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War of words continues as debt limit deadline nears
July 27, 2011 2:17 PM
Harry Reid Quote:

The Boehner plan, Reid argued, did not qualify as anything more than a "big wet kiss" to the Tea Party - and he pledged that "every Democratic senator will vote against" it.

"It's too bad his caucus is being run by such a small number of people," Reid said, of Boehner. "[House Republicans] are struggling to save a Tea Party bill... The way to resolve this crisis is to ignore the extremists and meet in the middle of the road."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., right, joined by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, July 27, 2011, to discuss the conflicting plans to deal with the debt crisis.

(Credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

With less than a week to go before the Obama administration's August 2 deadline for raising the national debt limit, Democrats and Republicans continue to spar over the relative merits of two separate proposals - one Republican, one Democratic - and a bipartisan agreement appears far from the horizon.

Leaders from both parties continued on Wednesday to push for their own plan while lambasting the other. Neither House Speaker John Boehner's Republican proposal nor Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Democratic plan, however, appears to have the necessary votes to pass through Congress.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Reid argued that the Democratic plan was the only "true compromise" on the table, and urged lawmakers to rally around it.

"We're running out of time," he told reporters. "It's time to get serious about finding a compromise."


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Meanwhile, it appears Boehner's Plan may be approved, although word is it still will not pass the Senate. Reid said today that it's OK, he can take their plan and make his changes. So, just like summer of 2009, they treated us the same way as we were fighting against socialized Obamacare. We were really mad and we went out and let them know how we felt. We were instrumental in a lot of their provisions being thrown out of the bill.


We need to get engaged and stay engaged.


Remember to Tweet Boehner and tell him and your congressmen how you feel! Call! Do not let up!

 How Dare All of Them!


It's Time for a Grassroots Intervention!

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Congress does not need the Prez or Senate to pass their bill of NO MORE SPENDING, BALANCE A BUDGET AND NO NEW TAXES!! If the prez wants to veto be it!! How and where our money is spent is All On CONGRESS not the Prez!! When are these fools in Washington going to stop this BS and Do What Is Right!! The Repubs must realize they are LOOKING BAD at the hands of the Democrazies, and falling for their game!! You Repubs Took The Congress based on We The PEOPLE...for one purpose and that was Stop the ARE Failing!!!! 

But I guess if you want to throw a RED HERRING INTO THE QUESTION OF THE GUY IN THE WHITE HOUSE Not Stopping His War In Libya...then I guess this BS we are Getting is as good as any!!


And stop calling My Government Forced Retirement Insurance Paid For By ME some Dumb A$$ Entitlement Program!!!



There's Harry Reid, Charles Shumer, and Dick Durban commenting on the budget. Three amnesty queens, if there ever was any. Does anybody else find it odd, that these guys are talking budget, while as much as $100 billion / yr. is spent on illegal aliens and their American born pseudo-citizen children?....... Just say'n.

Does it really matter what they do?  When the U.N. divides Israel and gives Jeruselim to the Palistinians, they  and the whole world will see the wrath of God as promised in the Bible.  "Divide Israel and I will destroy that nation"  Interestingly, we are in a heavy sunspot period and some planets I hear willl be in alignment in September.  If that causes a huge sunspot, the electronics and electric grids will be fried.  Satellites , EVERYTHING.  You can't launch or guide any weapon.   The Palistinians are going to declare war on Israel, joined by the rest of the world mostly.  Armageddon is about to happen.  If that weren't enough, I think our king will cause Yellowstone super volcano to blow.  With a doomsday cloud blocking sunlight, it is going to get really hungry and cold out there.   We will go into an ice age also. We are storing seeds to sprout as they don't require sunlight.  I also built a water still.  Next is a trailer for a bike to haul pond water. 



Schumer and Reid are the worst of the worst,

Have been contacting Senators and Reps.

I'm trying to figure out what the Democrats are up to.  They have not passed anything from the Republicans.


The best we could do is put Cut, Cap and Balance up for vote again.  Far as I can see, it's what the Tea Party wants

and what I want.


Are they turning all our plans down, to keep us working until the last minute, so they can say we were not

concerned about deadline and put the blame on us?.  They are a very sneaky bunch, now that so many of

the Blue Dog Democrats are gone.  The Democrat party is like the mafia.  They don't kill us  They just drive

us crazy and spend all our money.

John Boehner has had his chance and he has caved to the socialists in an attempt to secure his own future at the expense of the American people.  He must step down NOW!  We are not beholden to the August 2nd artificial deadline so Obama won't miss his precious (taxpayer paid) vacation!  (Is this his 10th or 20th taxpayer paid vacation???? but WE THE PEOPLE need to SACRIFICE MORE RIGHT???? NOT!!!!)  No to any debt ceiling increase, no to Boehner, McConnell and Cantor.  You had your chance.  Now let Connie Mack, Bachmann and Paul have the GOP reins!
Let's send a big wet kiss to reid-that can send the damn traitor to Russia-or China!This is a man who needs to be iinpeached for treaasonous acts against the US
The Socialist Democrats are vicious, unyielding snakes.  They had it all and passed obama Care and thought they would get their dirty work done way before now.    Guess they did not expect us to wake up and actually show up with our demands to honor the Constitution.    MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA
harry reed needs 2 go, can't stand that man. he looks like he should be in a norsing home.


These elected officials, that are to help run our country to the best they can do knowing but aurgy like little school kids. You know that all human brains are pretty much alike and know right from wrong but before doing the wright thing they will side with there party, now thats not for the good of the country, Our fore father i bet did not fight like school kids they were men and they got the job done. All we got is people they want to pass bills that puts money in there pocket thats why they want to stay so long.  And far as obumer his brain is on tilt he cant think pass where he is wright now. I really think as a whole the AMERICAN people are ashamed of all our elected official, I know i am, There just little school boy fightning over a apple.

WE the people keep electing theses people back into congress time and time again!  We, the TEA Party have to keep getting our messege out over and over again!  We the people have to stop this MADNESS!!  Oh, a little messege to McLaim, UP YOURS!

Harry Reid stinks up the Senate.  Back when he was a boxer, he must have taken a few bad blows to the brain, for his mind to be so convoluted.  He should have received a knock-out in his last election, since the polls consistently showed that his constituents didn't like him, but he won because of dirty tactics and poll rigging performed by union goons.  It's a travesty of justice that the people of Nevada didn't file a class action lawsuit to demand an investigation of the vote and a recall of Reid.  Although they know he's as underhanded and crooked as politicians come, they sat back and allowed him to keep his job and thus to perniciously affect the lives of all American citizens. 

In every state throughout this country, the citizens need to get informed, get involved, and weed out those politicians who, like dirty Harry Reid, are unfit to serve, because he and others like him have been dragging our country through the mud and destroying the miracle that was America.  

Career politicians like DIngy Harry Reid can't stand that ordinary citizens are interfering with "their" running of the government.  And the Tea Party is stirring up their power monopoly.  We are stopping their push for socialism and Big Government.  They forgot our Government is Of the People, not a dictatorship like Obama.  Keep showing them who their boss is, don't let up, we've got them in a "rope-a-dope",  time for the knockout!


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