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War of words continues as debt limit deadline nears
July 27, 2011 2:17 PM
Harry Reid Quote:

The Boehner plan, Reid argued, did not qualify as anything more than a "big wet kiss" to the Tea Party - and he pledged that "every Democratic senator will vote against" it.

"It's too bad his caucus is being run by such a small number of people," Reid said, of Boehner. "[House Republicans] are struggling to save a Tea Party bill... The way to resolve this crisis is to ignore the extremists and meet in the middle of the road."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., right, joined by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, July 27, 2011, to discuss the conflicting plans to deal with the debt crisis.

(Credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

With less than a week to go before the Obama administration's August 2 deadline for raising the national debt limit, Democrats and Republicans continue to spar over the relative merits of two separate proposals - one Republican, one Democratic - and a bipartisan agreement appears far from the horizon.

Leaders from both parties continued on Wednesday to push for their own plan while lambasting the other. Neither House Speaker John Boehner's Republican proposal nor Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Democratic plan, however, appears to have the necessary votes to pass through Congress.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Reid argued that the Democratic plan was the only "true compromise" on the table, and urged lawmakers to rally around it.

"We're running out of time," he told reporters. "It's time to get serious about finding a compromise."


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Meanwhile, it appears Boehner's Plan may be approved, although word is it still will not pass the Senate. Reid said today that it's OK, he can take their plan and make his changes. So, just like summer of 2009, they treated us the same way as we were fighting against socialized Obamacare. We were really mad and we went out and let them know how we felt. We were instrumental in a lot of their provisions being thrown out of the bill.


We need to get engaged and stay engaged.


Remember to Tweet Boehner and tell him and your congressmen how you feel! Call! Do not let up!

 How Dare All of Them!


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Do you all see this situation as a small group of men to whom 'we the people' have signed over a 'power of attorney' that enables them to incur debt in our name?  We did this before we were born!  We did this when the communists, already influencing career polititions in 1913, were successful in passing and implementing the 16th Ammendment. Prior to 1913 there WAS NO INCOME TAX because it was specified in the Constitution that INCOME COULD NOT BE TAXED.  We were NOT SLAVES to career polititions.  Now we are.  I propose that we repeal the 16th and 17 ammendments.  I propose that we finally END SLAVERY.   With Patriot Love,  Ursula


Obama's August date was set the same way the old slight of hand con men operated when they said "Pick a card, any card".

He said "Pick a date, any date".  Another great lie backed up by his Slithy Tove, Geithner.

I wish the SLL* in the white house and all his muslim and lying buddies " did gyre and gimble in the wabe" instead of ruining our country. (apologies to Lewis Carroll)

* Slimey Little Liar 

Sen McCain tells us to go back to middle earth "We Won",the fact that an agreement with no tax increases and some spending cuts means we are being heard. To some degree I have to admit he is right.We have made a lot of progress but we are not yet strong enough too force the changes needed to save this country.There have been many days in our Country's history that we were on the brink of losing,but we pulled together and came through-from the Revolutionary War,Civil War and WWII.Regan finally put the USSR on notice to "tear down their wall".The rot and corruption that we have come to "own" as our Federal Government,we all had a part in allowing to happen.The Democrats and Obama are not crazy or insane,they are very dedicated to the principles of the progessive movement,remember Clowen and Piven.The debt limit increase is meaningless because Obamacare will blow thru that in six months.The infrastructure to provide healthcare as we knew it is and will be destroyed before the Supreme Court gets around to hearing it and they know it.So ,YEA they say it's unconstitutional, but there will be no structure left to provide heathcare as we once knew it and the Fed's get to take it over anyway.All the people who live off entitlements will be in the streets asking for blood as well as the unions.Things are happening very quickly and I don't think time is one thing we have in our favor.As a Tea Party member and a patriot I am not going to quit,but we have to change our strategy if we have a chance to pull us back from the brink.All the phone calls and faxes are nice,but they are too little too late.
Well the way I look at it, Harry reid doesn't qualify to be a Senator. He's doesn't qualify to be an American either. Time for trials for "High crimes and Treason" then send them all to Gitmo!

John Boehner would rather attack Tea Party Conservatives who dare to question his plan rather than stand up to Obama in order to fight for real cuts.


RINO John Mc Cain attacks Tea Party Conservatives for daring to question John Boehner's series of plans calling people like you Robert "Hobbitts that need to return to middle earth."


Rather than standing up to Obama John Boehner threatened Tea Party Conservatives yesterday for not falling in line behind his every changing plans. He will play tough guy with Tea Party Conservatives John Boehner will play tough guy but with Obama he plays golf.


Yesterday he threatened CConservative Jim Jordan for not supporting his plan, which changed again by the way. Jim Jordan is on the Republican Study Committee and opposes it because it capitulates yet again to Obama.


NEW Poll: 74% of Conservatives Voters Think It Is Time for Boehner To Go

Always compromising and meeting in the middle of the road has gotten us into one helluva mess. It is now time to stick to our guns, come hell or high water -- CUT, CAP, & BALANCE or nothing.

Bill Cristol and some in the Wall Stree Journal editorial board have taken to attacking those in the tea party for daring to question the Boehner plans calling them "Hobbitts that need to go back to middle earth".


Despite significant tea party vcstories last fall these RINOs are stung by the rejection of their backroom deals by Conservative groups and have taken to attacking such Conservative groups like Club for Growth and the Heritage Foundation for daring to opposing the boehner deals.


The fact that Bill Cristol loved Tarp and both Cristol and the Wall Street Journal are for open borders is a testament to how the Conservatives have rattled the RINOs.


Quoting one of these articles John Mc Cain lashes out at the tea party.


At the same time John Boehner was reported trying to strong arm Republican Study Committee and Tea Party Conservative Jim Jordan for not supporting his ever changing deals because Jim Jordan supports real reform like Cut Cap Balance.


If his plans are so great why doesn't Boehner try to strong arm Obama instead of Tea Party Conservatives?


New Poll: 74% of Conservatives Think It Is Time For John Boehner To Go


Tea Party Conservative Josh Mandel and Ohio State Treasurer

Its very obvious that Obama and Reid and the Senate Dems are in fear of the powerful  Tea Party Republicans in the House and are in all out attack mode. This is  all out war by the left and their media surrogates  to damage and marginalize the ever  growing power of the Tea Party Caucus and the Movement. The more that Boehner caves and compromises with  to Harry Reid and Obama the more he stands to losing his leadership and the conservative base of the the GOP.
What I am beginning to believe is that the spend thrift's in Congress have spent the SS money and the VA pensions money. They think by raising taxes and more borrowing they can rob Peter to pay Paul.

This professional liar has no place in the Congress of USA. He is an Obama shill which ties him to the Soros's destruction

team. I grow wearier and more aggressively vigilant almost to the point of violent rebellion. According to what Congress accomplishes today, I may or may NOT file income tax in the future.


And he has the nerve to say those people stink so we had to build a visitors center for them a few years ago. How dear that low life stinking skumbuckett say what he has said now. I hope that the voters of Nevada have the cahones to vote him out of office this next year or if he is not up for a re election have a recall election to get him out of office.
Does anyone remember HOW Dirty Harry got himself re-elected?  We are dealing with some real slimeballs both in and out of government.  Voter fraud means nothing to these people, the end justifies the means, even if the have to kill a nation to do it.


Take Back the GOP!



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