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How much of a budget crisis is the US in? How would you cut the US budget?

This is a debt calculator published by the NYT.  It lists the debt of the US.  It calculates a variety of budget cuts and determines how the cut would affect the buget.  This was on Glen Beck’s program…Everyone one needs to see this.  I worked on this for over an hour with stark results.  Make sure yor work on the medicare and social security sections...these remedies are real eye-openers.  I am sending the link to all my Reps in DC.


After you visit the website above visit these websites...  by the Cato Institute by the Come Back America an organization by David Walker former US Comptroller General


Then visit the slide presentation of Come Back Americas analysis of the US Budget that Mr. walker presents in his town hall meetings...




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Start with medicaid, have to be drug tested before you qualify, and tested every month thereafter.  Stop the free cell phones to any of those who have a home phone. No foreign aid to any middle East countries, except Israel.  Prosecute the fraud in medicare. Do away with any program in government that doesn't work, which is most of them. Stop any money going to "green" jobs and global warming. Do away with UN,Headstart programs, etc.  Ferret out all unnessary progams and cut them out. Do away with the EPA.


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