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“In The Second Term, It’s On, Because We Don’t Have To Worry About Re-election”

From our sister site: Liberty News Network:
By Vanguard of Freedom

Most of the media considered it “an open mic. gaffe.” It was something spoken off the cuff, to Russian President Dimitri Medvedev, Obama re-assuring the Russians, that after the election, he would be more “flexible.”

Obama opponents, justifiably alarmed by those comments speculated that Obama would be “surrendering the farm” to the Russians, once he was elected to a second term. Unhindered by a campaign he could do what he wanted without having to be accountable to the American people, and thus to election accountability.

The comment was appalling to Conservatives/Patriots, and following those comments there was a clamor for an explanation. (See Liberty News Network Report Here)

Obama obliged. Kathleen B. Hennessey brought us the story in the Los Angeles Times from Seoul, South Korea, titled, “Obama clarifies hot mic comment made to Russian President:”

There's more to this story... Complete article here....

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Let us keep Obama from a second term of American destruction.

   Boy, He has more cahones that a herd of elephants. If he is not kicked out office in the election, __ it will hit the fan in America. He has aligned with Communists, anarchists, and as far as I am concerned traitors to the country

Exactly Steven!!! You said it better than I did. They all should be tried for TREASON!  

".... There were only four "crimes" or offenses against the whole people. These were treason, by betraying their own people; cowardice, by refusing to fight or failing to fight courageously; desertion; and homosexuality. These were considered capital offenses." ( W. Cleon Skousen,The 5000 Year Leap, pg.14) 

I don't think there will be another election. I think if we don't do something now... while we can... they will have America locked down before Nov of this year. 

He has already signed in "Marshall Law". I need to correct myself... they have already signed in "Marshall Law". He is merely the puppet "they" are hiding behind. It is "they" we should be fighting against... starting with Pelosi since she is not doing what her position is supposed to be doing... and go from there!

Pelosi is no longer speaker you know so she doesn't have much power any more except her influence. Yes, we need to gain control of  the senate and retain control of the house. As a matter of fact, we need to replace Mr. Boehner with someone like Allen West or Bachmann, that would just about do it for the liberals.


...I AGREE, Aubrey, we definitely need to replace Boehner... 


Well said Leslie Rose.  But did u ever consider that until "we the people" return to

"correct" (righteneousness) instead of "political correctness"; we have the GOVERNMENT

elected by "the people"!  (Read II Tim. 2:7-13)

Thank you James... but until we fight against "them"... we will never be able to return to what we were. We have been duped for over 50 years by "them". Those that have sought diligently to tear down our country... starting with our kids. "They" took control of almost every faucet of our way of life during the 50's. They brag today that they have captured a generation. It is true... look at the age of the Hippies now. They are now in their 50's and 60's. "They" put people up to movements. OWS is theirs, the "Hippy" movement is theirs, Prayer being removed from school, is theirs, the list goes on and on. Anything that made us stop and say... "This is crazy"... you can bet is "theirs".

Until we get "them" out of our offices, off our boards and out of Hollywood (the media altogether)... we will never get our country back. Communism and Mafia-ism is against the US Constitution and America. Anyone in office using or trying to enforce tactics that are against America, the American people and the Constitution of the United States should be jailed or shipped out. Once that starts happening "they" will start scrambling.


Basically this tells me all I need to know which is the elections will be rigged just like Russia !!!  Its in the bag for them.  It has always bothered me that Obama from day one has been too calm and laid back about getting reelected.....I knew 3 years ago that something was up.  Dana Perino from "the Five Show" was talking about the video that was featured on Obama's website which is a actress from Prince of Belare (something like that)  says that "once Obama is reelected that game on."  The elections will be doubt about that.

Isn't kind of interesting what Obama said on the hot mic and now this young lady is echoing the same words.  Pretty scary !!!

It's all about how he can acquire more power. Don't be fooled thinking if he gets defeated he will go away. He is building his 'dictatorship'  and is not going to let a little thing like an election stop him. There will be widespread election 'problems', fraud and violence at the polls with his own brown-shirts and community organizers watching. And if his supporters have any ideas about getting any benefits from him because of lame-duck status, they are going to be very mistaken. He will be under no obligation to pay back anyone for favors he received.He does not play favorites in throwing people under the bus.                      

      We will have to be very vigilant and not let this happen. I believe we beat him handily in a fair election ( I'm projecting 65%) but as the time gets closer to the election date you will see him squirm if polls show him losing. He will pull out all the stops.

You are correct that he is not going to go away. If and it's a big if, We are allowed an election as they will most likely create some catastropy to justify martial law and not allow it to take place. However if Americans are allowed an honest election and obama is defeated. My guess is he will still declare martial law and refuse to leave office. Congress is complicit in this overthrow of our Republic, they must be as even congresspeople could not be so stupid as to unwittingly allow this dictatorship to continue to grow by illegal presidential directives. These previous words above sadden me greatly. I never would have imagined that I would have so little confidence in our governments honesty and integrity which amounts to zero. America's federal govt. has always been dishonest and decietful at least since woodrow wilson was president but there were always those that opposed marxism and fascism that maintained our faith. I just don't see anyone in congress fighting for America anymore. Our government has hit an all time low with obama and garbage serving in congress. 95 % of congress should be arrested along with obama , his cabinet and all czars for treason and sedition.


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