a “protest,” then we’ll end up with 4 more years of obama or wind up with a RINO… YOU on the other hand, have OPPOSED every one of those positions, but have done so, repeatedly, by attacking the messenger instead of debating the proffered positions.

…MEANWHILE, you have omitted that I have written that I will support whichever candidate the Tea Party decides to endorse, even if that candidate isn’t one of my favorites, even if that endorsed candidate is Ron Paul… I will admit that it is highly unlikely that Paul would win such an endorsement, so there is very little danger that I would be put in that position. 

I OPPOSE Paul for two reasons:  his views on international politics are out of touch with the reality of our times, and are dangerous, and the general population has rejected him out-of-hand whenever he has run for office outside of his small district… if ever there was a candidate that was “unelectable,” that candidate would be Ron Paul!

WHAT OTHER “Constitutionalist” are you referring to who is running for the GOP nomination that I am supposedly against?



I have never told anyone who to vote for... and you know that.  WHAT I have repeatedly said is that we have to unite behind ONE candidate…


"Apparently, you haven't learned a thing about me."

I'VE LEARNED a lot about you, Leslie... I've learned that every time I write that we need to unite behind one candidate, publicly endorse that candidate, you ALWAYS show up to write just the opposite.  LATELY you’ve wrapped your opposition in a pro-Ron Paul platform, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve consistently opposed the Tea Party taking the next logical step in its political evolution, while there’s still time to take that step…

…I’VE LEARNED that you apparently think another 4 years of obamma wouldn’t mean the end of our Constitutional Republic… that we have many more elections to make the needed changes… there is no other plausible explanation for your stated positions ~ assuming your are, indeed, a Patriot ~ because your ideas will insure that a RINO wins the nomination, and the Republican Party loses the 2012 election.


There are people here who tell you who to vote for, or who to vote against. Sadly, that turns off the same people you are trying to convince to join you.”

…AND YOU base this on what?  WHERE is your proof?  I see many more people agreeing with me than opposing.  THOSE that oppose and are willing to state their opposition in a coherent manner, debating the “issue” instead of attacking the messenger ~ something you and other Paulbots have yet to do on this and other site ~ usually, many times, reveal that they, too, think a total victory in 2012 isn’t mandatory.  THAT, Leslie, is where the primary division is between myself and others... I think it’s all or nothing in 2012, that if we lose, then the 2016 election, if there is one, won’t have any real meaning.

IN THE PAST, I usually voted for the “best man” regardless of Party… I’ve even cast a “protest” vote, along with 19% of the voting populace, but that was 20 years ago… and after my candidate LOST, I said to myself, “OK, we’ll get ‘em next time”… if this were still 20 years ago I might follow the Purist route again, BUT if we lose in 2012 I don’t believe there will be a next time!

WHAT’s crazy about your argument and mine, is that if you’re wrong, we all lose, forever! BUT if I’m wrong, there WILL be a “next time!”


"I don't have to denigrate your integrity. You've already done that. LOL!"

THEN there's no reason for you to ever respond to one of my posts, is there?


BUT while you’re LOL’ing, I’ll continue to talk about how to win in 2012…


Guys comment nicely or I will pull all comments between you two regarding this issue without warning.Leslie,and Tom
One argument the Perry haters like to bring up recently that really pierces me off is the fact that the State of Texas accepted some of the stimulus money. Where do these people think government money comes from? The states. Hello. I will venture a guess, yes a guess because I'm too lazy to look it up, and say that any money Texas received is less than what we Texans have to send to the Feds every year.


...Gary, I think every State received stimulus money... regarding where the stimulus money came from, it was all borrowed.


If you remember what the MSM did to Sarah, imagine what they can/will do to Michelle

I liked Sarah Palin. I thought she was/is bright, hardworking loyal and more… The left did everything in their power to destroy her. Some will say part of the destruction was helped by Sarah herself:

Well, she could have been prepared more thoroughly before a few public chats. She could have been more on the “Meek” side and let the top of her ticket do more (but he was a miserable disappointment). She could have hidden, but that certainly wasn’t her style.

All in all given what was done to her by a one-sided, nasty, left wing “Media”, I think one could say Sarah came out of it all pretty well and on top of it.

Now fast forward to Michele Bachmann:

She would do well to remember the lessons learned from what was just recently done to Palin, and prepare for the onslaught.

I am not suggesting “Hiding, or a complete personality make-over”; what I am saying is study how they came at Palin and prepare for the same. The science, yes there is a science to Politics, of the subject would point towards “Inoculation” as one possible technique to handle the coming attacks. Inoculation is the tactic of bringing forward and handling your own weaknesses in a manner that will be less damaging than if done first by your opposition.

For instance Michele herself could bring forward a list of the 10 most stupid quotes she has made (recently of course). Then explain away the reasoning behind them. Provide the back drop and setting from which they each came from. Finally laugh them away. End the “Inoculation” with reminding the public of the 10 or 20 dumbest things out of Obama & Biden’s mouths…

There are a lot of things Bachmann can do; I am just saying, “Michele better be prepared…”


...AND ONE of the reasons I would like to see Palin run, is because after all the Left and GOP could throw at her, she's still standing, stronger than ever... and still drawing huge crowds wherever she goes!  I'M NOT sure Bachmann will weather that storm as well as Palin has...

NOW A Palin-Bachmann ticket would be interesting!!


Michele, you are beautiful and intelligent.  You qualify for the White House.  Yu Da wom-Man Michele.

There are only three who qualify for President.

1 Sarah Palin

2 Michele Bachmann

3 Herman Cain

I am Stan Soboleski and I still approve of my choices. 

Who is West?  Someone please convince me if 'West is a Christian Conservative Republican' so I can include West to my list, making it 'four people who qualify for President.'  For sure, Texas Gov Ricky Perry does not qualify being a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission and the N.W.Order.

I've got your back on your choices for president, but I feel the need to clarify that only the first two are beautiful.

Unannounced Candidate in the Ultimate Rogue Campaign?

Iowa Passion!


The above video courtesy @RealClearScott.

What is Sarah Palin up to? A couple of worthy reads might help point the way (as if the video weren’t enough).

The first is from Conservatives4Palin; it’s a short read, with only two paragraphs copied here:

…They [Obama, liberals] would tell people, “You know why you have it so bad. It’s all those millionaires and billionaires. It’s Bush’s fault. See Sarah Palin! She’s to blame that Gabrielle Giffords was shot. Those Tea Partiers! Oh they’re terrorists”. And because they’re hurting, people are buying this garbage and turning on friend and neighbor. America hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War tore this nation asunder. And that’s the good news. In 1861 you needed two fingers to count the issues that divided the nation. Now you probably have to take your shoes off and then some.

Look no farther than the “ONE” in Palin’s One Nation Tour to realize that lately she hasn’t focused on addressing us Conservatives, Grizzlies, or Tea Partiers. Sarah Palin knows that we get it. We understand freedom and know that it’s worth fighting for. We got it from the very first time vice presidential candidate Palin stepped on the stage at the Xcel Energy Center on September 3 in ’08. However, a lot has changed since then. Though many hoped that it would, most Americans didn’t expect what has happened to our nation in these three short years. …

Per that last sentence, one only has to ask the question, “If you were trying to destroy America’s economy, what else would you need to do to accomplish that feat that isn’t already being done?” A sobering question that demands a nearly unthinkable answer.

The second post is from Hillbuzz. It is a much longer but just as worthy of reading, and is entitled, “5 Lessons Governor Sarah Palin learned from Hillary Clinton’s faile....” I’ll quote what Andrea Shea-King quoted as the teaser:

Governor Palin’s 2012 presidential campaign will be unlike anything that’s come before it, because the energy fueling it really comes from individual, average, Americans who are exicted to see her run for the presidency and are committed to doing everything they can do to help her.

Few are waiting for a directive to come down from an official Palin 2012 campaign to tell them what needs to be done.

People have been organizing for some time, countering the media’s lies, working their email and Facebook networks to pool together as Palin supporters in their areas.

Everything that David Axlerod aggressively astro-turfed and fabricated for Obama in 2008 is happening organically on its own for Governor Palin.

She’s running.

Her supporters know it.

The media, as always, is clueless.

The Cocktail Party GOP establishment is, in a word, stupid.

All the while, the momma grizzly sizes up her competition, dedicates her trademarked knowing stare, and readies herself to launch into the campaign on her own terms, with absolutely all the might God gave her.

She’s going to win, too, because the woman’s clearly on a mission and has all the right intentions, right when she’s needed the most.

It really is her moment.

She’s the best hope this country has got.

Please help her in any way you possibly can!

Per the last sentence, I’m not writing this post because I’m supporting any one individual, at this point, for President (with the glaring exception that I shall never support Barack Obama). To me, the former Governor is a very intriguing individual. I own her book, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” and among other things, I found it rather brilliant that she intentionally failed to include an index (her adversaries, therefore, couldn’t just look up, out-of-context, where they might be mentioned).

She is absolutely hated by the left (as previous comments on my site — none worth specifically repeating — can attest), and some on both sides basically expect her to fade back into the background to be put — shall we say — “in her place,” as if there’s no room for women of conscience and conservatism to actually drive the debate, much less the country (so much for classical feminism, eh?).

A few things cannot be denied regarding the 2012 presidential campaign:

The stakes couldn’t be higher, Obama’s going to have in excess of a billion dollars to spend (as if the country wants to see or hear from him any more than it currently does), and the GOP field is way, way wide open.


phil [at] therightsideoflife [dot] com


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